My Journal (7) covers the period JULY 20, 2011 to SEPTEMBER 20, 2011.

If amount or type is unspecified, assume it's the same amount and type as last mentioned for that fruit.
(2) spinach = Swiss Chard.
(3) C = degrees Centigrade/Celsius
(4) F = degrees Fahrenheit
(5) % = humidity.
(6) * = each.
(7) g = grams.

Week 27: 13 - 19 Jul:

Wed 13th: 15 naartjies*65g, 1 Crisp Pink apples*250g, 1 Packham pears*300g, 1 bananas*164g, 80g dates, 200g spinach, 450g avocados, 30g Brazils, 0.3 coconut. (9 am: 15C/59F/77%, no cloud)

Thu 14th: 7 naartjies*65g, 3 PinkLady apples*175g, 2 Packham pears*300g, 3 bananas*164g, 56g dates, 150g spinach, 600g avocados, 30g Brazils, 0.35 coconut. (9 am: 15C/59F/77%, no cloud)

Fri 15th: 7 naartjies*65g, 2 naartjies*160g, 1 PinkLady apples*175g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*150g, 1 Packham pears*300g, 1 P pears*260g, 7 tomatoes*56g, 1 bananas*164g, 56g dates, 200g spinach, 300g avocados, 25g Brazils.(12.20 pm: 18C/64F/69%, perfect day > 3 pm: 20C/67F/62%, quite dry)

Sat 16th: 4 naartjies*65g, 2 naartjies*160g, 1 PinkLady apples*175g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*150g, 2 P pears*260g, 4 tomatoes*56g, 2 bananas*164g, 40g dates, 150g spinach, 450g avocados, 9g Brazils.(12.30 pm: 19C/67F/75%, perfect day, walk to Access Park taking only one jersey, which I shed on the way there already, and walked on the shady side of the road)

Sun 17th: 7 naartjies*63g, 2 naartjies*160g, 1 PinkLady apples*175g, 6 PinkLady apples*87g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*150g, 1 Packham pears*300g, 3 brown pears*120g,  4 tomatoes*56g, 1 bananas*80g, 28g dates, 150g spinach, 280g avocados, 17g Brazils, 0.4 coconuts. (11.30 am: 17C/63F/62%, perfect day).David and I went to Muizenberg, where there was no wind, quite a lot ofpeople enjoying the fresh music of the sea, halfway between a murmur and a roar. Lots of stinking red bait washed up on the beach: lorry loads rather than bucket loads: large lumps the size of tennis balls and bigger.The last few mornings, in this glorious spell of summery weather, Hubby has been climbing up the tallest branch of the bougainvillea very early, to await sunrise there.

Mon 18th: 8 naartjies*65g, 6 PinkLady apples*87g, 1 Packham pears*300g, 3 brown pears*120g, 6 tomatoes*56g, 1 bananas*80g, 60g dates, 150g spinach, 380g avocados, 37g Brazils, 0.6 coconuts. (9.30 am: 15C/59F/80%, cloudy. Soon cleared up. I walked south 2 Km to P&P to buy lentil sprouts.)

Tue 19th: 7 naartjies*65g, 1 navels*380g, 2 PinkLady apples*175g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*150g, 2 pears*110g, 1 tomatoes*56g, 5 tomatoes*115g, 7 bananas*85g, 80g dates, 200g spinach, 550g avocados, 50g Brazils, 60g lentil sprouts.(1 pm: 17C/62F/77%. Sunny and calm.) Decided to buy navels i/of naartjies for a change, as they looked very ripe, large and cheap.

Sat in the sun reading about "The Strangest Man", Paul Dirac, regarded by some physicists as second only to Einstein in his time. We saw 4 different chameleons on the bougainvillea today, one a baby. 

We've had a continuous dry spell now from 4th - 19th July, a glorious "summer in winter" that has been welcome after the colder and wetter than normal start to the winter.
I've really recovered from the cold I had, and reverted to the same  pattern of detox as before it: the "abnormal" channels of elimination being clear mucus from the anus and peculiar snot from the nose, both at defined periods during the day only. This detox really causes me no problems, except for the fact that it does not allow me to assess details of diet for permanent value: I must still regard my diet as catering for the abnormal phase of detox primarily. In other words, when this detox fades out, I expect my inclinations to change automatically.

Week 28: 20 - 26 Jul:

Wed 20th: 4 naartjies*65g, 2 navels*380g, 1 Pink Lady apples*175g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*150g, 2 pears*110g, 3 tomatoes*56g, 1 tomatoes*115g, 1 bananas*85g, 56g dates, 150g spinach, 280g avocados, 25g Brazils, 0.7 coconut.

(11.55 am: 17C/62F/77%. Sunny and calm. Setting out for Access Park, I first shed both jerseys, and still looked for shade most of the way.)

Thu 21st:
1 naartjies*65g, 2 navels*380g, 1 Pink Lady apples*175g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*150g, 1 tomatoes*56g, 5 jam tomatoes*70g, 3 tomatoes*130g, 1 bananas*85g, 60g dates, 200g spinach, 420g avos, 25g Brazils, 0.3 coconut.

(9.30 am: 13C/56F/78%: half cloudy, cleared up soon to become pleasantly sunny and cool. I walked the most local and richly endowed with food sources area (Wynberg): first to the station (electric rail) for small, over-ripe avos (these develop more flavour), also an unexpected crop of red, ripe tomatoes, both sweet jam and high-flavoured ordinary... and 8 beautiful large Pink Lady apples ... back home, I sat in the sun with a large Navel to start with, and a book of lighter stuff for a change - but I now have a job on my hands, to type out stuff from Weiner's Transpersonal Astrology - a very important condensation of AAB's Esoteric Astrology. I'm going to enjoy starting that essay on my Open Office file loaded with abbreviation power...

