My Journal (10) covers the period DECEMBER 28, 2011 to FEBRUARY 29, 2012. 


(1) C = degrees Centigrade/Celsius
(2) F = degrees Fahrenheit
(3) % = humidity.
(4) * = each.
(5) g = grams. (Weight eaten, excluding peels)

Week 51: 28 Dec 2011 – 3 Jan 2012:


Wed 28: grapes 1320g , 0.25 watermelon 1000g, 2 mangos 720g, 3 litchis 50g, 2 bananas 300g, 7 tomatoes 350g, cocktail tomatoes 250g, 2 dates 8g, Swiss Chard 100g9 Brazils 36g. (10.20 am: 25C/77F/74%, perfect.) 

 Thu 29: grapes 1150g , 0.25 watermelon 1100g, 4 litchis 70g, 1 bananas 96g, 4 tomatoes 200g, cucumber 400g, 3 dates 4g, 9 Brazils*4g. (10.20 am: 27C/81F/72% - a fresh “Cape Doctor” (southeaster) kept temp below predicted 29°C).

Fri 30: grapes 1530g , 0.25 watermelon 900g, 2 mangos*390g, 2 litchis*17g, 2 bananas*96, 1 tomatoes*50g, cucumber 400g, 7 Brazils*4g. (10.20 am: 25C/76F/73%) today I:

breakfast normal – wait 90 minutes – watermelon – 60 minutes – grapes – 60 minutes – lettuce – 60 minutes – mangoes – 60 minutes - Brazils – 10 hours.

Sat 31: grapes 960g , 0.5 watermelon 3Kg, 3 mangos*375g, 2 bananas*96g, 3 dates*4g, English Spinach 300g, (10.30 am: 24C/75F/71%. An ideal temperature, thanks to the fresh southeaster.)

Sun 1: grapes 2070g, 3 mangos*375g, 5 dates*4g, (10 am: 22C/72F/71%)

- NO switches without at least 10 min break. (well there wasn't much to switch anyway, my stocks were running out and all the shops were closed). Without me even noticing it, my consumption of water again fell to practically nothing - poured out a cup which lasted over a week...

Mon 2: grapes 250g – (120mins) – watermelon 1600g – (120) – tomatoes 384g – (60) - mangoes 1400g. (9.15 am: 23C/74F/78%, wet, quite a lot of rain followed, fun walking in the rain. No grapes on sale, pickers have been boozing too much.

Tue 3: 8 tomatoes*64g – (120) – watermelon 2230g – (98) – tomatoes 600g – (60) - 3 mangoes*350g – (140) – grapes 100g. ..... (9.45 am: 23C/74F/71%, dry)

Week 52: 4 – 10 Jan 2012:

Wed 4: grapes 950g, 0.5 watermelon 2300g, 2 mangoes*350g , 7 tomatoes*76g , 5 dates*4g, 300g English spinach. (9 am: 22C/71F/72% - dry, half cloudy.) (3 pm: 25C/78F/68%, half cloudy.)

Mono-diet not observed today. The two days of extreme mono produced some interesting effects - I see the potential of this, but it also imposes strains on my head which I don't need right now. I have enough complications focussing on the role of greens and overts, without introducing new factors at this stage.

Mono actually intensifies detox, so mixtures could be a useful way to slow detox for transition diet. Also I think that is the main reason why I will get tempted to eat greens or overts – to slow detox. I can't just go on sustaining detox until I become a skeleton – bear in mind that at the moment maintaining a reasonable sort of weight is touch and go for me. I have to negotiate a borderline, at a reasonable limit.

Thu 5: grapes 700g, 0.5 watermelon 2200g, 3 mangoes*420g , 3 tomatoes*76g , 4 dates*4g. (home from my walk, 11.30 am: up to 25°C, definitely looking for all the shade I could get through the park and along the roads... )

Fri 6: grapes 750g, 0.25 watermelon 1050g, 1 Cantaloupe 970g, 3 mangoes*420g, 3 tomatoes*76g, 7 dates*4g. (8.45 am: 23°C/74°F/65%, perfect.) The dates I eat are not fresh. I like to eat them only one at a time. Interspersed with tomatoes. Or just after a large portion of watermelon or cantaloupe. Or last thing at night. That way, they don't make me thirsty and I don't have to drink water, which I don't like. I could leave the dates out, but I think perhaps they provide valuable ingredients and I do enjoy them, eaten singly. It's also a way to get a few more calories without stuffing myself.

