Note: Each "-" on the timeline represents 15 minutes of no eating. 
               Each "g" on the timeline represents 15 minutes of eating grapes only.
               Each "t"
 on the timeline represents 15 minutes of eating tomatoes only. 

 Week 55:  25  –  31 Jan 2012:

Wed 25:  grapes 2170g,  9 tomatoes*95g. 
(9.30 am: 23°C/74°F/72%: fine.)
Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):
                1170g          855g           1000g

     The black grapes are so nice at the moment that I am not much interested in anything else...
I feel I'm riding the wave of high summer.

Thu 26:   grapes 1780g, 5 tomatoes*95g,  1 mango*520g. 
(9.15 am: 24°C/75°F/75%: fine.)
Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):
     245g       1050g       520g       230g       730g  

Fri 27:  grapes 2540g,   14 tomatoes 1050g.
 (9.15am: 24°C/75°F/75%: perfect.)
Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):
          1300g           1050g             1240g 

Sat 28:  grapes 2040g, 10 tomatoes 1050g.
  (9.45am: 25°C/77°F/73%: perfect.)
Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):
            1300g          1050g      740g

Sun 29:  grapes 1620g, ¼ watermelon 1520g, 1 mango 650g.
  (8.15 am: 24°C/75°F/73%: perfect.) Went up to 31°C by 2 pm, the highest I've seen this summer – the humidity dropping to 66%, but this rose again into the seventies while the temperature did not fall till night.                                                         
Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):
         1020g     1520g     650g      600g

Mon 30:  grapes 1240g, ¼ watermelon 1020g, tomatoes 1120g.
(9.15 am: 25°C/77°F/75%, calm, some clouds. Remained faily cool whole day.
Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):
            350g     1020g   1120g         890g

Tue 31:   grapes 1450g, ¼ watermelon 1250g, tomatoes 1120g.
  (8.20 am: 24°C/75°F/75%, calm, perfect. Rose to 28°C max by 1.30 pm, with the usual drop in humidity to 70%.
Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):
          820g      1250g      1120g          630g

Week 56:  1  –  7 Feb 2012:

Wed 1:   grapes 1510g,  ¼ watermelon 750g, 12 tomatoes 1130g,  6 bananas*75g.
 (8.20 am: 24°C/75°F/75% → max 25°C. Mostly cloudy today.)
Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):
        680g         750g      1130g       830g    450g

Thu 2:  grapes 930g,  ¼ watermelon 1100g,  1 cantaloupe 1400g, tomatoes 735g.
 (8.15 am: 23°C/74°F/75%, perfect.)
Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):
        185g 530g   1100g     1400g   550g   400g

Fri 3:   grapes 1590g,  ¼ watermelon 1100g,  tomatoes 860g, mango 480g, English Spinach 200g.
 (9.45 am: 24°C/75°F/74%, perfect.)
Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):

Only the watermelon and the final meal of 630g black grapes were mono meals today.

Sat 4:  grapes 700g,  ½ watermelon 2850g,  tomatoes 800g, mango 390g, dates 28g,  English Spinach 100g.
 (8.40 am: 25°C/76°F/72%, perfect.)
Timeline (6 am to 9 pm):
Accuracy of timeline not guaranteed today – partly reconstructed from confused memories. Lol.

Mono-eating not followed today.

Sun 5:  grapes 1380g,  ¼ watermelon 1480g,  tomatoes 650g, mango 500g, dates 16g.
 (10.30 am: 28°C/82°F/67%, perfect. Max 31°C)

Mon 6:   grapes 1570g,  ½ watermelon 2820g,  tomatoes 50g, mango 390g, dates 16g.
 (10.30 am: 28°C/82°F/67%, perfect.) At 7 this morning thunder was rolling for a long time, seemed far. Soon it was raining heavily. By 9.30 am it cleared up. At 3 pm the temperature peaked at 34°C/93°F/65%, the highest this summer so far here. The Cape Doctor had taken a powder.
 We seldom have thunder in Cape Town, less than once a month, not like in Jo'burg where it is more like every day.

Tue 7:   grapes 1350g,   cantaloupe 1400g,  tomatoes 560g, Brazils 26g
(9.30 am: 27°C/80°F/72%, a bit cloudy to start, remained below 30° whole day.)