I stopped eating at 6 pm, knowing that I felt so exhausted that I would hit the sack immediately after my soapie hour stopped at 7... and so it was. The night went okay, bacause I was tired.

Fri 22nd: 3 naartjies*67g, 1 minneolas*215g, 2 Pink Lady apples*180g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*150g, 1 brown pears*180g, 4 jam tomatoes*70g, 2 tomatoes*130g, 2 bananas*85g, 40g dates, 150g spinach, 240g avocados, 25g Brazils, 1 coconut, 90g pea sprouts.

(A cold, dry day with chilly south wind. Sunny further south from the mountain.) Walked to P&P Gabriel Rd just for sprouts, but found fresh Mazafati dates there again (after being absent for weeks). Also found nice small naartjies at Silvermine store. David Roe bumped into me in P&P, ended up taking me with him for a ride to Tokai and Plumstead. Was pleasantly surprised to hear some rather nice pop music in his car, much better than the crap Lauren plays all the time.

This evening, after the soapies, I felt very undecided, not like last night. Did I want to go to bed, or start another eating and reading session? I opted for the second - a disastrous choice, as it turned out. In bed I suffered a pain in my innards (Digestive Organs) as never before. I even thought I might die. Just a huge pain everywhere, as if I would burst. After an hour or two or three, it gradually disappeared. I survived, not much worse for wear, but a bit shaken to my roots.

Sat 23rd:
5 naartjies*67g, 2 minneolas*215g, 2 Pink Lady apples*180g, 1 jam tomatoes*78g, 4 tomatoes*130g, 100g Mazafati dates, 150g spinach, 2 avos*120g, 20g Brazils.

(11 am: 15C/60F/76%. Chilly south wind again, but managed to get some sun outside 2 - 3 pm. Well, by 3 pm I had done a good spot of eating, and felt like a rest - so I lay down for my "siesta". Now what followed was very interesting. I decided nothing, thought nothing, but simply did not get up again (luckily no soapies on Sat/Sun). I just lay there till dark, then undressed and got below all the bedclothes, and that was it - no supper! The inevitable penalty was that I slept very little, and time dragged unbelievably, hour by hour, right through the night. I enjoyed it, though, until my mind started to become too active by about 11 o'clock. I just had to tell myself that I wasn't enjoying all this inventive thinking, and had better stop it. Or rather just let it stop by itself.)

Sun 24th: 6 naartjies*67g, 3 minneolas*240g, 3 Pink Ladies 133g, 1 brown pears*180g, 3 jam tomatoes*74g, 3 tomatoes*130g, 50g Mazafati dates, 150g spinach, 250g avocados, 25g Brazils, 0.3 coconut.

(9.30 am: 15C/59F/78%. A gale out of the south! Bodes ill for the central coast - flood weather for them!

An exciting one-hour walk in the gale to Gabriel Road (Silvertree store) and all just to buy 15 small naartjies, unobtainable anywhere else in the vicinity right now.

The minneolas that I started buying on Friday at Wynberg Spar have been a revelation. They, and the naartjies, are my most exciting fruits at the moment.

Mon 25th: 8 naartjies*67g, 2 minneolas*240g, 2 Pink Ladies 133g, 1 tomatoes*56g, 5 jam tomatoes*74g, 3 tomatoes*130g, 100g Mazafati dates, 150g spinach, 620g avocados, 120g nuts (cashews and macadamian), 0.3 coconut.

(9 am: 14C/56F/70%, dry, cloudy, south wind... very cold in the wind, but the shining sun invited me out; not really having any shopping to do I still felt like a longer walk than usual. I decided on Access Park as I thought it quite probable I might find something interesting to buy there. In fact I bought cashew and macadamian nuts, spinach and two avocados. On the way I took some photos of buildings, my latest craze.)


Tue 26th: 6 naartjies*67g, 3 minneolas*250g, 1 navels*235g, 1 Pink Ladies 133g, 2 Pink Lady apples*100g, 2 jam tomatoes*74g, 1 bananas*145g, 3 bananas*107g, 100g Mazafati dates, 200g spinach, 1 avos*360g, 80g nuts, 0.3 coconut.

(9.40 am: 13C/55F/73%, that's about as low as it gets here, the sun is shining so I'll soon be drawn into a walk I think... 12.45pm: 16C/61F/65%. I had bought 15 bananas as I haven't been eating them for a few days and have a few new ideas about them.

My idea is that in transition diet, after eating a certain amount of fruit, we crave something else, in order to dilute the detox discomfort caused by fruit. This is I think the main reason why we crave overts, if we are used to them. But that something else could just as well be greens, and it might be a better idea to resort to them. Now I think bananas can also serve this purpose. When I reach the stage where I am still hungry but don't want more fruit, then I can resort to bananas. Just one or two of them will stop my desire to eat more. In other words, I am regarding bananas as a fruit having a very special quality, being so mild that it does not provoke a desire to change to something else.

Today I'll try to use bananas to replace some of the overts I'm eating, and see it if works.

