January 2011.

I was about 99.7% vegan during 2010.

So when people were talking about New Year's resolutions I thought: why not tighten up on strictness? Forego the occasional ice-cream cone. Refuse an offer of potato salad with delicious mayonaise on it. Aim at 99.97% vegan! Then I might still have two ice-creams in the year...

But on 12 January I woke up feeling really terrible. No apparent reason. Neuralgia in my head, a bit feverish, no possibility of eating. Maybe that's when the penny dropped. Time to really pull my socks up! No more half-loaf of rye bread every day!

In fact, in this warm weather, with delicious fruit plentiful, I saw no excuse to eat anything else.

It's now day 15 of 100% raw vegan, and that means mostly fruit: plenty of grapes, watermelon, mangoes as a basis; fewer bananas, pears, tomatoes, litchis, dates.

I have been writing it up on another site, but those readers are a bit out of it I feel in their northern winter.

This is the best place to put this journal, I think.
It may interest readers to hear what I do.

I do invite specific questions of any kind from the curious, I certainly won't take it amiss even if I feel I have no answer to offer.

Basic info: I am a bachelor, 75, living in Cape Town, South Africa.
I was a dedicated omni for 35 years, then started becoming a raw vegan, which became a !00% reality for the nine years 1974 - 1983.

Since then I have been strictly vegetarian, but by no means vegan.