Week 57: 8 – 14 Feb 2012:

Wed 8: grapes 1680g, watermelon 1960g, tomatoes 1000g. (9.30 am: 27°C/82°F/67%, perfect.) For about 3 days now, I've not worn my trainer-type shoes to go shopping. I'm using my beach thongs only, which I used to use on rainy days in winter to stop getting wet socks. I go through Maynardville Park, because it's so nice to take off the thongs and go barefoot through the park, mostly on grass or smooth bricks.

Thu 9: grapes 1680g, watermelon 1880g, tomatoes 600g. (10.45 am: 27°C/82°F/67%, windy SE, a bit of cloud on the mountain.)

Fri 10: grapes 1200g, watermelon 1900g, tomatoes 1010g, peach mangos 430g, dates 24g, Brazils 24g. (9.30 am: 25°C/78°F/71%, perfect.)

Sat 11: grapes 1350g, cantaloupe 1300g, pears 410g, tomatoes 170g, dates 16g, Brazils 24g. (9.50 am: 21°C/70°F/78%, the coolest day temperature for some while. There was a lot rain earlier this morning.)

Koti moi malista thelo yenesthai,” “ And what for me most I want to happen,” says Sappho, and as far as I'm concerned, what I most want to happen is that I learn how to find the colour of a pixel. I can make it any colour I want (ever since I discovered the highly obscure and inaccessible formula “color converter from ole”), but I can't find out what colour it is, unless I already know. Such are my problems.

What is infinitely small can't really be said to exist, I think. The present moment does not exist, because it has no size at all, and even if it did, we'd know nothing about it until it was already in the past. And the future does not yet exist. And the past is already dead and gone. So there remains nothing at all, except our fleeting memories of the past and of our past hopes for the future. (What I am saying is that what you regard as your present hopes for the future are in fact already in the past, not in the present at all.)

Sun 12: grapes 1080g, cantaloupe 1400g, pears 410g, mango 465g, tomatoes 600g. (9.20 am: 21°C/70°F/77%: the cool weather continues. Took advantage of that to walk to Access Park for the first time in months. Hoping to find a Galia melon – no such luck, but I did find some nice mangoes and cocktail tomatoes.

It's happened now, I can find the colour... so now I can get on with doctoring my pics the way I really want. That's something to explore.

We are watching a nice series now: “Downton Abbey”. Lauren (here for the weekend) was rather acid about the idleness of the British aristocracy – it does seem to me possibly unfair that powerful men take possession of land and virtually enslave a peasantry – but then I never saw nature as “fair” in any way, in other words what is “fair” is not natural. Competition is much more natural.

Mon 13: grapes 1580g, watermelon 950g, pears 400g, mangos 940g, tomatoes 600g. (9.15 am: 21°C/70°F/73%: the cool spell continues. Today the best grapes were on the far (east) side of the Main Rd – which runs north and south all the way from Cape Town to Muizenberg. I got some nice round, black grapes and some small yellow sultana grapes.

Tue 14: grapes 1220g, cantaloupe 1470g, pears 260g, nectarines 580g, tomatoes 1100g, Brazils 24g. (8.0 am: 22°C/72°F/74%, cloudy, rising to 24°C/74°F/72% by 10.45 am when I got back from my walk.) Tried my first anti-aliasing program – not too bad, but I think I can still improve on it. 


Week 58:  15  – 21 Feb 2012:

Wed 15:   grapes 1960g,   cantaloupe 1320g,  pears 140g, mangos 460g, tomatoes 950g, sour figs 53g, coconut water 170g,coconut flesh 300g.
 (8.30 am: 21°C/70°F/72%, perfect.
These are the first sour figs I've eaten this summer. Miniscule (3.2g each), their syrupy juice is more than twice as strong as any other fruit I know of. It's sour, sweet and salty.

Thu 16:   grapes 1420g,  cantaloupe 1770g,   golden delicious apple 136g,  white peach 100g,  tomatoes 400g, sour figs 23g,coconut 300g. (9.0 am: 22°C/72°F/74%, perfect. The delightful, cool, sunny weather continues.)

Fri 17:   grapes 1700g,  cantaloupe 1570g,   golden delicious apples 408g, tomatoes 700g, sour figs 31g.
 (8.20 am: 23°C/73°F/74%, perfect.)

Sat 18:   grapes 970g,  watermelon 1530g,  pineapple 560g, cantaloupe 1500g,  golden delicious apple 136g, tomatoes 100g, sour figs 3g.
 (9.30 am: 25°C/78°F/70%, perfect. Never went above 28°C.) 