Week 29: 27 Jul - 2 Aug:

Wed 27th: 5 naartjies*75g, 2 minneolas*250g, 2 navels*235g, 2 Pink Lady apples*180g, 1 Pink Lady apples*100g, 4 jam tomatoes*74g, 2 bananas*145g, 4 bananas*107g, 75g Mazafati dates, 200g spinach, 2 avos*130g, 50g Brazils, 0.1 coconut.

(9.50 am: 13C/55F/76% - by 3.45 pm it was 18C/64F/62%. There was only weak sunshine today, but it got a lot drier and a bit warmer outside.)

Thu 28th:
3 naartjies*75g, 3 minneolas*250g, 1 navels*235g, 1 Pink Lady apples*180g, 3 Pink Lady apples*100g, 2 tomatoes*56g, 2 bananas*145g, 75g Mazafati dates, 200g spinach, 540g avocados, 35g Brazils.

(9.50 am: 15C/59F/80% : At about 4 this morning, the drought of 24 days was broken. (most of our annual rainfall in Cape Town comes in June/July. Sunny periods of 4 or 5 days are usual in these months, but not 24 days!) A lot of rain fell. Now (10 am) it's not raining, but the streets are wet. At 11 am the rain set in again, David was going to Access Park so I took a lift there with him. Intending to walk back, mostly uphill, in the rain for exercise. So I did. It was exhilarating, and trudging rhythmically up the hill was not at all tiring).

Fri 29th:
2 naartjies*80g, 3 minneolas*250g, 1 navels*235g, 2 Pink Lady apples*180g, 1 Pink Lady apples*100g, 2 bananas*145g, 7 tomatoes*60g, 75g Mazafati dates, 150g spinach, 520g avocados, 28g Brazils.

(11 am: 13C/55F/80% , cloudy but dry. )

These days I am feeling more that it's a good idea not to eat after 5 or 6 pm, or even earlier, especially when I plan to go to bed at 7 pm. As I did last night. I had no pain, and lay down on my right side as usual, but after an hour or two I developed a pain in the right side of my head (neuralgia, connected with dental system). This got so bad as to force me to lie on my left side all the time. I slept through from 12 till 4, when I awoke the pain seemed almost gone so I tried to lie on my right side again. The pain came back, but not so strongly. I thought I would try just ignoring it and it would go away. This worked, interestingly enough, though it seldom does !

Sat 30th:
7 naartjies*80g, 1 navels*235g, 2 Pink Lady apples*150g, 2 Packham pears*260g, 1 bananas*145g, 3 bananas*100g, 5 tomatoes*60g, 25g Mazafati dates, 40g loose dates, 150g spinach, 500g avocados, 25g Brazils.

(9.30 am: 11C/53F/79%, perfect day. Yet, the temperature rose to only 15C at 1 pm.) I rested from 1.30 to 4, then watched a movie (Dead on Time) till 6, then supper 6 to 7, then straight to bed.

Sun 31st:
6 naartjies*80g, 1 minneolas*250g, 1 navels*235g, 1 Pink Lady apples*180g, 2 Pink Lady apples*150g, 3 bananas*100g, 7 tomatoes*60g, 48g dates, 100g spinach, 1 avos*250g, 7g Brazils.

(9.30 am: 11C/53F/79%, perfect day. But with an icy south wind.

I went for a walk along the sunny and more sheltered sidewalks, preferring the streets to the parks. At 3.30 pm I lay down for an hour, then decided to go to bed, as I wanted nothing more.)

Mon 1st:
5 naartjies*66g, 1 minneolas*217g, 4 Pink Lady apples*165g, 3 Packham pears*260g, 3 bananas*100g, 16 tomatoes*50g, 80g dates, 100g spinach, 400g avocados, 18g Brazils.

(8.50 am: 13C/55F/78%, perfect day. By 1 pm it was 17C/62F/74%. Cold enough today to make it enjoyable to get into the sun.)

Tue 2nd:
5 naartjies*66g, 3 minneolas*217g, 1 Pink Lady apples*165g, 1 Packham pears*260g, 2 bananas*100g, 8 tomatoes*50g, 68g dates, 200g spinach, 270g avos, 7g Brazils.

(9 am: 14C/57F/70%, cloudy, but 25C predicted)

- By 2 pm, after my walk to Access Park to buy spinach, dates, and avos, the temp had risen to 21C/70F/62% - notice the big drop in humidity. On my way home I was certainly hugging all the shade I could get, wearing no jerseys.

My latest hobby: (what I do purely for exercise, as opposed to watching soaps, which is a serious study of myself and not a hobby) pumping hundreds of abbreviations into my word processor autocorrect, while developing a system.

Eg a1ns= abbreviations (that's a one, not an el)

I seem to be as full of debris as ever, and detoxing as much. No problem.


Week 30: 3 - 9 Aug:

Wed 3rd:
4 naartjies*66g, 2 minneolas*217g, 5 Pink Lady apples*170g, 1 Packham pears*260g, 2 bananas*100g, 7 tomatoes*50g, 6 Medjools*18g, 80g dates, 300g spinach, 270g avos, 7 Brazils*3.5g.

(9.30 am: 16C/61F/69%.)

Jennifer visited, we walked with Lupita in the wind in the school grounds and saw 4 chameleons in the garden, including 2 babies.


Thu 4th: 8 naartjies*75g, 1 minneolas*217g, 4 Pink Lady apples*170g, 2 Packham pears*260g, 2 bananas*100g, 3 tomatoes*75g, 7 Medjools*18g, 300g spinach, 470g avos, 7 Brazils*3.5g.

(9 am: 15C/60F/77%. Windy, cloudy, dry.)

