Week 62: 14 – 20 Mar 2012:

Wed 14: grapes 1440g, cantaloupe 1500g, mango 430g, tomatoes 690g, raw potatoes 400g, dates 14g, avocados 420g, Brazils 25g. (8.20 am: 24°C/75°F/75%, perfect.)

Thu 15: grapes 800g, watermelon 1440g, cantaloupe 1100g, tomatoes 250g, raw potatoes 300g, carrots 120g, dates 4g, coconut 150g, Brazils 25g. (8.15 am: 25°C/78°F/77%, cloudy.)

Fri 16: grapes 1720g, cantaloupe 1500g, tomatoes 350g, raw potatoes 150g, carrots 120g, dates 18g, coconut 80g, avocado 240g, Brazils 18g. (9.50 am: 25°C/78°F/75%, cloudy. Quite a lot of rain fell today. Bought 1.6 Kg Constantia Hanepoot grapes at Spar.)

Sat 17: grapes 750g, cantaloupe 1400g, tomatoes 570g, carrots 300g, dates 36g, avocado 250g, coconut 80g, Brazils 25g. (10 am: 22°C/72°F/69%, rain at 6 am, feels decidedly cool, while walking I increase my pace to get warmer, then laze off if I was into a patch of sunlight to bask in for a moment.) We'd been expecting to see some baby chameleons on the bougainvillea any day now, and today it happened – I spotted a baby, called David to come see and soon he spotted another. We hadn't seen any babies for months.

Sun 18: grapes 750g, cantaloupe 1300g, mango 430g, tomatoes 460g, carrots 220g, dates 22g, avocados 560g, Brazils 21g. (10.40 am: 22°C/72°F/69%, a most perfect day.)

Mon 19: grapes 750g, watermelon 1800g, mango 830g, tomatoes 870g, raw potatoes 330g, avocados 530g, Brazils 25g. (9.50 am: 23°C/73°F/78%. A cloudy start to the day, but plenty of sun later.)

Tue 20: grapes 700g, watermelon 1200g, mangoes 970g, tomatoes 700g, raw potatoes 270g, carrots 300g, dates 4g, coconut 180g, avocados 270g, Brazils 25g. (2.30 pm: 27°C/81°F/72%, a perfect day.)

Week 63: 21 – 27 Mar 2012:

Wed 21: grapes 1300g, watermelon 1070g, tomatoes 500g, raw potatoes 300g, carrots 250g, dates 18g, coconut 100g, avocados 500g, Brazils 28g. (9.30 am: 25°C/78°F/73%, another perfect day. What a pleasure this weather is being!)

Thu 22: grapes 1000g, watermelon 1600g, mango 1060g, tomatoes 300g, carrots 220g, dates 14g, coconut 50g, avocados 500g, Brazils 20g. (9.30 am: 25°C/78°F/73%, another perfect day. It was cloudy at first, but that was very pleasant!

Fri 23: grapes 1630g, mango 320g, tomatoes 670g, raw potatoes 100g, carrots 230g, dates 4g, coconut 50g, avocados 250g, Brazils 22g. (11.15 am: 25°C/78°F/75%, perfect.)

Sat 24: grapes 1330g, mango 550g, tomatoes 600g, raw potatoes 100g, carrots 230g, avocados 340g, Brazils 25g. (9.30 am: 25°C/78°F/73%, perfect.)

Sun 25: grapes 770g, watermelon 1700g, mango 550g, tomatoes 300g, raw potatoes 200g, avocados 160g, Brazils 25g. (9.40 am: 26°C/80°F/72%, perfect.)

Mon 26: grapes 1630g, watermelon 1030g, mango 530g, tomatoes 500g, raw potatoes 300g, avocados 430g, Brazils 4g. (9.30 am: 25°C/77°F/74%)

Tue 27: grapes 730g, watermelon 1400g, mango 630g, tomatoes 550g, raw potatoes 150g, avocados 220g, Brazils 4g. (9.30 am: 25°C/78°F/71%, perfect.)


