Week 70: 9 – 15 May 2012:

Wed 9: grapes 750g, naartjies 130g, mangoes 400g, Pink Lady apple 120g, pear 80g, tomatoes 830g, carrots 160g, avocados 510g, Brazils 25g. (10 am: 16°C/61°F/78%, half cloudy, calm).

Thu 10: grapes 650g, naartjies 440g, mangoes 300g, Golden Delicious apples 330g, Pink Lady apple 120g, pear 70g, bananas 280g, tomatoes 150g, avocados 575g, Brazils 25g. (9 am: 16°C/61°F/80%, cloudy.)

Fri 11: grapes 820g, naartjies 680g, Golden Delicious apples 470g, pears 70g, tomatoes 400g, carrots 260g, avocados 560g, Brazils 25g. (9.45 am: 16°C/61°F/78%, perfect.) Today the flavour I most enjoyed was the new batch of carrots: scraped into a bowl with a knife, thence into my mouth with my fingers.)

Sat 12: grapes 1250g, naartjies 400g, pears 400g, tomatoes 400g, carrots 130g, avocados 320g, Brazils 25g. (9.45 am: 16°C/61°F/78%, perfect.)

Sun 13: grapes 1030g, naartjies 320g, Golden Delicious apples 150g, pears 260g, tomatoes 400g, Medjool dates 100g, carrots 260g, avocados 510g, Brazils 25g. (9.30 am: 15°C/60°F/78%, thin sun)

Mon 14: grapes 720g, naartjies 300g, Golden Delicious apples 450g, pears 140g, bananas 140g, tomatoes 420g, Medjool dates 100g, carrots 240g, avocados 525g, Brazils 25g. (10.30 am: 18°C/64°F/79%, rain earlier but now sunny)

Tue 15: grapes 1000g, naartjies 220g, Golden Delicious apples 300g, tomatoes 580g, raisins 100g, carrots 240g, avocados 645g, Brazils 25g. (9.40 am: 15°C/58°F/78%, perfect.)

Week 71: 16 – 22 May 2012:

Wed 16: grapes 1150g, naartjies 30g, tomatoes 660g, raisins 80g, carrots 240g, avocados 510g, Brazils 25g. (9.45 am: 15°C/58°F/80%, perfect.)

Thu 17: grapes 1030g, naartjies 50g, Golden Delicious apples 270g, bananas 140g, tomatoes 810g, sour figs 8g, raisins 20g, carrots 210g, avocados 620g, Brazils 25g. (9.40 am: 15°C/60°F/80%, thin cloud.)

Fri 18: grapes 450g, naartjies 130g, Golden Delicious apples 420g, tomatoes 850g, dates 100g, carrots 110g, avocados 670g, Brazils 25g, Coconut 300g. (8.45 am: 16°C/61°F/72%, steady rain last night.) Walked to Access Park, a very cold southwester was blowing, never thought of taking my 2nd sweater off. Got 2500g of Hass avocados for R10 – this is about 1/3 price)( also 4 coconuts, one of them with strong, delicious fermented water in it)

Sat 19: grapes 630g, naartjies 140g, Golden Delicious apples 180g, tomatoes 570g, dates 100g, carrots 220g, avocados 400g, Brazils 22g, coconut 50g. (10 am: 13°C/55°F/79%, raining earlier.)

Sun 20: grapes 600g, naartjies 40g, Golden Delicious apples 350g, tomatoes 270g, avocados 550g, Brazils 28g, coconut 100g. (9.30 am: 13°C/56°F/82%, dripping with rain.) I got in a nice 2-hour walk around midday: up Wynberg hill, then back and up into the military base, then down to Wittebome across the railway line: following the areas of sunshine as they changed ... the rain was over.

Mon 21: grapes 1210g, naartjies 70g, Golden Delicious apples 100g, tomatoes 650g, carrots 210g, avocados 350g, Brazils 22g, coconut 100g. (9.10 am: 13°C/55°F/80%: half cloudy. Changes every 5 minutes.

Tue 22: grapes 770g, naartjies 170g, Golden Delicious apples 200g, Pink Lady apples 310g, tomatoes 640g, Medjool dates 90g, carrots 200g, avocados 340g, Brazils 25g, coconut 100g. (9.10 am: 12°C/54°F/77%: clear, promising) Never reached 20°, but felt warmer in the afternoon when humidity fell to 61%.


1. In the last couple of weeks, I've got into the habit of plucking about 6 nasturtium leaves along Cavan read, and eating them immediately.

2. I also bought a 30g packet of sour figs a week or so ago, and eat about 4g per day.

3. I sprouted about 50g of sunflower seeds a week ago, it's only today they are really ready to eat: this is definitely not worth the trouble. 

