My Journal (8) covers the period SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 to NOVEMBER 8, 2011. 

 If amount or type is unspecified, assume it's the same amount and type as last mentioned for that fruit.
(2) spinach = Swiss Chard.
(3) C = degrees Centigrade/Celsius
(4) F = degrees Fahrenheit
(5) % = humidity.
(6) * = each.
(7) g = grams.


Week 37: 21 – 27 Sep:

Wed 21: 7 naartjies*62g, 3 minneolas*177g, 2 Pink Lady apples*140g, 1 pears*115g, 6 tomatoes*90g, 9 dates*4.4g, 200g spinach, 3 avocados*133g, 8 Brazils*3.3g, 45g pine nuts, 0.5 coconut. (9 am: 14C/58F/78%. Cloudy, but dry. Sunshine, too. On my walk, while crossing a long bridge, I met a guy, Peter. We stopped on the bridge for an hour-long chat. He was very religious, for about 3 months already, and I was surprised to see how much we could agree. I see I have more sympathy for Christianity than I supposed.)

Thu 22: 2 naartjies*60g, 3 minneolas*177g, 5 Pink Lady apples*110g, 2 pears*140g, 1 tomatoes*90g, 3 bananas*90g, 14 dates*4.4g, 500g spinach, 2 avocados*133g, 6 Brazils*3.1g, 0.5 coconut. (9 am: 14C/58F/78%.

Fri 23: 5 naartjies*60g, 1 minneolas*177g, 2 Pink Lady apples*110g, 1 pears*140g, 6 tomatoes*90g, 6 bananas*90g, 20 dates*4g, 220g spinach, 3 avocados*133g, 8 Brazils*3.1g, 50g desiccated coconut. (2 pm: 18C/65F/70%. Cold south wind. As I didn't need to buy food, I walked up the hill instead, past Wynberg Park, where I saw some clover pink flowers on the ground: a sign of spring.

Sat 24: 11 naartjies*62g, 2 minneolas*177g, 4 Pink Lady apples*195g, 1 pears*140g, 7 tomatoes*60g, 5 bananas*86g, 9 dates*4g, 200g spinach, 3 avocados*133g, 8 Brazils*3.1g, 130g desiccated coconut. (8.30 am: 15C/59F/78%. Another fine spring day.)

Sun 25: 9 naartjies*62g, 9 Pink Lady apples*195g, 10 tomatoes*60g, 5 bananas*86g, 11 dates*4g, 150g spinach, 3 avocados*133g, 8 Brazils*3.1g, 20g desiccated coconut. (11 am: 22C/72F/70%. Feels like summer for the first time !

A perfect day, David and I enjoyed our fortnightly excursion to Muizenberg, where I got my best putt-putt score ever, one under par for 18 holes! Watching long putts drop, 5 of them, sort of gives one the feeling that one is in the groove!

(usually I score about 5 to 8 shots over par)

Mon 26: 10 naartjies*62g, 2 minneolas*183g, 6 Pink Lady apples*110g, 7 tomatoes*60g, 3 bananas*86g, 16 dates*4g, 150g spinach, 2 avocados*250g, 8 Brazils*3.1g. (11 am: 20C/69F/71%. A perfect day.)

Tue 27: 4 naartjies*62g, 1 minneolas*183g, 2 Pink Lady apples*110g, 1 tomatoes*60g, 2 dates*4g. ( A perfect day. Last night nausea, this morning extreme nausea, showered at 10am then fell onto my bed exhausted. Tried to get up at noon but nearly passed out. Now, 40 minutes later, I'm typing away and feeling somewhat better. I think the cause of this sickness is overts: too much avocado, Brazils and especially coconut. Note how little I ate today. No walk.

Week 38: 28 Sep – 4 Oct:

Wed 28: 6 naartjies*62g, 2 minneolas*183g, 4 Pink Lady apples*110g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*170g, 1 Packham pears*250g, 4 tomatoes*60g, 4 bananas*100g, 5 dates*4g, 100g spinach, 30g coconut. (9 am: 17C/63F/76%. A really perfect day with a dream-like quality of stillness. A gentle, not-too-strenuous walk went down well. As can be seen, my appetite is returning.)