Sun 19:   grapes 1500g,  watermelon 1580g,  cantaloupe 1500g,  pineapple 600g, sour figs 5g.
 (10.20 am: 25°C/78°F/70%, perfect. Rose to about 32°C max: equals the hottest of this summer I think.) 
Please don't imagine that the “sour figs” are actually some type of figs: they most certainly are not. It's just a name! For a succulent plant which never rises more than a few inches above ground level. The poet says:

Come eat with me the sour figs
Of bittersweet, tested friendship 
There where the blue mountain
Meditates from afar.    
      (Bruce Hewett -  the original opening of his poem Blaauberg. He was also one of my astrology teachers).

- Speaking of astrology, I am always very aware of the astrological seasons and of how they influence me to plan my life on a seasonal basis. Having enjoyed the success run of January ("Great heat in January keeps lizards moving") I have now been aware that this cannot really be sustained, rationally speaking, nor should one try too hard to force the seasons, but rather bend to them like a reed. February is a month where you are expected to repay, in service. Oh well, I am always ready to serve where such service would be acceptable, but it seldom is! I await opportunity...

Then I must be prepared for the hectic and dangerous Pisces: a time of endings... not wanted when everything is going so well! but alas all passes away... but to make way for a new life!!

So then one must be ready for the new year, born as a new baby in Aries; then is the time to launch new and enormous schemes!!! And with resolute and firm decisions to act with full steam. The momentum gained from accelerating under full rocket power in Aries will carry one right through a year! Right into the testing battleground of Scorpio, at any rate.

Mon 20: grapes 1200g, watermelon 1530g, cantaloupe 1440g, mangoes 550g, tomatoes 425g, sour figs 50g. (1.20 pm: 26°C/79°F/75%, drizzling.)

Tue 21: grapes 1750g, cantaloupe 1950g, tomatoes 1325g, sour figs 88g. (10.20 am: 25°C/75°F/74%, dry)


Week 59: 22 – 28 Feb 2012:

Wed 22: grapes 1600g, mangoes 1070g, tomatoes 630g, sour figs 34g. (8.30 am: 23°C/74°F/78%. Drizzled most of today.)

Thu 23: grapes 1750g, mangoes 460g, tomatoes 825g, sour figs 37g. (11.30 am: 25°C/76°F/69%, perfect. 5.30 pm: Lauren, now permanently back home, and I walked up the hill into the boys' high school grounds, where I saw the green fields under the sun. We went into the school pub where we had some water (with ice and lemon) each and stood the barmaid/manageress to a glass of red wine, claret. Of course Lauren bought the wine, I wouldn't do a thing like that. Now 25°C/77°F/68% thanks to the breeze.

Fri 24: grapes 1880g, cantaloupe 2120g, tomatoes 975g, sour figs 8g, avocados 350g. (11.30 am: 25°C/77°F/72%, perfect.)

I haven't been eating much in the way of greens or overts the last few months. Every week or fortnight I try some greens, or coconut, or Brazils, or avocado: and always it seems to be disruptive of my comfort, digestion and efficiency. But continuing the pure fruit also becomes uncomfortably “sour”, hectic and craving for change. So the upshot, for now, is a certain amount of fluctuation.

Sat 25: grapes 2150g, watermelon 1200g, litchis 130g, tomatoes 800g, sour figs 4g. (10 am: 24°C/75°F/73%, perfect.) Another remarkable meeting at the Caffe Verdi – another one of Lauren's friends. Kathy, a new friend she met in the hospital. Our house is difficult to find, so we arranged to meet Kathy at the Caffe, they had a Greek salad (Kathy ordered the fetta replaced by extra olives, and I noticed she discarded the onion rings and grated carrot from the salad – an aversion to underground activities? - but asked for a basket of bread – which did look tempting)

Sun 26: grapes 1650g, watermelon 820g, green melon 1300g, litchis 240g, tomatoes 1000g. (12.15 pm: 26°C/80°F/71%, perfect after cloudy start – with jersey!)

Mon 27: grapes 2350g, watermelon 1400g, litchis 200g, tomatoes 920g. (11 am: 28°C/82°F/72%)

Tue 28: grapes 1600g, watermelon 760g, litchis 65g, pears 300g, tomatoes 900g, avocados 300g. (8.40 am: 24°C/75°F/75% with a bit of cloud.) 