Nearly got blown away shopping. Just got home in time at 2 pm before the rain set in solid, so my umbrella didn't get wet. Reading a new novelist as a result of seeing Dead on Time: Colin Dexter.

Fri 5th: 8 naartjies*73g, 4 Pink Lady apples*175g, 1 Pink Lady apples*93g, 2 bananas*125g, 2 tomatoes*75g, 7 Medjools*18g, 300g spinach, 540g avos, 7 Brazils*3.5g.

(9.30 am: 13C/55F/76%. Showers... max temp today 58F. Rain over by midday, got a bit of sun in the cold wind.)


Sat 6: 5 naartjies*73g, 6 naartjies*125g, 3 Pink Lady apples*175g, 1 Pink Lady apples*93g, 3 bananas*125g, 3 tomatoes*75g, 7 Medjools*18g, 8g dates, 250g spinach, 2 avos*200g, 1 avos*110g, 13 Brazils*3.5g.

(12.30 pm: 14C/57F/70%, perfect day, south breeze, 2 hour walk to Mall and Access Park)


Sun 7: 15 naartjies*73g, 4 naartjies*125g, 1 Pink Lady apples*175g, 4 Pink Lady apples*93g, 1 bananas*125g, 1 tomatoes*75g, 40g dates, 250g spinach, 1 avos*200g, 70g sprouts.

(10 am: 11C/52F/76%, half cloudy.)

Putt-putt with David at Muizenberg. We are seeing baby chameleons every day.)


Mon 8: 3 naartjies*73g, 3 naartjies*125g, 3 Pink Lady apples*92g, 2 brown pears*220g, 2 bananas*125g, 1 tomatoes*75g, 92g dates, 150g spinach, 2 avos*170g, 7 Brazils*3.5g, 80g sprouts.

(9.30 am: 13C/55F/80%, 2 hours later had risen to 16C/61F, perfect day with south breeze.)

I had to fetch a new cell phone, new contract. Seems to have a good camera. A bit shocked to see my weight standing at 110 lb (50 Kg). But every pound I shed is more toxic flesh shed. As long as I survive!


Tue 9: 5 naartjies*73g, 8 naartjies*39g, 2 Pink Lady apples*175g, 1 PL*140g, 1 brown pears*220g, 4 bananas*125g, 4 tomatoes*150g, 1 tomatoes*75g, 80g dates, 100g spinach, 500g avocados, 7 Brazils*3.5g.

(9.30 am: 15C/59F/74%, clear sky but nippy wind.)

After a very thorough-going BM at about 4, I suddenly felt so much better, only then did I realise how bloated I've been feeling lately...


Week 31: 10 - 16 Aug:

Wed 10: 3 naartjies*80g, 2 naartjies*39g, 1 Pink Lady apples*140g, 1 PL*117g, 3 Pink Lady apples*92g, 2 brown pears*150g, 3 bananas*100g, 3 tomatoes*150g, 1 tomatoes*75g, 60g dates, 100g spinach, 2 avos*210g, 7 Brazils*3.5g. (9 am: 13C/55F/76%, perfect day.)

Thu 11: 7 naartjies*70g, 4 naartjies*39g, 3 Pink Lady apples*125g, 5 brown pears*150g, 2 bananas*100g, 3 tomatoes*90g, 48g dates, 100g spinach, 2 avos*250g, 4 Brazils*3.5g. (9 am: 14C/57F/77%, perfect day.)

Fri 12:
11 naartjies*70g, 3 naartjies*39g, 7 Pink Lady apples*125g, 4 tomatoes*90g, 80g dates, 150g spinach, 2 avos*250g, 9 Brazils*3.5g. (6 am: Rain set in and fell solidly for 4 hours, now 10 am and still raining: 14C/58F/82%. The rain stopped at about 11 and I set out for Access Park at about 1. Now the rain started again, heavy and windy, so I stopped at the Post Office and sheltered under their veranda for about 10 mins until it eased off, then continued. Soon the rain stopped, this time for good. The following pic was taken along the road to Access Park on a sunny day some months ago:


Sat 13: 9 naartjies*81g, 3 naartjies*39g, 3 Pink Lady apples*160g, 1 Packham pears*310g, 5 bananas*100g, 1 tomatoes*90g, 28g dates, 150g spinach, 1 avos*270g, 7 Brazils*3.5g. (9 am: 12C/54F/76%: sky half clear, but roads still half wet from showers. Later I walked down to the fruit seller to buy naartjies, pears and apples, and bought three fat avos at Spar, and got some sun on my way, but was still pretty cold, and got colder at home. So at about 3 I thought I'd go for another walk, but just as I got outside it started raining again, so I changed my mind and went back inside, and went early to bed.

Sun 14: 8 naartjies*81g, 1 naartjies*39g, 2 Pink Lady apples*160g, 1 Packham pears*310g, 3 tomatoes*90g, 60g dates, 200g spinach, 15g watercress, 1 avos*270g, 4 Brazils*3.5g, 50g sprouts. (10 am: 12C/54F/75%: sunny but with a nippy breeze) . Walked to Gabriel Rd P&P to buy sprouts and coconut. Picture taken in Gabriel Rd:


Mon 15: 4 naartjies*81g, 5 naartjies*39g, 5 Pink Lady apples*150g, 4 bananas*100g, 5 tomatoes*150g, 96g dates, 250g spinach, 15g watercress, 2 avos*270g, 7 Brazils*3.5g, 50g sprouts. (9 am: 11C/52F/75%: sunny. 2.30 pm: 16C/62F/65%)

Tue 16: 10 naartjies*75g, 4 Pink Lady apples*145, 1 Packham pears*320g, 3 tomatoes*150g, 60g dates, 100g spinach, 10g watercress, 1 avocado*330g, 4 Brazils*3.5g, 30g sprouts. (9.45 am: 13C/55F/74%: perfect day.)