Thu 29: 250g strawberries, 6 naartjies*58g, 2 minneolas*166g, 1 Pink Lady apples*110g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 1 Packham pears*250g, 7 tomatoes*60g, 1 bananas*83g, 12 dates*4g, 1 avocados*280g, 30g coconut. ( 9 am: 19C/66F/70%. Calmish, no blue sky yet, not too dense cloud (bright in places), dry. I've just made a most exciting discovery : I can enter “space-code” in my autocorrect and can then use that code provided I put two spaces before it! That effectively doubles the number of abbreviations I can put into my autocorrect! So for instance I now have j=is and space-j=just. Which frees up jt for something else.

Fri 30: 500g strawberries, 7 naartjies*58g, 1 minneolas*166g, 3 Pink Lady apples*110g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 1 Packham pears*250g, 8 tomatoes*60g, 5 bananas*83g, 7 dates*4g, 50g spinach, 3 avocados*160g. ( 9 am: 18C/64F/68%. Some clouds, clearing up. Nice cool spring day.)

Sat 1: 500g strawberries, 2 naartjies*60g, 1 minneolas*166g, 1 Pink Lady apples*110g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 1 Packham pears*250g, 2 tomatoes*60g, 5 bananas*95g, 10 dates*4g, 50g spinach, 2 avocados*130g, 7 Brazils*3.6g. ( 9 am: 17C/62F/76%. Cloudy, windy and cold, but dry day.)

Sun 2: 250g strawberries, 11 naartjies*60g, 1 minneolas*166g, 2 Pink Lady apples*110g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 2 Red apples*162g, 1 Packham pears*250g, 5 tomatoes*60g, 2 bananas*95g, 12 dates*4g, 50g spinach, 150g English spinach, 2 avocados*104g, 7 Brazils*3.6g, 100g coconut, 10g lentil sprouts. ( 9 am: 17C/63F/72%. Cloudy, windy and cold, but dry day. More sun later.)

Mon 3: 6 naartjies*63g, 2 minneolas*173g, 1 Pink Lady apples*110g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 1 Red apples*162g, 1 Packham pears*250g, 8 tomatoes*60g, 3 bananas*95g, 7 dates*4.5g, 50g spinach, 150g English spinach, 2 avocados*104g, 6 Brazils*3.6g, 100g coconut, 50g lentil sprouts. ( 9 am: 16C/61F/72%. Looks perfect, no clouds, no wind. Nevertheless it started clouding over, stayed very cool. )

Tue 4: 750g strawberries, 5 naartjies*63g, 2 minneolas*173g, 1 Pink Lady apples*110g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*140g, 1 Red apples*162g, 9 tomatoes*60g, 6 bananas*110g, 11 dates*4.5g, 250g English spinach, 4 avos*150g, 7 Brazils*3.6g, 100g lentil sprouts. ( 10.20 am: 18C/65F/75%. Dry, cool, some sun.)


Week 39: 5 – 11 Oct:

Wed 5: 600g strawberries, 9 naartjies*63g, 2 Pink Lady apples*110g, 3 Golden Delicious apples*140g, 5 bananas*110g, 8 dates*4.5g, 300g English spinach, 2 avocados*200g, 8 Brazils*3.4g, 50g lentil sprouts. ( 10 am: 19C/66F/66%: a really perfect day ! Not a cloud in sight, nice cool breeze.

Thu 6: 200g strawberries, 9 naartjies*63g, 3 minneolas*180g, 4 Pink Lady apples*130g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*130g, 2 bananas*105g, 11 dates*4g, 250g English spinach, 2 avocados*210g, 8 Brazils*3.4g, 75g lentil sprouts. ( 9 am: 17C/63F/76%: Fine and calm. → 1 pm: 23C/74F/60%. Walked to Gabriel Rd, mainly for the English spinach, which now seems to be my main addiction. Took no jersey, but still felt too hot on getting home. The sunshine being rather powerful, and shade not everywhere.