Week 64: 28 Mar – 3 Apr 2012:

Wed 28: grapes 1050g, watermelon 1230g, mango 600g, tomatoes 980g, raw potatoes 150g, avocados 350g, Brazils 25g. (8.50 am: 22°C/72°F/78%. Turned into a really lovely, warm, idyllic summer's day)

Thu 29: grapes 720g, cantaloupe 1550g, mango 500g, tomatoes 270g, raw potatoes 140g, avocados 300g, Brazils 25g. (4 pm: 23°C/73°F/75% raining! Got a walk in earlier in half sunshine)

Fri 30: grapes 1200g, cantaloupe 1200g, mango 500g, tomatoes 400g, raw potatoes 140g, coconut 100g, avocados 300g, Brazils 25g. (9 am: 22°C/71°F/74%. Rained quite a lot today.)

Sat 31: grapes 1600g, cantaloupe 1200g, papino 630g, tomatoes 200g, 1 apple 120g, coconut 50g, avocados 300g, Brazils 15g. (9 am: 22°C/71°F/74%)

Sun 1: grapes 730g, watermelon 1100g, mango 410g, papino 570g, tomatoes 80g, coconut 80g, avocados 220g, Brazils 10g. (9.20 am: 21°C/70°F/72%, perfect.)

Mon 2: grapes 920g, cantaloupe 1700g, mango 410g, papino 200g, tomatoes 220g, raw potatoes 140g, coconut 120g, avocados 300g, Brazils 22g. (9.30 am: 23°C/73°F/74%, perfect.)

Tue 3: grapes 860g, watermelon 1240g, mango 420g, papino 400g, tomatoes 280g, raw potatoes 150g, coconut 80g, avocados 500g, Brazils 26g. (9.30 am: 23°C/73°F/74%, perfect.)

Week 65: 4 – 10 Apr 2012:

Wed 4: grapes 720g, watermelon 1120g, cantaloupe 1200g, mango 410g, papino 350g, tomatoes 430g, raw potatoes 130g, avocados 400g, Brazils 26g. (9.30 am: 23°C/73°F/74%, perfect.)

Thu 5: grapes 1200g, watermelon 1100g, papino 380g, tomatoes 740g, avocados 250g, Brazils 26g. (8.30 am: 21°C/70°F/74%, perfect, hot day forecast, looks like coming true because there's no wind.)

Chameleons on the bougainvillea hedge between the drive and the path are doing well – in the last couple of days we've been seeing about 4 a day out of : two big females, two male children, and two babies or more.

They say the presence of the guru is worth far more than his words, and their presence is a huge spiritual nourishment for David and me. They are truly divine creatures.

Fri 6: grapes 1300g, cantaloupe 1200g, mango 650g, papino 410g, tomatoes 700g, avocados 350g, Brazils 25g. (10 am: 23°C/80°F/69%, perfect.)

Sat 7: grapes 1300g, cantaloupe 1200g, mangos 700g, papino 405g, tomatoes 600g, avocados 450g, Brazils 21g. (9.20am: 20°C/70°F/75%, raining cats and dogs. Strange how it always rains on Easter weekends here, in the midst of drought). On TV a host of people are running the Two Oceans Marathon in the rain. Should keep them cool – yesterday the heat would have killed them.

The sun came out about 1 pm so I got in a nice walk in the sun to the shops, but going home it rained all the way, quite heavily too but not much wind so I didn't get too wet under my umbrella.

At 2.30pm the sun came out again so I sat in the garden a bit, saw a crowd of bluebottles on the ground so looked closer:

Terrible tragedy – chameleon found on path with head lying severed near.

