My Journal (9) covers the period NOVEMBER 9, 2011 to DECEMBER 27, 2011.

 If amount or type is unspecified, assume it's the same amount and type as last mentioned for that fruit.
(2) spinach = Swiss Chard.
(3) C = degrees Centigrade/Celsius
(4) F = degrees Fahrenheit
(5) % = humidity.
(6) * = each.
(7) g = grams.

Week 44: 9 – 15 Nov:

Wed 9: 2 apricots*50g, 1 peaches*150g, 2 nectarines*94g, 1 oranges*190g, 2 Pink Lady apples*145g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*173g, 4 pears*75g, 5 tomatoes*38g, 5 bananas*104g, 13 dates*3.9g, 1 carrots*94g, 2 avocados*230g, 12 Brazils*3.4g. (8.30 am: 18C/65F/73%: cloudy/sunny, dry.)

Thu 10: 1 apricots*50g, 2 peaches*150g, 5 Pink Lady apples*110g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*173g, 2 pears*75g, 8 tomatoes*60g, 4 bananas*100g, 25 dates*3.9g, 1 carrots*94g, 3 avocados*200g, 16 Brazils*3.4g. (11.45 am: 18C/64F/69% - a very cold day for this time of year. Some early and late showers, but dry in between.) Joined the gurusfeet forum today.

Fri 11: 2 apricots*50g, 4 nectarines*135g, 1 oranges*190g, 2 Pink Lady apples*110g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*173g, 4 pears*120g, 4 tomatoes*60g, 4 bananas*100g, 16 dates*3.9g, 1 carrots*94g, 1 avocados*240g, 15 Brazils*3.4g. (11.45 am: 18C/64F/69%. Dry and sunny today, with a cool south wind, I took no jersey for my walk to fruit sellers. Had a 3-hour visit from my old (6 year) friend Jennifer. We helped each other out of some nasty holes in the past. She does pelates, managed to give up smoking about a year ago. I give her astrological advice about her boyfriends. I joined an I Ching forum today.

Sat 12: 5 apricots*50g, 1 nectarines*135g, 7 Pink Lady apples*110g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*173g, 4 pears*120g, 8 tomatoes*60g, 4 bananas*100g, 11 dates*3.9g, 150g English spinach, 0 Brazils*3.4g, 0.5 coconut. (11.45 am: 18C/64F/69%. Dry, sunny, cold front. Joined another forum today, the last one doesn't work, it's one of those confounded vBulletin forums where you get logged out every time you try to do anything.

Sun 13: 8 apricots*26g, 8 Pink Lady apples*110g, 4 tomatoes*60g, 4 bananas*100g, 70g dates, 150g English spinach, 6 Brazils*3.4g, 0.5 coconut. (8.40 am: 16C/62F/77%. Heavy rains at 4.12 and 5.12 am. Still raining at 8.45 am. Got a new forum from, not ready to start it yet. Lauren left home today for another indeterminate absence.

Mon 14: 750g strawberries, 8 apricots*27g, 9 nectarines*62g, 1 oranges*190g, 2 oranges*150g, 6 Pink Lady apples*103g, 2 bananas*100g, 90g dates, 150g English spinach, 6 Brazils*3.7g, 0.5 coconut*300g (meaning I ate 150g). (8.40 am: 16C/61F/79%. Dry, cold, cloudy. 2 pm: 20C/68F/72%, sunny. Had an hour-long talk about Allah with a fruitseller at Wynberg station. Many of these fruitsellers are Muslims, who seem to be much more aware of God than others are.)

Tue 15: 6 apricots*27g, 8 nectarines*62g, 1 oranges*150g, 7 Pink Lady apples*103g, 16 tomatoes*42g, 3 bananas*100g, 80g dates, 100g English spinach, 5 Brazils*3.7g, 0.5 coconut*300g. (1 pm: 21C/71F/68%. Clear, sunny, breezy. More normal weather – exit cold front. Warmer breeze. Very busy today with my new forum.

Week 45: 16 – 22 Nov:

Wed 16: 17 apricots*26g, 2 nectarines*62g, 1 oranges*150g, 4 Pink Lady apples*103g, 19 tomatoes*50g, 1 bananas*110g, 15 dates*4g, 50g English spinach, 2 avocados*140g, 5 Brazils*3.7g. (8.15 am: 20C/68F/75%.