Fri 7: 9 naartjies*63g, 2 minneolas*200g, 3 Pink Lady apples*130g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*130g, 6 tomatoes*110g, 2 bananas*110g, 11 dates*4g, 320g English spinach, 2 avocados*117g, 7 Brazils*3.4g, 55g lentil sprouts. ( 8 am: 20C/67F/76%: S-East wind, cloudy. Soon cleared up, but the day remained cool thanks to our “Cape Doctor”, the south-easter which normally blows ALL the time during summer. So I enjoyed my walk more. “In thy right hand are pleasures for evermore.” (Ps. 16)

Sat 8: 500g strawberries, 15 naartjies*60g, 3 minneolas*190g, 5 apples*165g, 2 tomatoes*110g, 3 bananas*110g, 10 dates*4g, 380g English spinach, 3 avocados*117g, 7 Brazils*3.4g, 20g lentil sprouts. ( 8.20 am: 18C/64F/76%. 31C threatened by the forecasters, so I left early (9 am) for my walk to Gabriel Rd to get another 600g of English spinach, and fruit on my way back, also past the library to change my book, Allan Massie's Caesar. A book to my taste – full of philosophy re politics, marriage etc. The temperature never went above 23C right here, but I was glad to be home by 10.25 am all the same, I was getting a bit too hot already. No breeze at all!

Sun 9: 17 naartjies*60g, 5 minneolas*190g, 5 apples*165g, 2 bananas*110g, 10 dates*4g, 300g English spinach, 3 avocados*117g, 10 Brazils*2.5g. ( 8.20 am: 18C/64F/76%. 31C threatened by the forecasters. 26C only reached. It was really perfect at Muizenberg today, walking on the beach and paddling a bit. On the way back we stopped at Gabriel Rd to pick up some English spinach but they were out of stock! I only had one 300g packet for the whole day. That was finished by 5 p.m. And I wanted more for my supper at 7 p.m. I just had to go without. This showed me that I am more addicted to this green than to anything else practically. - actually first thing in the morning my fruit is still much more important to me, I sure don't want to start the day with greens!

Mon 10: 6 naartjies*57g, 3 minneolas*200g, 2 apples*210g, 6 tomatoes*72g, 5 bananas*110g, 120g dates, 500g English spinach, 3 avocados*117g, 9 Brazils*2.8g. ( 9.20 am: 21C/70F/73%. And all I am thinking of is to get me to Gabriel Rd and buy 4 packets of English spinach! Well why not, I'm sure not going to fight it.

Tue 11: 12 naartjies*50g, 1 minneolas*200g, 2 apples*210g, 3 gd apples*65g, 9 Packham pears*77g, 9 tomatoes*44g, 2 bananas*110g, 120g dates, 400g English spinach, 3 avocados*160g, 3 Brazils*2.8g. ( 9.20 am: 21C/70F/73%. Okay, those figures are guessed, but the day was not noticeably different to the previous one.

The notable feature of the past week is that never in my life have I felt so much urge to eat raw spinach, or any other green ! This is radical, for me. Let's face the fact, I've been chasing fruitarianism for 40 years, and now this ! Seems Esmée might have a point ! I can't escape the idea (for the moment) that a desire for greens indicates some measure of inability to eat fruit. Yet that is not logical ! My desire for fruit is even greater than my desire for greens !

Week 40: 12 – 18 Oct:

Wed 12: 250g loquats, 1 cantaloupe*480g, 3 naartjies*50g, 1 minneolas*200g, 1 apples*210g, 2 goden delicious apples*65g, 2 Packham pears*77g, 19 tomatoes*39g, 6 bananas*86g, 80g dates, 300g English spinach, 1 avocados*183g. ( 9.20 am: 21C/70F/73%... still guessing! As weather continues the same.

