During the Eighth Week of LFRV

Things are continuing almost exactly as during the seventh week.
Let's look at what I ate yesterday:
Breakfast of grapes as usual, with a tomato.
Lunch of one quarter watermelon as usual.
Supper spread over the afternoon and evening: one papino, two smallish mangoes, four or five tomatoes, one Brazil nut, half a dozen or so small sour figs.... No greens today thank you!

(sour figs - Memidex dictionary/thesaurus  20 Jan 2011 ... "sour figs" is a plural form of "sour fig": a low-growing South African succulent plant having a capsular fruit containing edible pulp ...

My fat layer is not getting any thinner, but I'm satisfied with my figure which is very trim.
I attach a few photos taken this morning:


I believe we are part of the universe, part of God, but part of nature we are not. Nor do we follow the laws of nature: science has given us dominion over nature.
Everything that is not mankind, is nature. Everything unnatural is part of mankind.
It is a given that our immense intellectual capabilities will all be turned against nature, and lead to the impoverishment of life. Genetic engineering will be our fate. There's no way the one unnatural species can be saved from itself.


Fruit the Food and Medicine for Man  by Morris Krok

In January 1971 I read this book by Morris Krok (1931 - 2005).

I thought it deserved a trial. After two weeks I knew that it would cause the greatest revolution in my life. A new world of experience had already become visible to me as I gave up meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and all cooked or processed substances. Leaving raw fruit and vegetables and nuts.

I imagine this book, which is full of interesting anecdotes and letters, would be hard to find today. I thought I might describe some of them here, for the interest of our readers. I might add some anecdotes of my own, as I once made a week-long trip with Morris Krok to the house he was building of clay in the Natal Highlands.

Morris Krok often talks about Arnold Ehret as the main figure in diet: e.g.


<< (13)  F. S. Hirsch's Letter

     This, the second letter which I am quoting, is written by the gentleman who wrote the introduction to Ehret's "Mucusless Diet Healing System."
     25th January, 1960.
   "Prof. Ehret had some of his followers living on an orange and orange juice diet for three months, but this is the longest period of diet that I can recall. The Professor did not consider the orange to be a completely balanced article of diet, especially if it is not eaten tree ripe, which means that the individual should be living in an orange grove, or at least right next to one.
   As far as Ehret was concerned, he believed the tree ripened, organically grown, unsprayed apple eaten together with unsulphured raisins, produced the most perfectly balanced diet: and he repeatedly offered to undergo an exclusive  apple and raisin diet under strict medical supervision in a locked room, for as long as a six month period, if they cared to pay all his expenses. He was never given any consideration by them.
   ............... >>


After 6 weeks of LFRV:

Reading my last report (after 5 weeks), I might just as well repeat the first two paragraphs - they still apply exactly. Except my throat feels better, but the cough is not much better yet. Time is all I need for that.

I also carried out my intention of not buying greens. When I pass the fennel bush along the sidewalk, I pick off one-thirtieth of a gram of green seeds, and eat them. That was enough greens for me last week.

Also, as intended, I ate exactly one Brazil nut per day, except on Wednesday (or was it Thursday) when I left it out.

Yesterday I left out the dates completely - they're not so good I don't think. My morning food was a bowl of grapes and a tomato and one tiny sour fig; my midday food was a quarter watermelon, and my afternoon food was a mango, 2 bananas, 4 tomatoes and a Brazil nut.

Report on Summer Start after 5 weeks of RLFV.

I'm feeling good. Nothing to rave about yet, but good enough. Better than 2 months ago. What's nice is to have escaped the mindset of before, when I knew I could do better but lacked the motivation and resolution to do so. Now my mindset seems quite different - beyond struggles.

My fat layers have not got any thinner the last week. That's OK, because I can feel detox is still going on fast enough. I can tell by the coating inside my mouth at night - I've read that the inside of the mouth reflects the inside of the stomach. Discharges of mucus from the colon are less frequent now. I can still feel my throat as the focus of discomfort, and still have a nagging little cough at times, but most of the time not. I'm sure this will stop at its own time, when the detox has gone far enough.

When things are ready I think my body will decide to get rid of all the superfluous fat, as this no doubt contains a lot of fat-soluble toxins which the fat was there to sequester. (or imprison). But I can't entertain or harbour those toxic passengers for ever - at some point they must go.

I finished my packet of spinach on Tuesday, I'm not buying more. Nor am I buying any more greens or cucumber before I feel a desire for such. To that extent I am now daring to trust my own instincts.

I've decided to cut my overt fats to one Brazil nut maximum per day until my remaining 140g of nuts run out, then nothing. For the next 3 months my main staple will be grapes. Supplemented at the moment mainly by watermelon, mangoes and 4-5 dates per day.

I have no cravings at all for anything that I am not eating. That is a state of affairs in sharp contrast to past campaigns.