Week 32: 17 - 23 Aug:

Wed 17: 14 naartjies*60g, 1 minneolas*200g, 4 Pink Lady apples*145, 1 Packham pears*320g, 6 tomatoes*87g, 100g dates, 200g spinach, 10g watercress, 2 avos*220g, 5 Brazils*3.5g, 20g sprouts. (9.45 am: 13C/55F/74%: perfect day.

Thu 18: 14 naartjies*60g, 3 minneolas*180g, 2 Pink Lady apples*145, 1 Packham pears*320g, 1 bananas*100g, 4 tomatoes*87g, 80g dates, 200g spinach, 150g green outer lettuce leaves, 1 avos*220g, 7 Brazils*3.5g, 1 coconut. (9.45 am: 13C/55F/74%: perfect day. A year or two ago I often walked north through Claremont to the start of Newlands to buy rye bread, but this year I've had no reason to go that way. This morning I was missing that road, so I decided to walk to Claremont station, and from there to Wynberg station, then home.

From home I walked uphill, north, along Seymour, Cavan, Alexandra and Tennant, to the highest point of Tennant Rd, where I turned right, downhill along Herschel Rd to the Claremont Main Rd, then on to Claremont station. It was cold but sunny, and I sought out the sunny side of the roads. Just before getting to the station I took two photos:

At about 5 the rain set in. Then I polished off a whole coconut. First I made a small hole in the shell and sucked out the fermented, sharply tasty water, then I bashed it against a stone till half the shell fell off, leaving the fruit inside still round and intact, the outer surface fermented and slightly soft, the inner fruit still nice and white. A coconut is much nicer this way, tastier, easier to eat, with fewer negative results. I think I have just written myself into taking a walk to Gabriel Rd again to look for another !


Fri 19: 6 naartjies*60g, 1 minneolas*180g, 4 Pink Lady apples*145, 3 Packham pears*320g, 1 pineapple, 3 tomatoes*87g, 80g dates, 100g spinach, 100g green outer lettuce leaves, 3 avos*100g, 8 Brazils*3.3g. (9.20 am: 15C/58F/80%, raining. At 11 I got a lift to Access Park, showers, but as I came out of the shop the rain had stopped so I abandoned David's car and walked home, luckily there were only a few light showers along the way so I didn't get wet.

Sat 20: 7 naartjies*100g, 3 minneolas*180g, 1 Pink Lady apples*145g, 2 Packham pears*320g, 2 tomatoes*97g, 60g dates, 100g spinach, 1 avos*94g, 6 Brazils*3.3g, 0.5 coconut (not fermenting, alas!), 50g mixed sprouts. (9.20 am: 15C/58F/80%. A perfect day again, after the rain.

I walked to Gabriel Rd, (taking a longer route via the Main Rd to pick up fruit,) to get sprouts and, hopefully, another fermenting coconut. So along the unusual route, I was able to see some unusual views: the next 8 photos, in the order I took them as I progressed along the way:

Sun 21:
7 naartjies*100g, 2 Pink Lady apples*145, 1 Packham pears*320g, 4 tomatoes*87g, 3 bananas*110g, 100g dates, 200g spinach, 2 avos*94g, 8 Brazils*3.3g., 0.5 coconut, 50g sprouts. (10 am: 15C/58F/80%. It rained solidly the whole night, and now it looks like more rain soon. Rain continued on and off the whole day so I missed my walk today.)

Mon 22: 12 naartjies*85g, 1 minneolas*180g, 2 Pink Lady apples*145, 2 Packham pears*320g, 4 tomatoes*120g, 4 bananas*110g, 108g dates, 200g spinach, 220g avos, 7 Brazils*3.3g, 0.4 coconut, 50g sprouts. (10 am: 15C/58F/80%. Dry with but little sun now and again. Had 2 walks instead of one, to make up for yesterday. (not with this intention though, but because I felt like it). The second was to Gabriel Rd again, to get yet another coconut. They seem to be growing on me! (no noticeable bad effects from eating half a coconut a day).


Tue 23: 7 naartjies*85g, 1 minneolas*180g, 3 Pink Lady apples*145, 3 tomatoes*120g, 80g dates, 350g spinach, 2 avos*280g, 7 Brazils*3.3g, 0.5 coconut. (10 am: 15C/58F/81%, very cloudy and starting to rain.

It rained steadily for about 2 hours, then stopped. At 1 pm I set out for Access Park, and the rain immediately started again. I was wearing my beach thongs, so my socks and shoes could not get wet, and I had my umbrella, which I needed.

A nice walk, I got a kilo of spinach with very thick, crisp leaves: the kind I like. And dates. On the way home I did not need to open my umbrella ̶ the rain had stopped.


 Week 33: 24 - 30 Aug:

Wed 24: 2 naartjies*85g, 3 minneolas*210g, 4 Pink Lady apples*160g, 4 Packham pears*300g, 2 tomatoes*120g, 100g dates, 250g spinach, 1 avos*300g, 16 Brazils*3.3g, 1 coconut. (10 am: 15C/58F/81%.