Week 72: 23 – 29 May 2012:

Wed 23: grapes 660g, Golden Delicious apple 150g, Pink Lady apple 120g, tomatoes 860g, Medjool dates 55g, carrots 160g, avocados 460g, Brazils 25g, coconut 200g. (9.20 am: 15°C/58°F/77%: cloudy but dry.)(Max today = 16°C)

Thu 24: grapes 650g, naartjies 210g, Golden Delicious apples 250g, Pink Lady apple 170g, tomatoes 800g, sour figs 7g, Medjool dates 55g, carrots 170g, avocados 350g, Brazils 25g, coconut 80g. (9.50 am: 16°C/61°F/75%: clouds in sky. Max temp 19° felt a bit warmer today. Sat outside quite a bit.

Fri 25: grapes 690g, Golden Delicious apples 450g, tomatoes 450g, Medjool dates 33g, carrots 180g, avocados 460g, Brazils 25g, coconut 60g. (colder today, rained the whold day without pause. Didn't even go outside to look at the thermometer.)

Sat 26: grapes 630g, Pink Lady apples 330g, papino 800g, tomatoes 500g, sour figs 10g, Medjool dates 22g, carrots 125g, English spinach 120g, avocados 370g, Brazils 10g. (9.40 am: 15°C/60°F/82%: heavy showers)

Sun 27: grapes 1650g, naartjies 100g, Pink Lady apples 180g, tomatoes 410g, Medjool dates 44g, carrots 125g, avocados 370g, Brazils 12g, coconut 80g.(9.40 am: 15°C/60°F/82%, clear skies, perfect.) yet the temperature never rose much today. It was a record day for chameleons – we saw 7 at once on the bougainvillea: two large females, two medium sized, and three small babies. Had another nice 2-hour walk, as on last Sunday – only this time the weather was better, I was home by 11.40 am, and I did not have to look for the sun because it was everywhere .

Mon 28: grapes 1070g, naartjies 150g, Golden Delicious apples 170g, persimmons 120g, tomatoes 330g, Medjool dates 80g, carrots 750g, avocados 630g, Brazils 25g, coconut 80g.(9.30 am: 13°C/55°F/77%, clear skies, perfect.)

Tue 29: grapes 660g, naartjies 200g, Pink Lady apples 270g, persimmons 120g, tomatoes 140g, Medjool dates 32g, carrots 125g, avocados 340g, Brazils 9g, coconut 100g. (11.15 am: 15°C/58°F/83%. Rain set in this morning, at 9 am. Got a lift in the drizzle to Access Park at 11.30 am, where I bought 4 coconuts. David dropped me off near Kenilworth station on the way back, whence I walked to Wynberg station where I bought grapes and Pink Ladies in the rain. The rain just about stopped on my way home.

Week 73: 30 May – 5 Jun 2012:

Wed 30: grapes 700g, naartjies 230g, Golden Delicious apples 350g, persimmons 120g, tomatoes 250g, Medjool dates 33g, carrots 250g, avocados 560g, Brazils 9g. (1.30 pm: 15°C/60°F/77% - cloudy with very little sun.

Thu 31: grapes 900g, naartjies 220g, oranges 123g, Golden Delicious apples 170g, Pink Lady apples 360g, persimmons 110g, tomatoes 830g, dates 20g, carrots 250g, avocados 670g, Brazils 25g. (8.30 am: 14°C/57°F/78% - clear skies again !) - but never got above 16°!

Fri 1: grapes 1020g, oranges 246g, Golden Delicious apples 150g, Pink Lady apples 180g, persimmons 120g, tomatoes 430g, dates 76g, carrots 250g, avocados 230g, Brazils 25g. (9.10 am: 14°C/57°F/77%, half cloudy. Cleared up to cloudless. Max today: 17°.)

Sat 2: grapes 540g, oranges 123g, Golden Delicious apples 160g, Pink Lady apples 370g, tomatoes 570g, dates 20g, raw potatoes 250g, rocket 100g, avocados 460g, Brazils 25g. (9.30 am: 16°C/62°F/83%, cloudy.) later got some sun with Jennifer and Lupita in school grounds, then at Jennifer's I got a couple of delicious, crunchy, juicy raw potatoes, tried a bit of grated sweet potato, and had some rocket out of her garden.

Sun 3: grapes 690g, naartjies 100g, oranges 246g, Golden Delicious apples 220g, Pink Lady apples 300g, persimmons 120g, tomatoes 660g, dates 80g, carrots 250g, avocados 330g, Brazils 25g. (9.30 am: 16°C/62°F/78%, perfect day.) after walking up to the highest corner of Wynberg Park, around the circular pond (now, alas, empty of water and fish – God knows why - ) I decided to walk down to the river, down the sunlit grass between the trees. I crossed the slender river over a wooden bridge which was almost unnecessary as one could practically have jumped over it. On the other side I found a bench with cleanly worn wooden slats to sit on and rest my back against. Facing the river and the sun, I watched a white bird crossing the lawny slope from left to right, then from right to left, back and forth, fascinated with how its head would stay in precisely the same place while the bird sailed forward, then jump forward to a new spot about two feet ahead... giving it, I reflected, a 360° stereoscopic vision matching an animal with eyes two feet apart... - a questionable idea.