Week 60: 29 Feb – 6 Mar 2012:

Wed 29: grapes 1440g, pears 300g, tomatoes 500g, raw potatoes 670g, dates 5g, avocados 370g, Brazils 24g. (8.40 am: 23°C/73°F/71% perfect.) The grapes included 820g Hanepoot, the super-grape I had feared was extinct from our markets... even this sample was of suspicious ancestry. But a class superior nevertheless.

I really enjoyed the raw potatoes: they looked irresistible when I passed them on the sidewalk. Last eaten about a year ago. I wanted something else than fruit, so I enjoyed a potato meal, and later an overt meal.

Thu 1: grapes 910g, watermelon 1350g, mango 707g, tomatoes 410g, raw potatoes 380g, dates 18g, avocados 450g, Brazils 24g. (8.15 am: 21°C/70°F/75%, perfect. By 2.30 pm the temperature reached its maximum of 27°/81°F/66%.) Starting today with an amazingly clean BM, I have to say that there seemed to be no adverse effects at all from all the unusual stuff I ate yesterday. Less bloating and discomfort than from 300g spinach leaves: none at all in fact. Less immediate debris than from say 400g coconut: none at all in fact.

Fri 2: grapes 1320g, watermelon 1150g, litchis 65g, mango 620g, tomatoes 630g, raw potatoes 180g, dates 18g, Brazils 26g. (8.15 am: 21°C/70°F/75% perfect.

Sat 3: grapes 1390g, watermelon 1040g, mango 1300g, tomatoes 310g, raw potatoes 270g, dates 9g, Brazils 26g. (8.30 am: 24°C/75°F/77% perfect. By 11.20 am it was 27°C/81°F/73%. Because there was not much of a breeze.)

Sun 4: grapes 1450g, watermelon 1000g, mango 634g, tomatoes 1150g, dates 23g, Brazils 50g. (11.30 am: 25°C/78°F/68%, half cloudy.)

Mon 5: grapes 2230g, mango 700g, tomatoes 1000g, dates 40g, avocados 490g, Brazils 46g. (10 am: 22°C/72°F/68%)

Tue 6: grapes 1550g, watermelon 800g, cocktail tomatoes 400g, dates 27g, spinach 200g, avocados 330g, Brazils 30g. (8.30 am: 22°C/72°F/72%) 

Week 61: 7 – 13 Mar 2012:

Wed 7: grapes 1600g, watermelon 1000g, mango 600g, tomatoes 1000g, dates 18g, spinach 100g, avocados 160g, Brazils 50g. (8.20 am: 23°C/74°F/78%, dry and sunny)Thu 8: grapes 1530g, mango 585g, tomatoes 960g, dates 18g, spinach 50g, avocados 500g, Brazils 28g. (11.45 am: 26°C/79°F/72%, perfect.)

Thu 8: grapes 1530g, mango 585g, tomatoes 960g, dates 18g, spinach 50g, avocados 500g, Brazils 28g. (11.45 am: 26°C/79°F/72%, perfect.)

Fri 9: grapes 1620g, mango 580g, tomatoes 800g, dates 18g, spinach 50g, avocados 620g, Brazils 26g. (11 am: 25°C/78°F/73%, fairly cloudy.)

Sat 10: grapes 1550g, mango 550g, tomatoes 980g, dates 18g, avocados 500g, Brazils 19g. (9.0 am: 24/75/73 perfect; 11.30 am: 26°C/80°F/73%)

Sun 11: grapes 750g, watermelon 1250g, mango 625g, tomatoes 750g, raw potatoes 280g, dates 18g, avocados 430g, Brazils 15g. (8.50 am: 25°C/77°F/75%, perfect; calm, so will probably get hot! - By 2 pm, it reached its max of 30°C/86°F/67%. It really felt hot walking through the sunny parts.)

Mon 12: grapes 800g, watermelon 940g, mango 570g, cataloupe 1750g, tomatoes 530g, raw potatoes 280g, dates 18g, avocados 450g, Brazils 26g. (9.50 am: 25°C/78°F/76%, normal SE wind with few clouds.)

Tue 13: grapes 1670g, tomatoes 1050g, raw potatoes 280g, dates 18g, avocados 400g, Brazils 26g. (11 am: 28°C/82°F/73%, normal weather.)