Looked like it might rain, but I decided to walk to Gabriel Rd without my umbrella. Bought 3 coconuts! And 9 delicious, ripe Packham pears, 5 minneolas and 8 Pink Ladies on the Main Rd. Luckily there was no rain today, I even managed the get about half an hour of sitting in the sun.


Thu 25: 2 naartjies*122g, 1 minneolas*210g, 1 Pink Lady apples*160g, 3 Packham pears*300g, 3 tomatoes*140g, 80g dates, 200g spinach, 2 avos*150g, 8 Brazils*3.3g, 1 coconut. (9 am: 15C/59F/76%. Sunny through thin cloud.)

Fri 26: 3 naartjies*105g, 2 minneolas*200g, 4 Pink Lady apples*162g, 1 Packham pears*300g, 2 tomatoes*140g, 2 bananas*100g, 100g dates, 300g spinach, 3 avos*150g, 9 Brazils*3.3g, 1 coconut. (9.30 am: 15C/59F/81%, rain started at 3 am, now still very wet outside. I set out at 11 with umbrella and beach thongs (to keep my socks dry) for my walk, but it did'nt rain again. Bought a nice big load of fruit.

I am fascinated by controversial fruits – such as overts, bananas, tomatoes, dates etc – and also by what I do about them. I can't eat many bananas, and soon get tired of them, but after being without them for a few days I buy some again, knowing that I will enjoy their flavour again. They can't be a staple for me, as grapes and apples can.

I like to keep testing all controversial fruits at all stages of my adjustment.


Sat 27: 6 naartjies*105g, 2 minneolas*200g, 2 Pink Lady apples*162g, 1 Packham pears*300g, 250g Romanita tomatoes, 5 bananas*100g, 40g dates, 70g spinach, 3 avos*140g, 8 Brazils*3.3g.

(9.15 am: 17C/62F/66%: aha, that's more like spring! I must walk to Access Park just now to get spinach. I set out at 10.15 and got a nice surprise: Romanita tomatoes (small tomatoes, oblong, with a little point sticking out at the bottom, weighing 15g each), very nicely packaged, going for 1/3 price! Bought 3 Kilos! (6.6 lb). I was quite weighed down with tomatoes, spinach, dates and Brazils, but there was a nice cold wind to keep me cool, so I made a detour going home via Wynberg station, where I picked up another bag of 4 small avocados (125g each) to add to my stock: this has been an unusual, temporary source of small avocados, which suit me much better than large, but are much harder to find.


Sun 28: 8 naartjies*105g, 1 minneolas*200g, 5 Pink Lady apples*162g, 1 tomatoes*140g, 250g Romanita tomatoes, 100g dates, 330g spinach, 4 avos*140g, 13 Brazils*3.3g. (2 pm: 18C/64F/67%. Sunny but with cold southeaster.

Mon 29:
2 naartjies*105g, 14 naartjies*50g, 2 minneolas*200g, 2 Pink Lady apples*162g, 5 PL apples*118g, 750g Romanita tomatoes, 3 bananas*100g, 100g dates, 150g spinach, 3 avos*140g, 20 Brazils*3g. (9 am: 15C/59F/76%. Dry, half cloudy, back to northwest wind. (prevailing winter direction). The temperature did rise to 20C today. Couldn't find any more small avos today.

Tue 30: 18 naartjies*50g, 7 PL apples*118g, 2 tomatoes*140g, 750g Romanita tomatoes, 4 bananas*100g, 6 Medjool dates, 20g dates, 250g spinach, 8 avos*120g, 16 Brazils*3g. (8.45 am: 16C/61F/73%. Dry, half cloudy. NW gale. Walking not pleasant, because of rubbish blowing into my eyes. I first took a one-hour walk to the shops to buy dates and nuts (suddenly cheaper here than at Access Park), and then a lift with David to Access Park to get spinach.
Rain set in at 4 pm, as predicted. (my abbreviation system makes typing less boring. To get 'predicted' I typed '9dwd', and was quite thrilled when it worked, as my memory is hopeless, I did not remember abbreviating this and still it worked! All these long words already have abbreviations: 'All te lg words alr h a1ns' ).

Last night my mouth felt gummed up with velcro again - yet a few hours later was back to normal. Strange how detox works. What caused this? Was it the coconuts I was eating for several days? It's only when one IMPROVES ones diet that one seems to suffer for PAST sins!



Week 34: 31 Aug – 6 Sep:

Wed 31: 18 naartjies*50g, 6 Pink Lady apples*130g, 800g Romanita tomatoes, 1 bananas*100g, 6 Medjool dates, 80g dates, 350g spinach, 4 avos*120g, 20 Brazils*3g. (8.45 am: 16C/61F/73%.) Walked early to the station with Lauren, enjoying the sunshine.

Thu 1: 10 naartjies*50g, 2 mandarins*90g, 1 minneolas*90g, 5 Pink Lady apples*130g, 2 Packham pears*180g, 5 tomatoes*78g, 2 bananas*100g, 4 Medjool dates, 80g dates, 200g spinach, 1 avocado*150g, 8 Brazils*3g, 0.8 coconut, 20g lentil sprouts. (Note: I call them mandarins because they were called so on their rather nice package, otherwise I would just have called them naartjies).(8.45 am: 16C/61F/73%. I needed to do a lot of shopping today, for spinach, coconuts, sprouts, citrus fruit, pears and bananas. Luckily I did not need to go to Access Park as I found nice spinach at the Mall 20 minutes away. Then on to Gabriel Rd to get the coconut and sprouts, then home via the Main Rd to get the fruit. A NW gale was blowing. I just got home at 2 pm when the rain started. The storm continued unabated the rest of the day and right through the night. )

Fri 2: 6 mandarins*90g, 3 minneolas*90g, 3 Pink Lady apples*130g, 1 Packham pears*180g, 3 tomatoes*78g, 3 bananas*100g, 80g dates, 130g spinach, 1 avocado*250g, 1 Brazils*3g, 0.7 coconut, 40g lentil sprouts. (9.20 am: 15C/59F/74%, the storm is not yet over and the showers continue. By 2 pm it had dried out and the rain was over, the gales too. So my walk was delayed till then.