Thu 17: 214 apricots*26g, 1 nectarines*62g, 6 Pink Lady apples*103g, 12 tomatoes*50g, 5 bananas*110g, 8 dates*4g, 200g cucumber, 1 avocados*120g, 4 Brazils*3.7g, 0.5 coconut*420g(=210g) + 60g coconut water. (12.45 pm: 23C/74F/72%. Sunny with pleasant breeze.)

Fri 18: 12 apricots*26g, 9 Pink Lady apples*108g, 8 tomatoes*50g, 3 bananas*110g, 9 dates*4g, 200g cucumber, 4 Brazils*3.7g, 0.5 coconut*420g. (9 am: 21C/70F/75%. Clear with breeze.

Sat 19: 4 apricots*70g, 22 nectarines*60g, 7 Pink Lady apples*108g, 16 tomatoes*40g, 2 bananas*110g, 4 dates*4g, 200g cucumber, 1 avocados*150g, 3 Brazils*3.7g. (9 am: 21C/70F/75% → 2 pm: 29C/84F/66%: warmest so far this spring. Enjoyed it.

Sun 20: 3 apricots*70g, 8 nectarines*60g, 4 Pink Lady apples*108g, 9 tomatoes*40g, 2 bananas*110g, 6 dates*4g, 200g cucumber, 1 avocados*150g, 4 Brazils*3.7g. (11 am: 24C/75F/77% drizzling. No beach or putt-putt today.

Mon 21: 2 apricots*70g, 5 peaches*100g, 4 Pink Lady apples*108g, 10 tomatoes*40g, 7 bananas*100g, 10 dates*4g, 6 Brazils*3.7g, 0.5 coconut*440g=220g. (10 am: 20C/68F/68%. Rain earlier, but now cleared. Though sunny, I needed one thick jersey for my walk, because of the cold breeze)

Tue 22: 1 apricots*38g, 2 nectarines*100g, 1 peaches*100g, 1 large cantaloupe, 2 Pink Lady apples*108g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*160g, 2 Packham pears*170g, 5 tomatoes*40g, 2 bananas*100g, 7 dates*4g, 3 Brazils*3.7g, 0.3 coconut*440g. (12 pm: 22C/72F/67%: perfect day with cool breeze.) First cantaloupe since the early season ones of 18 October and before. ( the middle season ones started off too expensive ).

Note practically no greens this week.

Week 46: 23 – 29 Nov:

Wed 23: 1 apricots*38g, 2 white peaches*180g, 1 cantaloupes*1040g, 1 Pink Lady apples*150g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*160g, 4 Packham pears*170g, 3 tomatoes*63g, 1 bananas*103g, 7 dates*4g, 1 avocado*220g, 3 Brazils*3.7g, 0.2 coconut*440g. (early rain.) Looked like it had cleared up, so I set out without umbrella. Met a guy in the street who hailed me by name. I couldn't place him at all. Turned out he was Terry, a guy who stayed with Monique and me in our flat in Kenilworth for a few days in 1988 or 1999. We chatted on the pavement for about an hour during which there was a heavy shower. We took shelter under a fruit-seller's awning. It was cold the whole day, about 17C.

Thu 24: 8 apricots*40g, 2 nectarines*100g, 1 white peaches*180g, 1 cantaloupes*1040g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*160g, 2 Packham pears*173g, 2 tomatoes*63g, 2 bananas*113g, 7 dates*4g, 300g English spinach, 5 Brazils*3.7g. (10.30 am: 20C/67F/70%.) Clear skies today. Cool breeze, I enjoyed walking fast. A new branch of Pick&Pay has just opened nearby (20 minutes walk), so I won't need to walk to Gabriel Rd any more.

Fri 25: 7 apricots*40g, 1 cantaloupes*955g, 1 Pink Lady apples*150g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*160g, 4 Packham pears*173g, 2 tomatoes*63g, 4 bananas*105g, 10 dates*4g, 200g English spinach, 5 Brazils*3.7g. (10.30 am: 20C/68F/70%. Like yesterday.) - As the weather gets warmer, I find less need to eat overts.

(What Ehret says about fats ((pg 164, Mucusless Diet Healing System)) :-

All fats are acid-forming, even those of vegetable origin, and are not used by the body. You will continue to like, crave and use them only as long as you can still see mucus in the “magic mirror.” ((tongue and nose, pg 166). What doctors call heat calories is caused by the fats in friction, obstruction in the circulation; they constipate the small blood vessels.” ) On pg 166: “If the tongue is clean from mucus, and the nose for the first time free from dirty filth, both then become in fact “magic mirrors”, “revelation organs,” we may call them, the bridge of the sixth sense, that is, to sense the truth.”