Sun 8: grapes 1310g, mango 650g, papino 405g, tomatoes 360g, avocados 550g, Brazils 29g. (10am: 17°C/63°F/76%, it's been raining most of the time since yesterday morning.)The 17° and the rain continued most of the day; L and I got in a short walk to the school grounds in the afternoon, but copped a storm on our way back)

Mon 9: grapes 600g, mango 410g, tomatoes 240g, raw potato 133g, English spinach 190g, avocados 350g, Brazils 25g. (9 am: 17°C/63°F/78%, perfect, so should warm up a bit!)(It didn't much, because it got cloudy.)

Tue 10: grapes 690g, mangoes 1080g, tomatoes 220g, raw potatoes 133g, English spinach 110g, avocados 540g, Brazils 23g. (10.40 am: 20°C/68°F/78%, sunny with passing clouds.)


Week 66: 11 – 17 Apr 2012:

Wed 11: grapes 1350g, mango 500g, GD apples 300g, tomatoes 700g, raw potatoes 267g, avocados 400g, Brazils 27g. (9.30 am: 23°C/74°F/73%, sunny)

Thu 12: grapes 750g, mangoes 650g, GD apples 300g, pineapples 660g, tomatoes 560g, raw potatoes 267g, avocados 400g, Brazils 23g. (12 pm: 24°C/75°F, sunny and calm)

Fri 13: grapes 1620g, cantaloupe 1470g, mango 220g, GD apples 100g, pears 480g, tomatoes 350g, carrots 120g, avocados 420g, Brazils 27g. (8.40 am: 22°C/71°F/72%, sunny and calm. Rose to 29°, thinly overcast)

Sat 14: grapes 1460g, cantaloupe 1550g, mango 600g, pear 240g, tomatoes 630g, carrots 300g, avocados 440g. (8.40 am: 25°C/78°F/73%, sun, cloud, wind)

Sun 15: grapes 890g, cantaloupe 1150g, mango 430g, tomatoes 500g, carrots 300g, lettuce mix 100g, avocados 440g, Brazils 25g. (12.30 pm: 21°C/70°F/77%, a few slight drizzles)

Mon 16: grapes 1450g, cantaloupe 1420g, mango 430g, tomatoes 360g, carrots 200g, lettuce mix 100g, avocados 360g, Brazils 25g. (9 am: 20°C/68°F/72%, perfect.)

Tue 17: grapes 1200g, mango 910g, tomatoes 510g, carrots 200g, lettuce mix 100g, avocados 360g, Brazils 32g. (9.15 am: 21°C/70°F/75%, perfect.) 

Week 67: 18 – 24 Apr 2012:

Wed 18: grapes 1350g, mango 640g, tomatoes 680g, carrots 300g, lettuce mix 100g, avocados 570g, Brazils 18g. (9 am: 21°C/71°F/73%, perfect.)

Thu 19: grapes 1280g, cantaloupe 1200g, mango 350g, tomatoes 760g, potatoes 300g, avocados 590g, Brazils 26g. (9 am: 20°C/68°F/75%, perfect.)

Fri 20: grapes 700g, cantaloupe 1300g, mango 840g, tomatoes 500g, potatoes 300g, avocados 380g, Brazils 26g. (8.30 am: 20°C/68°F/75%, perfect.)

Sat 21: grapes 1170g, mango 900g, tomatoes 450g, potatoes 300g, avocados 760g, Brazils 22g. (12 pm: 20°C/69°F/78%, cloudy.)

Sun 22: grapes 1200g, mango 450g, tomatoes 500g, carrots 210g, avocados 400g, Brazils 22g. (9.30 am: 20°C/69°F/77%, cloudy again.)

Mon 23: grapes 1100g, mango 200g, tomatoes 250g, carrots 30g, raw potatoes 300g, avocados 550g, Brazils 29g. (10 am: 18°C/65°F/70%, clear but cool, breezy.)

Tue 24: grapes 850g, mango 450g, tomatoes 630g, carrots 330g, avocados 430g, Brazils 25g. (10 am: 17°C/63°F/71%, sunny but cool, breezy.) 

