A Mental Breakthrough re Overts

I've been feeling some doubts about my beliefs re overts (high fat fruits, nuts).
Now I've revised my attitude somewhat, and am feeling much happier as a result.

I was fortunate to read the following thread on rawvegantalk a day or so ago:
http://www.rawvegantalk.com/forum/topics/801010-vs-9055 .
Please see my correspondence with Adam on this thread. Here's my side of it:

Thanks, Adam,for your detailed report on overts eaten.

It comes at an opportune moment for me because after deciding against avocados about six weeks ago, I found myself tempted by the sight of the new season's avos, bought 3 small ones two days ago and rather guiltily ate two with lettuce and tomato, thinking they would be the last. But no, today again the sight of the avo was too much for me and I bought a large one. Wondering now, how many avos a day or week can I eat without losing my 811 status?

What your report shows me is how wrong my thinking has been, to base my ideas of what I should eat on mathematical proportions rigidly adhered to, or unfounded prejudices against specific, natural, attractive fruits, rather than the body's commonsense plan of eating what you crave, regardless of quantities!

What a lesson you have taught me, I hope I remember it. I feel as if you have set me free from bad thinking.
Thanks, Adam, and what you now say about symptoms I find a useful addition. The cravings before eating, and the symptoms after eating, both useful guides - of course, as you say, provided the food under consideration is 100% from all angles: raw, natural, unprocessed... and unmixed... as we are talking about something under slight doubt here, we should investigate one thing at a time!

Incidentally, re the large avocado I ate yesterday: (unmixed): I enjoyed the first half, then felt I'd had enough: still, I finished it.... no bad symptoms at all followed, and when I went shopping today I saw the avocados with disinterest and didn't buy any.

Thanks again Adam.