All of a sudden on Tuesday there appeared small tomatoes with strong flavour. And just as suddenly it now seems to me that the most important thing in the world is flavour. It makes everything else seem motiveless, the movements of an automaton. So today I arose inspired by the idea of buying more of the same ! I am riding high on the new flavours of spring – strawberries, loquats ( from our garden tree), and today – the first cantaloupe! Every year, before the cataloupe season gets properly under way, these small precursors appear : surprisingly sweet and tasty.

Thu 13: 1 cantaloupe*480g, 200g loquats, 9 naartjies*50g, 1 minneolas*200g, 4 golden delicious apples*65g, 1 Packham pears*77g, 17 tomatoes*39g, 3 bananas*150g, 33g dates, 300g English spinach, 2 avocados*183g, 4 Brazils*2.8g. ( 11.30 am: 21C/70F/76% - no guess and makes my guesses look good. Walked to Gabriel Rd again, for English spinach. We see chameleons on the bougainvillea every day now, usually 3 or 4 every day. That improves our quality of life tremendously. Two years ago, three years ago, there were none.

Fri 14: 1 cantaloupes*480g, 300g loquats, 1 naartjies*50g, 1 minneolas*160g, 4 golden delicious apples*65g, 3 Packham pears*77g, 18 tomatoes*39g, 4 bananas*140g, 13 dates*4.5g, 300g English spinach, 2 avocados*183g, 6 Brazils*2.8g, 1 fermenting coconut (yum yum). ( 8.30 am: 20C/68F/78%: NW wind (winter rain) , intermittent cloud/sun → cloudy → heavy rain. Cleared up by noon, got a lift to Gabriel Rd where I bought English spinach and a coconut, choosing the one which looked most likely to be fermenting. It was! Drank the water – it was just like beer, I love bitter flavours.... and there was a lot of it.... then I cracked the coconut, the top half of the shell fell off, leaving the whole nut resting in the lower half of the shell... now I could scrape the soft, white, fermenting flesh off the outside of the nut till I got to the harder, less fermented flesh nearer the hollow centre. The softer and more fermented, the more flavour. Ate the whole coconut in one sitting. After effects ? Nil.

Sat 15: 2 cantaloupes*470g, 600g loquats, 4 naartjies*50g, 1 minneolas*160g, 1 Pink Lady apples*125g, 1 golden delicious apples*138g, 7 Packham pears*75g, 10 tomatoes*54g, 3 bananas*115g, 10 dates*4.5g, 200g English spinach, 2 avocados*160g, 2 Brazils*2.8g. ( 9 am: 19C/66F/78%: cloudy with intermittent sun. A lift to Gabriel Rd again, bought a lot of fruit on my way back. Ignored the coconuts (enough is enough!)

Sun 16: 2 cantaloupes*470g, 300g loquats, 4 naartjies*50g, 2 minneolas*160g, 5 Packham pears*75g, 6 tomatoes*54g, 1 bananas*115g, 8 dates*4.5g, 100g English spinach, 1 avocados*160g, 19 Brazils*3.5g. ( 8.30 am: 19C/66F/75%, windy (SE), sunny.)

Having no shopping to do, walked up the hill to Wynberg Park instead .

Mon 17: 3 cantaloupes*420g, 200g loquats, 4 naartjies*50g, 1 minneolas*160g, 2 Pink Lady apples*125g, 1 golden delicious apples*138g, 2 Packham pears*75g, 3 tomatoes*54g, 3 bananas*115g, 9 dates*4.6g, 100g Swiss Chard, 1 avocados*160g, 7 Brazils*3.6g. ( 8.30 am: 19C/67F/72%, calm, clear sky.

Tue 18: 2 cantaloupes*400g, 200g loquats, 6 peaches*113g, 1 naartjies*50g, 1 minneolas*153g, 2 Pink Lady apples*170g, 2 Packham pears*215g, 1 tomatoes*54g, 4 bananas*115g, 14 dates*4.7g, 50g English spinach, 100g Swiss Chard, 2 avocados*150g, 8 Brazils*3.6g. ( 8.30 am: 20C/69F/72%. Cool, cloudy weather – nice for walking, wore a jersey and kept it on.


Week 41: 19 – 25 Oct:

Wed 19: 200g loquats, 3 peaches*110g, 7 nectarines*80g, 2 naartjies*64g, 1 minneolas*153g, 3 Pink Lady apples*170g, 2 Packham pears*215g, 7 tomatoes*40g, 5 bananas*115g, 9 dates*4.7g, 250g English spinach, 1 avocados*125g, 14 Brazils*3.6g. ( 8.40 am: 19C/66F/78%. Light, steady rain since midnight. Cleared up at about 10 a.m.)

On my walk to the station surrounds, the richest concentration of informal fruit-sellers for many miles around, I failed to find any more cantaloupes but thought I'd get some sour figs I'd noticed yesterday. There weren't any, but I saw a lot of nectarines for the first time this season, so I got 8, also 3 more peaches (got my first peaches of the season yesterday) .

After getting stuck into a generous helping of these new spring fruits, I thought they are very acid, or felt so as much as citrus. I'd already finished the remaining 250g of my English spinach and felt I wanted more! (to dilute the acid feeling.) So I set out for my second walk of the day, at 2 pm, to Gabriel Rd to get spinach, and a coconut. Getting there, I found they had neither. So I bought the 125g avocado instead. Enjoyed the walk because of the nice cool SE wind.

I am feeling poverty-stricken today because I can't recite a single line of Sappho!

Maybe I'll do something about that.

Thu 20: 200g loquats, 2 peaches*110g, 1 nectarines*80g, 2 naartjies*64g, 1 minneolas*153g, 3 Pink Lady apples*170g, 1 golden delicious apples*138g, 9 tomatoes*40g, 1 bananas*100g, 10 dates*4.7g, 400g English spinach, 3 avocados*150g, 8 Brazils*3.6g. ( 8.30 am: 20C/69F/72%). Got spinach at Gabriel Rd, passed over their coconut for some avocados instead. Found no cantaloupes.

Fri 21: 300g loquats, 250g strawberries, 4 naartjies*64g, 1 minneolas*153g, 4 Pink Lady apples*171g, 9 tomatoes*55g, 2 bananas*100g, 100g dates, 200g English spinach, 5 Brazils*3.6g, 1 coconut (somewhat fermented). ( 8 am: 18C/65F/76%. Lauren arrived for the weekend, after an absence of 3.6 weeks)

Sat 22: 200g loquats, 250g strawberries, 2 nectarines*100g, 2 naartjies*64g, 1 minneolas*153g, 3 Pink Lady apples*171g, 5 tomatoes*55g, 2 bananas*100g, 90g dates, 200g English spinach, 4 avocados*115g, 12 Brazils*3.4g. ( 9.50 am: 18C/65F/74%.)

Sun 23: 200g loquats, 1 nectarines*100g, 1 naartjies*64g, 1 minneolas*153g, 4 Pink Lady apples*140g, 1 golden delicious apples*138g, 8 tomatoes*55g, 5 bananas*100g, 150g dates, 100g English spinach, 2 peppers*65g, 3 avocados*115g, 12 Brazils*3.4g.

Mon 24: 500g loquats, 350g strawberries, 2 nectarines*100g, 3 naartjies*41g, 1 Starking apples*180g, 4 tomatoes*55g, 4 bananas*90g, 53g dates, 100g English spinach, 2 peppers*65g, 2 avocados*160g, 5 Brazils*3.4g, 0.8 coconut (small, dry, with no fermentation. (7.30 am: 19C/66F/72%. Cloudy. Pleasant day.