Sat 26: 7 apricots*40g, 1 cantaloupes*955g, 1 Pink Lady apples*150g, 3 Packham pears*150g, 2 tomatoes*63g, 6 bananas*105g, 10 dates*4g, 100g English spinach, 6 Brazils*3.8g, 0.5 coconut*440g=220g. (11.30 am: 22C/72F/70%, sunny, southeaster, a typical spring day.) - started reading Eisenstein today.

Sun 27: 8 apricots*40g, 1 cantaloupes*1300g, 1 Pink Lady apples*150g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*160g, 3 Packham pears*150g, 4 tomatoes*63g, 5 bananas*105g, 9 dates*4g, 4 Brazils*3.8g, 0.5 coconut*440g. (9.30 am: 20C/68F/73%, very windy at Muizenberg, too much sand blowing around to walk on the beach, but we enjoyed our game of putt-putt in the lee of an elevated walkway.)

Mon 28: 30g grapes(!!!)(long-sought), 5 apricots*24g, 5 nectarines*90g, 1 cantaloupes*1300g, 1 Pink Lady apples*150g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*160g, 2 Packham pears*150g, 1 tomatoes*63g, 400g Romanita tomatoes, 4 bananas*105g, 5 dates*4g, 2 avocados*75g(yes, tiny!), 4 Brazils*3.8g. (10.30 am: 22C/72F/70%. A very pleasant day, nice breeze.)

Tue 29: 320g grapes(!!!)(long-sought), 7 apricots*27g, 2 nectarines*90g, 1 cantaloupes*2100g, 100g Romanita tomatoes, 1 bananas*105g, 5 dates*4g, 3 avocados*75g(yes, tiny!), 4 Brazils*3.8g. (10.30 am: 23C/73F/76%. Nice weather continues.)


Week 47: 30 Nov – 6 Dec:

Wed 30: 200g grapes, 15 apricots*23g, 1 nectarines*90g, 1 cantaloupe*2100g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 17 tomatoes*40g, 2 bananas*110g, 5 dates*4.5g, 9 Brazils*3.8g. (10.45 am: 24C/75F/75%. For the first time this summer, I did not put on a jersey at nightfall.)

Thu 1: 150g grapes, 38 apricots*23g, 13 nectarines*100g, 1 Pink Lady apples*150g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 23 tomatoes*40g, 3 bananas*110g, 5 dates*4.5g, 4 Brazils*3.8g, 250g coconut. (10.30 am: 23C/73F/75%. No change in weather.)

Fri 2: 100g grapes, 1 cantaloupe*1640g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 1 Packham pears*200g, 19 tomatoes*40g, 1 bananas*103g, 13 dates*4.5g, 6 Brazils*3.8g, 200g coconut. (10.40 am: 23C/73F/75%. No change in weather.)

Sat 3: 450g grapes, 18 apricots*23g, 1 nectarines*90g, 1cantaloupe*1640g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 12 tomatoes*40g, 4 bananas*103g, 6 dates*4.5g, 10 Brazils*3.8g, 50g coconut. (10 am: 20C/69F/75%. A bit cooler today, the breeze stronger.) I say goodbye to coconuts, and to avocados I say, see you again in March. I say hello to grapes, and a belated hello to cantaloupes, apricots and nectarines.

Sun 4: 700g grapes, 12 apricots*23g, 1 cantaloupe 1220g, 2 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 2 Pink Lady apples*170g, 2 Packham pears*200g, 7 tomatoes*40g, 2 bananas*103g, 4 dates*4.5g. (1 pm: 25C/77F/65%. A really lovely day. Calm and comfortably warm. No overts at all today.

Mon 5: 500g grapes, 250g strawberries, 4 apricots*100g, 16 apricots*23g, 10 nectarines*95g, 1 cantaloupe 1100g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 1 Pink Lady apples*170g, 4 tomatoes*40g, 3 bananas*88g, 5 dates*4.5g. (1 pm: 24C/75F/65%)

Tue 6: 500g grapes, 250g strawberries, 4 apricots*100g, 9 apricots*23g, 5 nectarines*95g, 1 cantaloupe 1350g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 1 Pink Lady apples*170g, 20 tomatoes*40g, 2 bananas*88g, 250g English cucumber, 6 dates*4.5g. (10.30 am: 24C/75F/70%).- That's 3 days without overts so far. What can I say? I can't say I've missed them at all! But it's very early days yet.