Sat 7: grapes 850g, 0.25 watermelon 1100g, 1 cantaloupe 1100g, assorted berries (strawberries, mulberries, gooseberries, cherries: a gift) 200g, 1 date*4g. (8.45 am: 23°C/74°F/65%, perfect. By 11.30 am, after my walk, the temperature reached 26°C/80°F/73% – a long way short of the 36° predicted, thanks to a strong if warmish breeze from the south-east (the usual 'Cape Doctor.'). Grapes : white and black varieties.

Style of eating: grapes 700g ended with 1 date > 60 minutes > watermelon ended with a few grapes > 60 minutes > cantaloupe ended with a few grapes > 60 minutes > followed by the berries and the rest of the grapes thereafter.

After supper of grapes, at 7.30 pm, I watched the movie “Mr Bean on Holiday” - it was televised, with ad breaks). I've always liked Mr Bean, and I loved this movie. I thought I might die at one point. After that I went straight to bed without my usual bed-time reading-and-eating session. That didn't improve the quality of my sleep as far I as I could see.

Sun 8: grapes 1080g, 0.25 watermelon 1000g, 1 cantaloupe 1300g, 5 dates*4g. (8.45 am: 23°C/74°F/65%, perfect.) This was a critical day for Lauren, home for the weekend. My main new occupation at the moment is studying the languages HTML and CSS – I want to brighten up my sites a bit, and it's the sort of thing I like studying.

Mon 9: grapes 830g, 0.25 watermelon 920g, 1 cantaloupe 1220g, 1 mango*420g, 2 tomatoes*210g, 2 dates*4g. (12.15 pm: 25°C/78°F/75%, cloudy.)

The grapes were black seedless type – nice and sweet.

Tue 10: grapes 850g, 0.25 watermelon 1330g, 1 mango*600g, 3 tomatoes*210g, 1 dates*4g. (11.30 am: 25°C/78°F/73%, perfect day) 

Week 53: 11 – 17 Jan 2012:

Wed 11: grapes 700g, 0.25 watermelon 1060g, 2 cantaloupe*1100g, 1 mango*500g, 1 date*4g. (12.15 pm: 25°C/78°F/75%. By 6 pm the temperature was 30°C, humidity 66%.) I felt tired, went to bed early.

Thu 12: grapes 700g, 0.25 watermelon 850g, 1 cantaloupe 1250g, 1 mango*450g, 200g outer, green, lettuce leaves. (9.30 am: 25°C/77°F/73%, cloudy.) With the temperature back to normal, I felt much less tired. 

Fri 13: grapes 800g, 0.25 watermelon 1250g, 1 cantaloupe 1370g, 1 mangoes*433g, 50g outer, green, lettuce leaves. (8.30 am: 24°C/75°F/77%, wet).
 It was drying out nicely but just as I set out to go shopping it started drizzling. Without jersey or umbrella, I thought I'd just keep going and trust the drizzle to stop. It didn't, so I got a bit wet but not much. Buying watermelon in the supermarket dried me out. Then walked south along the Main Rd, dodging the drizzle where I could. Bought a couple of the cantaloupes which are so delicious at the moment. Also 3 mangoes and another 800g bag of grapes, sweet yellow ones as a change from the sweet red seedless. I ate lettuce leaves today and yesterday because I saw some nice ones in the rubbish bin. (seems they like to throw the best part of the lettuce away).

Sat 14: grapes 450g, 0.25 watermelon 1000g, 2 cantaloupes*1100g, 1 mango*433g. (9.15 am: 22°C/72°F/72%, perfect. Detox quite hectic on this very purely fruit diet – mainly via the nose. And the palate and gums can get really mucussed up (gummed up) at night. Coughing rather a lot too. All marvellous signs of positive action.

Sun 15: grapes 870g, 0.25 watermelon 950g, 2 cantaloupes 1200&1000g. (8.30 am: 24°C/75°F/77%, perfect.) Met Anna and Norma at Muizenberg.

Mon 16: grapes 910g, 0.5 watermelon 2100g, 3 mangoes*410g. (9.20 am: 27°C/80°F/72%, perfect. Went shopping early “to beat the heat”, home at 10.30 am when it was up to 28°C/83°F/71%. It probably got a bit hotter after that; I didn't go outside to check. At 7 pm it was still 28°C/83°F/74%. A hot day, but pleasantly so. Engrossed in the beauty of HTML DOM.