Week 68: 25 Apr – 1 May 2012:

Wed 25: grapes 830g, brown pears 425g, tomatoes 450g, carrots 210g, avocados 493g, Brazils 25g. (10 am: 17°C/63°F/75%, cloudy.)

Thu 26: grapes 730g, mango 270g, brown pears 825g, tomatoes 500g, carrots 200g, avocados 440g, Brazils 18g. (10 am: 18°C/65°F/77%, THUNDER (rare here) and heavy rain. Did get some sun though.

Fri 27: grapes 1580g, mango 270g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 500g, tomatoes 50g, carrots 200g, avocados 440g, Brazils 18g. (9 am: 17°C/63°F/82%, cloudy, half dry.)

Sat 28: grapes 1420g, mango 280g, brown pears 220g, cocktail tomatoes 400g, carrots 220g, avocados 760g, Brazils 25g. (10 am: 18°C/64°F/82%, wet, dark)

Sun 29: grapes 1100g, mango 280g, brown pears 380g, cocktail tomatoes 100g, tomatoes 300g, carrots 240g, avocados 540g, Brazils 14g. (9 am: 18°C/64°F/79%, wet, dark: much rain overnight) No more rain today, I had a nice walk up to the top of Wynberg Hill 10.30-11.30, two thick jerseys not too much in the wind. Cloudy, max 20°C.

Mon 30: grapes 1000g, mangos 700g, brown pears 170g, tomatoes 500g, carrots 240g, avocados 540g, Brazils 25g. (10 am: 19°C/66°F/77%, cloudy and windy)

Tue 1: grapes 950g, brown pears 550g, tomatoes 600g, carrots 160g, avocados 180g, coconut 300g, Brazils 14g. (9 am: 16°C/62°F/78%, looks as if the weather has cleared up and I'll get some sun...) I did! - plenty.

Week 69: 2 – 8 May 2012:

Wed 2: grapes 700g, Golden Delicious apples 300g, Pink Lady apples 0g, brown pears 350g, tomatoes 570g, carrots 100g, avocados 500g, coconut 50g, Brazils 11g. (10.20 am: 16°C/61°F/75%, cloudy, dry but rain forecast)

Thu 3: grapes 400g, mangos 400g, Golden Delicious apples 150g, tomatoes 830g, carrots 200g, avocados 400g, coconut 350g, Brazils 18g. (8.10 am: 16°C/62°F/81%, been raining non-stop for 12 hours.)

Fri 4: grapes 750g, Pink Lady apple 126g, pineapple 750g, tomatoes 270g, carrots 440g, avocados 363g, Brazils 25g. (8.10 am: 16°C/62°F/81%, cold and windy), yet very changeable weather. Looked like it was starting to drizzle, so took umbrella with me as I set out for Gabriel Rd, where I have not walked for months since P&P opened a new branch in Wynberg. But soon it cleared so I got some sun instead, and had to take off my second jersey.

Sat 5: grapes 1420g, naartjies 100g, mango 200g, Golden Delicious apple 160g, tomatoes 500g, carrots 250g, avocados 500g, Brazils 14g. (9.40 am: 16°C/61°F/80%, perfect, calm). Walking back through the park, incredible peace and beauty of the calm lake with its dark surface. Warm in the sun.

Sun 6: grapes 830g, naartjies 580g, Pink Lady apples 250g, tomatoes 70g, carrots 250g, avocados 340g, Brazils 25g. (9.40 am: 16°C/61°F/80%, perfect, calm).

Mon 7: grapes 760g, naartjies 330g, pears 400g, tomatoes 170g, carrots 170g, avocados 650g, Brazils 7g. (10 am: 17°C/62°F/75%, perfect, calm).

Tue 8: grapes 820g, naartjies 500g, Pink Lady apples 120g, pears 330g, tomatoes 520g, carrots 170g, avocados 550g, Brazils 11g. (8.30 am: 16°C/62°F/77%, perfect, calm).