 Week 48: 7 – 13 Dec:

Wed 7: 600g grapes, 1 apricots*100g, 4 apricots*23g, 6 nectarines*91g, 1 cantaloupe 1100g, 11 tomatoes*35g, 3 bananas*88g, 250g English cucumber, 4 dates*4.5g. (11 am: 22C/72F/72%). Rain at 4.43 am. Seemed very cool today. Put on a second jersey later and back to winter blankets for night.

Thu 8: 850g grapes, 1 apricots*100g, 6 apricots*23g, 6 nectarines*91g, 1 Kg watermelon, 1 cantaloupe 1320g, 9 tomatoes*35g, 3 bananas*88g, 5 dates*4.5g. (10 am: 19C/66F/66%). Even colder today.

Fri 9: 650g grapes, 14 apricots*40g, 0 nectarines*91g, 1 Kg watermelon, 1 cantaloupe 1700g, 1 Pink Lady apples*170g, 0 Packham pears*200g, 10 tomatoes*35g, 1 bananas*100g, 5 dates*4.5g. (10 am: 20C/68F/65%, sunny and dry) - That was the second half of a 2.3 Kg chunk of watermelon, my first of the season. Practically half of that weight was rind which I threw away. (Once upon a time I would have juiced it.) It was quite pricey, and not all that wonderful. Too hard, barely red or sweet enough, and somehow a bit lifeless. I don't much care for these longish, narrowish watermelons with hardly any pips. The cantaloupes also seem to be going off already, not such a full flavour any more. The red grapes were OK though.

Sat 10: 880g grapes, 1 cantaloupe 1350g, 2 Packham pears*200g, 9 tomatoes*35g, 8 dates*4.5g. (9 am: 20C/69F/71%, sunny and dry)

Sun 11: 1100g grapes, 1 cantaloupe 1500g, 1 Golden Delicious apples*175g, 1 Packham pears*200g, 10 tomatoes*50g, 4 dates*4.5g. (9 am: 21C/70F/76%. It rained early on, but we drove to Muizenberg nevertheless. By the time we got there, it was dry and sunny. So we had a fine game of putt-putt and walk along the beach. Following the south wind home for eight miles, we felt we had brought the beach home with us.

Mon 12: 1150g grapes, 5 nectarines*100g, 1 cantaloupe 1420g, 1 Packham pears*200g, 7 tomatoes*50g, 4 dates*4.5g. (8.30 am: 21C/70F/76%: sun, some clouds, some breeze, everything perfect. I tried the cantaloupes from another seller today and found them back to a good standard! Fine flavour.

Tue 13: 1470g grapes, 1 cantaloupe 1700g, 19 tomatoes*41g, 7 dates*4.5g. (9 am: 22C/71F/72%. Cloudy with cold wind. Rain was predicted for the afternoon, and duly arrived on time at 4 pm, continuing most of the night and ....


Week 49: 14 – 20 Dec:

Wed 14: 1150g grapes, 2 Galia Melons total 2230g, 9 tomatoes*53g, 4 dates*4.0g. (9 am: 18C/64F/75%. ... rain continuing from last night. A wet morning. One of the 8 rainiest days of the year I think. Our Decembers are usually very dry – this is a winter rainfall zone. 11C is forecast for tonight. That's a midwinter temperature here. Shows what a nice place this is !

Thu 15: 1650g grapes, 1 nectarines*90g, 1 Galia Melons 1220g, 16 tomatoes*53g, 150g cucumber, 4 dates*4g. (9 am: 17C/63F/78%: might clear up today. And did. Slightly warmer today.

Fri 16: 1150g grapes, 0.25 watermelon 1050g (without peel), 1 cantaloupe 1450g, 20 tomatoes*50g, 150g cucumber, 4 dates*4g. (8.30 am: 18C/64F/75%: perfect day, sunny with cool breeze.)

Sat 17: 1770g grapes, 0.25 watermelon 630g, 1 cantaloupe 1480g, 17 tomatoes*49g, 1 bananas*116g, 2 dates*4g. (8.30 am: 20C/69F/76%: perfect day, sunny with cool breeze.) I went earlier for my walk, to avoid more heat. Got another nice watermelon quarter, 3 Kg grapes, and a bag of tomatoes.

Sun 18: 650g grapes, 0.25 watermelon 1150g, 2 Cataloupes 1350g and 1200g, 11 tomatoes*49g, 1 bananas*116g, 1 dates*4g. (10.30 am: 24C/75F/72%: perfect day.)