Tue 17: grapes 1220g, 0.5 watermelon 2870g, 5 tomatoes*175g. (8.15 am: 26°C/80°F/77%, perfect.)

Week 54: 18 – 24 Jan 2012:

Wed 18: grapes 1300g, 0.25 watermelon 730g, 1 cantaloupe 1600g, 3 tomatoes*175g. (9.15 am: 27°C/80°F/76%, perfect. By 10.15 am, after my walk, it was 28°C/82°F. By 1 pm it was 30°C/87°F/72%. The highest I've seen this summer. Shows how mild our weather is!

The weights I give for melons are after discarding the peels and other unwanted parts. The peels can weigh almost as much as the parts I actually swallow!

I first weigh the whole melon, then after swallowing what I want, I weigh the rest and subtract this from the first weight. 


Thu 19: grapes 800g, 0.25 watermelon 1340g, 2 tomatoes*175g, 2 mangoes*540g. (8 am: 28°C/82°F/76%, perfect). This morning 1 – 5 am I was having fun putting together a site . It didn't seem to tire me out during the day.

Fri 20: grapes 330g, 0.25 watermelon 1760g, 1 cantaloupe 1580g, 4 tomatoes*167g, 2 mangoes*590g. (9.30 am: 27°C/81°F/78%, low cloud. I couldn't see where the sun was. The sun never came out – later it started to drizzle.) 

Sat 21: grapes 820g, 0.25 watermelon 1100g, 1 cantaloupe 1200g, 2 tomatoes*167g, 2 mangoes*590g, 60g outer green lettuce leaves. (9.30 am: 27°C/81°F/78%, back to normal summer weather : dry, sunny, breezy.) I saw the leaves in the bin – and took about 120g. I think I am getting fed up with these leaves. I think they just mess up my digestion. I think I'll throw the rest of them away. But maybe not.

Sun 22: grapes 980g, 0.25 watermelon 820g, 1 cantaloupe 1170g, 2 mangoes*325g, 60g outer green lettuce leaves. (11.20 am: 26°C/80°F/74%, cloudy, very pleasant walking weather.

I want to make this journal more informative, regarding the time factor. When and how do I eat these foods? Study this line of code: it tells the whole story of the day, minute by minute: (The line is a string of 60 characters. Each character represents a 15-minute period of the day, starting at 6 a.m. and ending at 9 p.m.

The line starts with 20 g's, meaning a 5-hour period (20 x 15 minutes = 5 hours) during which nothing but grapes were eaten.

Next, the 4 dashes show one hour of no eating.

Next, wwww shows one hour of nothing but watermelon.

Followed by a break of 30 minutes, then 30 minutes of cantaloupe followed by an hour of no eating, then mangos for 45 minutes followed immediately by 15 minutes of lettuce, then an hour of no eating followed finally by an hour of grapes only, taking us up to 6 p.m., the next 3 hours no eating.

All that info, eleven lines of it, is contained in the next one line:


        640g            820g 1170g 650g.60g 340g

All that's missing is a key to the letters g, w, c, m, L. So I insert one line before the code in my entry for the day, which now will look like this:

Sun 22: grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, Lettuce(outer green leaves):

timeline (6 am to 9 pm):


        640g            820g 1170g 650g.60g 340g

Mon 23: grapes 1210g, 0.25 watermelon 820g, 1 cantaloupe 1700g, 1 mangoes*420g. (2.30 pm: 25°C/77°F/75%, showers earlier, dried out by about 1 pm when I took my walk to buy fruit. Cloud cover remained while the “black southeaster” blew. Later there was another light shower. 
  Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):


             940g                820g.1700g    420g  270g

Usually after watermelon I feel very satisfied and take a rest, but today's was almost flavourless and not at all satisfying, so I continued immediately with the cantaloupe.

Tue 24: grapes 1000g, 1 date, 1 cantaloupe 1700g, 7 tomatoes*95g, 1 mangoes*420g. (9.40 am: 24°C/75°F/76%: fine.)

Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):


        700g     4g     1000g    665g  420g      300g

I spent some hours listening to the raw vegan radio summit conference in New York. ( ). I heard Steven Prussack, Dr Jameth Sheridan, Rod Rotondi, Karen Ranzi and Diana Stobo. It's quite heartening to know such people are around.

I started brushing up on my VB programming so I can draw some more fractal pictures.

Week 55: 25 – 31 Jan 2012: