As I have said before, this campaign has been remarkably easy so far: the decision to go raw, made in a moment of sickness, has carried me on without another thought being necessary, for over 6 weeks. Internally, in my mind, there was perfect peace and harmony. The very word 'campaign' seemed out of place. No effort was required.

A week or so ago, I was standing in the supermarket waiting for the guys to cut me up a watermelon.
My eye fell on the salad section. Suddenly the potato salad, the 4-bean salad, and the lettuce-olive-feta salad caught my eye, and thoughts arose in my mind - memories of 2009 when I had enjoyed such salads many times. A flicker of resentment arose in me at the thought that I was now constrained to avoid these dishes. I felt unfree. Unfree to indulge in inconsistency. Surely the universe itself, truth itself, was inconsistent? Surely inconsistency was an essential virtue?

I envisaged buying and eating of these salads. I felt a little stunned at the tricks my mind was playing on me. I didn't need much effort to master these thoughts and walk away from them, but a doubt arose in my mind: can I trust myself in future?

Something had to give:

A few days ago I bought 2 lettuces. All this talk of greens must have been getting at me. But greens don't make sense to me. They are inferior to fruit in power, and ease of digestion, and above all in taste. Often we hear of people making dressings to render them more palatable, or in fact blending them into tasty items such as tomato or orange juice. Surely a food, to be regarded as a natural item of diet, must be able to be eaten and relished PLAIN?

Well, the greens led to an even worse mistake: I bought 3 small avocados, and 2 days ago I made a salad of lettuce, tomato, with one avocado. Yesterday I did the same. Now, thank goodness, the avocados are finished and only a small piece of lettuce remains. What was I thinking?

I must be excused for thinking that fruit is the best food for man, and that therefore it can safely be regarded as complete in all essentials. If anyone wishes to persuade me they can be deficient in minerals, they are barking up the wrong tree. Stuffing myself with lettuce just means I have less room for fruit, and that is an intolerable deprivation.