Sat 3: 15 naartjies*87g, 3 minneolas*160g, 5 Pink Lady apples*145g, 2 tomatoes*100g, 3 bananas*102g, 3 Medjool dates, 60g dates, 170g spinach, 1 avocado*220g, 10 Brazils*3g, 0.5 coconut, 40g lentil sprouts. (9 am: 15C/60F/70%. Dry and partly cloudy. My walk was fast because of a cold NW wind, down to the younger pavement fruit seller on the Main Rd, then along the railway line back to the station, where I found no avos, then straight up to the Main Rd corner where I got some avos. Then home via the top of Aliwal Rd.

Sun 4: 6 naartjies*87g, 2 minneolas*160g, 2 Pink Lady apples*145g, 2 Packham pears*180g, 2 tomatoes*100g, 2 bananas*102g, 60g dates, 170g spinach, 2 avocado*220g, 9 Brazils*2.8g, 0.8 fermenting coconut, 40g lentil sprouts, 50g Mung sprouts. (9.30 am: 15C/59F/81%. Dry and partly cloudy. Walked to Gabriel Rd to buy sprouts and 2 fermenting (rotting? I sought out the most rotten ones, as they are nicer) coconuts. Also bought 300 English spinach for the first time, it was very nice but hardly worth the fancy price – more than double the usual.

Mon 5: 6 naartjies*90g, 1 minneolas*160g, 3 Pink Lady apples*145g, 4 Packham pears*183g, 1 pineapple*450g, 4 tomatoes*100g, 2 bananas*100g, 40g dates, 400g spinach, 1 avocado*220g, 9 Brazils*2.8g, 0.6 coconut, 100g Mung sprouts. (11 am: 18C/65F/71%, perfect day.)

Tue 6: 11 naartjies*85g, 2 minneolas*160g, 1 Pink Lady apples*145g, 1 pineapple*450g, 4 tomatoes*100g, 2 bananas*102g, 10 dates*4.7g, 50g spinach, 100g English spinach, 350g avocados, 10 Brazils*2.8g, 0.6 coconut. (11 am: 18C/65F/71%, perfect day. Took a lift with David to Access Park, got 2 nice bunches of spinach there, left the spinach in his car and walked home via Wynberg station where I discovered a new outdoor seller, across the railway line, with the small avocados that I like. New to me anyway.


Week 35: 7 – 13 Sep:

Wed 7: 5 naartjies*56g, 3 minneolas*160g, 2 Pink Lady apples*145g, 4 Packham pears*180g, 8 tomatoes*94g, 2 bananas*83g, 15 dates*4.7g, 150g spinach, 3 avocados*100g, 9 Brazils*2.8g, 20g lentil sprouts. (11 am: 18C/65F/71%, perfect day. Felt great, and for a longish walk, and chose to go Main Rd and Gabriel Rd so as to get some more sprouts. Last time I bought Mung sprouts and did not care for them much, not like the lentils I had enjoyed so much the time before, so this time I bought lentil sprouts again.

By 2.30 pm the temperature was 23C, the highest I've seen it so far this spring.

Thu 8: 9 naartjies*56g, 2 minneolas*200g, 1 Pink Lady apples*145g, 4 Packham pears*180g, 4 tomatoes*94g, 4 bananas*83g, 12 dates*4.4g, 150g spinach, 2 avocados*100g, 1 avocado*200g, 15 Brazils*2.8g, 75g lentil sprouts. (10 am: 16C/62F/80%, raining steadily this morning. With a gale blowing ! Later it seemed to have stopped so I scampered down to the fruit seller to find him there, surprisingly, with his van door open but not having dared to unpack his tables in the gale. So I was able to get some citrus and apples, my main staples, for today. I got halfway home before the rain started again, but my umbrella, skillfully deployed in the gale, kept me dry below the neck. I did not try to cover my head, I sacrificed that for the sake of my pants. Of course I had no socks to get wet, having opted for beach thongs.)

Fri 9: 4 minneolas*200g, 4 Pink Lady apples*145g, 1 Packham pears*180g, 3 tomatoes*94g, 4 bananas*87g, 15 dates*4.4g, 130g spinach, 3 avocados*106g, 9 Brazils*2.8g, 0.6 coconut. (10 am: 16C/62F/80%. Wet, but dried out by midday. Dry enough to wear my socks, but not dry enough to leave my umbrella at home. Walked to Gabriel Rd where I bought sprouts and coconuts, also was lucky enough to find some small avos there. Later in the day there were some more showers.

Sat 10: 14 naartjies*61g, 1 minneolas*200g, 1 Pink Lady apples*145g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*110g, 4 brown pears*90g, 5 tomatoes*72g, 6 bananas*87g, 5 dates*4.4g, 200g spinach, 3 avocados*100g, 8 Brazils*2.9g, 0.4 coconut, 25g lentil sprouts. (9.25 am: 16C/62F/74%. We've been having a few showers this morning so far, but looks as if they might stop. - they did, and though I took my umbrella with me on my walk, I soon felt foolish for doing so.