Tue 25: 100g loquats, 450g strawberries, 3 naartjies*41g, 2 Pink Lady apples*140g 2 Starking apples*180g, 3 golden delicious apples*140g, 15 tomatoes*37g, 3 bananas*90g, 10 dates*4.5g, 300g English spinach, 2 avocados*220g, 6 Brazils*4g, 0.2 coconut. (11 am: 20C/68F/70%: cloudy /sunny.)

Week 42: 26 Oct – 1 Nov:

Wed 26: 100g loquats, 6 naartjies*41g, 2 minneolas*136g, 5 Pink Lady apples*148g 1 Starking apples*180g, 1 golden delicious apples*140g, 14 tomatoes*37g, 5 bananas*93g, 10 dates*4.5g, 200g English spinach, 3 avocados*187g, 13 Brazils*4g. (11.20 am: 20C/68F/68%: a shower earlier, now clear, sunny, dry, cool, windy.)

Thu 27: 100g loquats, 5 naartjies*41g, 2 minneolas*136g, 3 Pink Lady apples*150g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*130g, 26 tomatoes*37g, 6 bananas*92g, 10 dates*4.5g, 300g English spinach, 1 avocados*800g, 12 Brazils*3.8g, 100g walnuts. (8.10 am: 17C/63F/70%; a shower at 8.30; the sun came out and dried everything; a cold wind continued so I enjoyed the walk to Gabriel Rd where I bought an 800g avocado and 100g Walnuts (neither destined to survive the day, which also saw the disappearance of 46g Brazils: really hitting the overts!) - but I ate everything with perfect happiness, knowing it was perfect ! It is so easy to be perfectly happy, as easy as turning on a switch. (but maybe only possible if you have previously suffered).

Fri 28: 100g loquats, 2 minneolas*136g, 3 Pink Lady apples*148g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*130g, 9 tomatoes*37g, 400g Spanish cocktail tomatoes, 12 bananas*92g, 10 dates*4.5g, 12 Brazils*3.8g, 1 fermented coconut. (8.25 am: 16C/62F/79%; heavy rain at 4.36 a.m.; wet; later cleared and I walked to Access Park for the first time in months... takng no umbrella and one jersey only – which I had to take off on the way back. I bought a kilo of Spanish cocktail tomatoes and two very fermented coconuts there. The 12 bananas I ate today must be an all-time record for me.

Sat 29: 100g loquats, 3 minneolas*138g, 2 Pink Lady apples*146g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*130g, 4 pears*81g, 1 tomatoes*37g, 200g Spanish cocktail tomatoes, 2 bananas*99g, 10 dates*4.3g, 6 Brazils*3.6g, 1 fermented coconut. (Rain till 11.30 AM → 17C/63F/76%. Then I walked down to the fruit seller at the Piers Rd corner to buy bananas, apples and minneolas. Took my umbrella and flip-flops, in case of rain. As it turned out, there was no more rain today. I also picked up some pears at the Church street corner. My study of Sappho is coming on nicely – I can now recite 12 lines from memory. (undemanding).

Sun 30: 3 minneolas*138g, 4 Pink Lady apples*146g, 3 pears*81g, 1 tomatoes*37g, 400g Spanish cocktail tomatoes, 7 bananas*99g, 9 dates*4.3g, 2 avocados*235g, 3 Brazils*3.6g, 1 fermented coconut. (clear at 8.30 AM → then a sudden shower – then ... 17C/63F/76%... then a lift to Access Park, where I got 2 more coconuts and 3 avocados... then I chose to walk back home for the sake of walking.

Mon 31: 50g loquats, 800g strawberries, 3 minneolas*138g, 3 Pink Lady apples*146g, 1 pears*81g, 5 bananas*99g, 10 dates*4.3g, 1 avocados*235g, 16 Brazils*3.6g, 0.7 fermented coconut. (clear at 8.30 AM → then a sudden shower – then ... 17C/63F/76%... stayed very cold the whole day - Lauren took me for another 35 minute walk at 4.45 pm, down to Maynardville Park.