Mon 19: 1530g grapes, 1 Galia melon 1400g, 10 litchis*17g, 13 tomatoes*49g, 3 bananas*116g, 5 dates*4g, 3 Brazils*3.8g. (9.30 am: 22C/72F/67%: perfect day.) A desire/inclination/impulse for overts has returned, so finished the last three Brazils in the packet. Tomorrow I'll probably open my one remaining packet of 100g.

Tue 20: 700g grapes, 0.25 watermelon 1250g, 1 Cataloupes 1450g, 2 apricots*60g, 1 litchis*17g, 5 dates*4g, 2 avocados*210g, 7 Brazils*4g. (9.30 am: 22C/72F/72%: perfect day.) Was tempted to buy a nice-looking avocado in the new Pick&Pay supermarket in Wynberg: only double the winter price of R5. Then outside the shop, on the pavement, I got two 210g avos for R5 the pair. They looked a bit funny and old: the skins like black leather at the thick ends, only slightly soft, but they turned out not too bad. I might see if they've got any more tomorrow, at this give-away price.

Week 50: 21 – 27 Dec: 

 Wed 21: 760g grapes, 0.25 watermelon 1500g, 1 Cataloupes 1100g, 3 apricots*60g, 5 bananas*154g, 2 tomatoes*53g, 1 avocados*300g. (9.30 am: 22C/72F/72%: perfect day.)

Thu 22: 390g grapes, 0.25 watermelon 1700g, 1 Cataloupes 1200g, 2 apricots*60g, 4 bananas*154g, 3 tomatoes*53g, 2 dates*4g, 1 avocados*230g, 3 Brazils*4g. (9.30 am: 22C/72F/74%: a most peculiar Midsummer day. Started drizzling at about 10 am. I refused to admit it could be raining in Cape Town on Midsummer's Day so I ignored the drizzle and set out to the shops in my shirtsleeves only. Confidently expecting it to clear up soon. It didn't, so by the time I got home I was slightly wet, although I tried to protect myself from the drizzle blowing into my chest by wearing my backpack on front – which felt quite strange. When I got home I put on a thick jersey. At 2.30 pm, when we left to go visit Lauren in Valkenberg Hospital, where she has been for weeks, months now, I had on two thick jerseys – as much as I ever did in midwinter, with the temperature 9 degrees Celsius lower. With Lauren away, I think I am running out of Fire energy.

Here's a strange development: the last few days, I am starting to find bananas a most exciting item, exquisite in flavour.

As I've said before, eating coconuts causes an immediate elimination of sludge in my urine. And now I've suddenly started to think – this is NOT from the coconut at all! My body is simply full of unimaginable quantities of toxic matter. By making small changes in my diet (such as eating coconut) I am just changing the process of elimination. For instance, if I eat the fat coconut, then the body can use that fat to replace some old fat stocks (or cells) made from say cheese, which then get eliminated along with the toxins they contain. This new theory of mine explains many mysteries.

Fri 23: 740g grapes, 0.25 watermelon 1500g, 1 Cataloupes 1500g, 2 apricots*60g, 2 mangos*300g, 4 bananas*154g, 4 tomatoes*53g, 2 dates*4g, 3 Brazils*4g. (9 am: 21C/69F/71%: normal again, breezy day. Dry and sunny.)

Sat 24: 800g grapes, 0.25 watermelon 1300g, 1 apricots*60g, 2 mangos*300g, 1 Papino 550g, 3 litchis*17g, 3 bananas*154g, 8 tomatoes*53g, 2 dates*4g, 1 Brazils*4g. (8.30 am: 21C/70F/73%: breezy day. Dry and sunny. To Muizenberg : very windy there, but no jersey needed.) - Keeping in touch with the Brazils.

Sun 25: 1500g grapes, 0.25 watermelon 1300g, 1 mangos*300g, 2 litchis*17g, 4 bananas*154g, 1 tomatoes*53g, 2 dates*4g, 6 Brazils*4g. (8.45 am: 23C/73F/75%: sunny with clouds.)

Walked up in military base, with family of six children.

Mon 26: 1380g grapes, 1 Cataloupe 1150g, 1 mangos*480g, 8 litchis*17g, 2 bananas*154g, 6 tomatoes*75g, 5 dates*4g, 300g Swiss Chard, 5 Brazils*4g. (10.30 am: 26C/79F/72%: muggy.) 

Tue 27: 960g grapes, 0.25 watermelon 1000g, 2 peaches*55g, 1 mangos*360g, 1 litchis*17g, 1 bananas*154g, 9 tomatoes*50g, 2 dates*4g, 150g Swiss Chard, 1 avocados*300g. (9.30 am: 25C/76F/77%, warm, cloudy. Cleared later.)