Sun 11: 2 naartjies*61g, 1 minneolas*200g, 2 Pink Lady apples*145g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*110g, 3 brown pears*90g, 7 tomatoes*72g, 6 bananas*87g, 10 dates*4.4g, 70g spinach, 3 avocados*100g, 8 Brazils*2.9g, 1 coconut (fermented throughout), 60g lentil sprouts. (9.25 am: 18C/67F/73%. At 11.30 David and I left for our fortnightly excursion to Muizenberg beach. It was wonderfully quiet there, a sea-sad mood with tide going out, the sea murmuring, and the sun muted. The putt-putt course was almost deserted, perhaps because of the rugby going on in New Zealand.

Mon 12: 10 naartjies*61g, 1 minneolas*200g, 3 Pink Lady apples*115g, 3 pears*75g, 13 tomatoes*65g, 6 bananas*87g, 7 dates*4.4g, 150g spinach and lettuce, 4 avocados*100g, 8 Brazils*2.9g, 1 coconut, 60g lentil sprouts. (11 am: 16C/61F/74%, dry.)

Tue 13: 12 naartjies*61g, 2 Pink Lady apples*115g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*110g, 5 pears*75g, 4 tomatoes*65g, 4 bananas*87g, 9 dates*4.4g, 200g spinach and lettuce, 2 avocados*100g, 10 Brazils*2.9g, 60g lentil sprouts. (9.45 am: 15C/60F/82%, raining. Rained practically the whole day, and I chose not to set foot out of the front gate at all. I didn't want the back of my right hand to get wet, as it bears a scab from an injury I sustained by walking into a sharp edge on Saturday. I must be san paku!


Week 36: 14 – 20 Sep:

Wed 14: 13 naartjies*50g, 5 Pink Lady apples*113g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*110g, 3 pears*105g, 7 tomatoes*65g, 1 bananas*87g, 19 dates*4.4g, 100g spinach, 1 avocados*300g, 6 Brazils*2.9g, 0.5 coconut, 35g mixed sprouts. (9.45 am: 15C/60F/82%. Dry, so I took my chance to get in a good walk, to Gabriel Rd by the shortest route, (which also visits the highest ground), where I got everything I wanted.


Thu 15: 10 naartjies*60g, 3 pears*145g, 4 tomatoes*65g, 3 bananas*87g, 7 dates*4.4g, 100g spinach, 1 avocados*300g, 7 Brazils*3.6g, 0.5 coconut, 55g mixed sprouts. (9.30 am: 16C/60F/82%. Raining. Threatens to be another day like Tuesday. ... But no, it cleared up nicely ! And we got a lot of sun, in which I sat later, trying out a new (for me) novelist, Allan Massie – wonder how much he will nourish my thirst for psychological knowledge.

Fri 16: 9 naartjies*60g, 1 minneolas*160g, 4 Pink Lady apples*140g, 2 pears*145g, 5 tomatoes*70g, 1 bananas*90g, 18 dates*4.4g, 250g spinach, 2 avocados*300g, 9 Brazils*3.6g, 0.5 coconut, 30g mixed sprouts. (A wonderful spring day. 4 pm: 20C/68F/72%. I've been looking for a good forum to share my astrological discoveries for a long time, and only now at last seem to have found a good one. If I continue to get encouragement from them, it's going to give me a lot of work. But I am very keen to tackle it. 

 Sat 17:
11 naartjies*57g, 1 minneolas*160g, 1 Pink Lady apples*140g, 6 brown pears*125g, 11 tomatoes*78g, 1 bananas*90g, 10 dates*4.4g, 200g spinach, 2 avocados*133g, 7 Brazils*3.6g, 0.5 coconut, 30g mixed sprouts. (9.30 am: 16C/60F/82%. Another fine spring day.

Sun 18: 2 naartjies*57g, 3 minneolas*160g, 2 Pink Lady apples*140g, 3 brown pears*125g, 5 tomatoes*78g, 4 bananas*90g, 13 dates*4.4g, 150g spinach, 1 avocados*133g, 10 Brazils*3.5g, 50g desiccated coconut. (9 am: 16C/61F/78%. Cloudy, a NW wind has sprung up which may well bring rain later today.

In fact the rain set in almost immediately and continued the whole day, which kept me indoors the whole day – no exercise. I manage to handle that quite well when it is raining. For one day, anyway. I'm finding Allan Massie OK, and I'm very busy now typing out one of my old articles on astrology for my new astrology fans at

Mon 19: 9 naartjies*70g, 4 Pink Lady apples*140g, 3 pears*115g, 2 tomatoes*78g, 3 bananas*90g, 10 dates*4.4g, 150g spinach, 1 avocados*150g, 7 Brazils*3.3g, 40g pine nuts, 1 coconut. (9 am: 14C/57F/77%. Cloudy, but looks as if the rain is over. Will probably walk to Gabriel Rd to look for proper coconuts.

Tue 20: 8 naartjies*62g, 2 Pink Lady apples*140g, 2 tomatoes*84g, 2 bananas*100g, 10 dates*4.4g, 150g spinach, 3 avocados*133g, 8 Brazils*3.3g, 60g pine nuts. (9 am: 14C/58F/78%. Cloudy, but dry. David took me to Access Park, I intended to walk home, but it started to rain so I changed my mind. But I'd already got in a nice walk to the library, and later in the day I took another walk down to the Mall to get tomatoes and naartjies and bananas.