Tue 1: 40g loquats, 2 nectarines*133g, 2 minneolas*138g, 2 Pink Lady apples*146g, 2 Packham pears*200g, 17 tomatoes*60g, 4 bananas*99g, 7 dates*4.3g, 1 raw potato*100g, 3 avocados*140g, 8 Brazils*3.6g, 0.3 fermented coconut. (10 AM → 16C/61F/78% → shower, south wind, clearing, took a lift to Gabriel Rd, no English spinach in stock, walked back along Main Rd – found some nice nectarines. I am enjoying bananas more these days – maybe they are just better now, but that is doubtful. I quite enjoyed the raw potato today – first one in about 9 months.

Week 43: 2 – 8 Nov:

Wed 2: 20g loquats, 800g strawberries, 1 nectarines*133g, 3 minneolas*138g, 3 Pink Lady apples*146g, 1 Packham pears*200g, 2 tomatoes*65g, 500g Midi Roma tomatoes, 4 bananas*99g, 10 dates*4.3g, 300g English spinach, 12 Brazils*3.7g. (8 AM → 18C/65F/76%, feels much warmer, calm and sunny.) Found English spinach in stock again! As these are the only greens I want, and they are scarce here and now, that puts a question mark hanging over greens in my mind. Today's temperature peaked at 22C.

Thu 3: 4 nectarines*100g, 5 minneolas*138g, 5 Pink Lady apples*150g, 3 Packham pears*200g, 5 tomatoes*65g, 7 bananas*100g, 14 dates*4.3g, 300g English spinach, 12 Brazils*3.7g. (8 AM → 18C/65F/76%. After one early shower, it cleared up, a nice cool, sunny day.

Fri 4: 30g loquats, 2 minneolas*138g, 6 Pink Lady apples*150g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 1 Packham pears*200g, 8 tomatoes*70g, 2 bananas*100g, 13 dates*4.3g, 300g English spinach, 3 avocados*180g, 8 Brazils*3.7g, 120g lentil sprouts. (8.30 AM → 19C/66F/75%: this morning again, what seems to be a regular pattern these days: one or two early showers, then clearing up for the rest of the day. Ideal for the chameleons, they won't get thirsty! More typical for the Cape at this time of the year would be a drought of three weeks. We spotted five different chameleons today..

Sat 5: 5 nectarines*88g, 3 Pink Lady apples*145g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 22 tomatoes*35g, 1 bananas*100g, 10 dates*4.3g, 180g English spinach, 2 avocados*185g, 10 Brazils*3.4g, 20g lentil sprouts. (9.20 AM → 18C/64F/70%: drizzling. Cleared up as usual these days.

Sun 6: 7 nectarines*88g, 6 Pink Lady apples*145g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 7 tomatoes*35g, 1 English cucumber*500g, 1 bananas*100g, 10 dates*4.3g, 100g English spinach, 2 carrots*94g, 2 avocados*200g, 7 Brazils*3.4g. (8.40 AM → 18C/64F/75%: dry and sunny!

Mon 7: 2 nectarines*94g, 1 Pink Lady apples*145g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*173g, 7 tomatoes*38g, 4 bananas*104g, 13 dates*3.9g, 20g English spinach, 2 carrots*94g, 1 avocados*220g, 1 Brazils*3.4g. (3.30 PM → 26C/78F/56%: dry and sunny! From early on, this has been the hottest day of the spring so far. This has been the most hectic day for me. I joined a new forum, found one compatible soul on it, posted 17 posts on it, and hardly had any time to eat the whole day – only managed one avocado and one Brazil nut at the end. (apart from fruit of course.)

Tue 8: 6 nectarines*94g, 1 orange*190g, 3 Pink Lady apples*145g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*173g, 16 tomatoes*38g, 0.5 English cucumber 250g, 8 bananas*104g, 17 dates*3.9g, 2 carrots*94g, 3 avocados*220g, 12 Brazils*3.4g. (much cooler today. Almost raining, but still I set out with no jersey and no umbrella. The rain only set in at 4 pm and then it rained for many hours.