The silence and peace, with the pleasure of the warm sun, were sufficient to induce a form of bliss, which almost made me realise how fragile such would be in the proximity of another...

Mon 4: grapes 680g, naartjies 130g, oranges 250g, Golden Delicious apples 380g, Pink Lady apples 450g, tomatoes 870g, dates 24g, carrots 250g, avocados 500g, Brazils 25g. (9.30 am: 16°C/62°F/80%, with a bit of foggy mist which will clear up in about half an hour I think.) Yes, and temp reached 20° max.- a bit warmer than lately.

Tue 5: grapes 550g, naartjies 100g, Golden Delicious apples 500g, Pink Lady apples 50g, tomatoes 460g, dates 40g, carrots 250g, raw potatoes 85g, avocados 600g, Brazils 25g. (9.30 am: 17°C/62°F/78%, cloudy.) No sun today. Rain set in after my walk to the fruitsellers, and continued most of the day and night.


Week 74: 6 – 12 Jun 2012:

Wed 6: grapes 550g, naartjies 1550g, oranges 123g, Golden Delicious apples 180g, Pink Lady apples 280g, tomatoes 250g, dates 36g, raw potatoes 505g, avocados 270g, Brazils 25g, coconut 200g. (9 am: 13°C/55°F/75%, cloudy.) Showers in morning, then sunny with SE wind, max 15°, sat reading in sun for an hour.

Thu 7: grapes 700g, naartjies 50g, oranges 123g, Golden Delicious apples 320g, Pink Lady apples 170g, tomatoes 450g, dates 40g, raw potatoes 85g, avocados 540g, Brazils 25g, coconut 100g. (10.15 am: 13°C/56°F/82%, continuous storm and rain since early) Didn't get a walk in today at all. Don't regard it as necessary every day.

Fri 8: grapes 750g, naartjies 150g, oranges 123g, Golden Delicious apples 220g, Pink Lady apples 150g, tomatoes 250g, dates 40g, raw potatoes 380g, avocados 540g, Brazils 25g. (10.30 am: 14°C/57°F/79%. The rain is no longer continuous, but alternates with not-raining – showers about every hour.)

Sat 9: grapes 600g, Golden Delicious apples 400g, Pink Lady apples 380g, papaya 600g, tomatoes 170g, dates 8g, raw potatoes 150g, Hass avocados 120g, Brazils 21g, almonds 30g. (10.30 am: 13°C/55°F/78%. The rain is no longer continuous, but alternates with not-raining – showers about every hour. (Same as yesterday.))

Sun 10: grapes 600g, naartjies 180g, oranges 244g, Golden Delicious apples 500g, Pink Lady apples 260g, tomatoes 130g, dates 40g, Hass avocados 360g, Brazils 4g, almonds 20g, coconut 100g. (8.30 am: sun shining, calm, not a cloud in the sky... 13°C/55°F/78%. Strange how cold it stayed today, despite no wind, clear sky and apparently normal sun – or perhaps the sun is going for a Burton? Still I couldn't wait to get into it, walked 9.40 to 11.30 up the hill to the round pond, then up into the military base – magnificent in the sun, with hardly a soul to be seen – from there all the way down to Castletown Rd and the station. Back home, the sun had now just come up – it rises three hours late here because it is so low and the house is fenced with high trees – and I sat for hours reading Küng's book on Judaism... why can't all academics write as readably as this?

Mon 11: oranges 130g, Golden Delicious apples 540g, Pink Lady apples 180g, papaya 420g, tomatoes 890g, dates 24g, raw potatoes 130g, avocados 250g, almonds 30g, coconut 100g. (9.20 am: sun shining, calm, not a cloud in the sky... 10°C/50°F/78%. - an unbelievably low temperature for Cape Town at this time in the morning... max today 14°.

Tue 12: naartjies 100g, oranges 120g, Golden Delicious apples 510g, Pink Lady apples 230g, tomatoes 40g, dates 24g, raw potatoes 300g, avocados 620g, almonds 20g, coconut 150g. (9.30 am: sun shining, calm, not a cloud in the sky... 11°C/51°F/80%. I savoured an earlier than usual walk to the sellers today, avoiding all shady stretches or speeding up through them... just as well, because it soon clouded over after I got home, no more sun. Still enjoying Hans Küng. 

Week 75: 13 – 19 Jun 2012:

Wed 13: oranges 120g, Golden Delicious apples 340g, Pink Lady apples 570g, brown pears 660g, papinos 320g, tomatoes 500g, dates 40g, avocados 330g, Brazils 27g, coconut 20g. (9.10 am: sun shining, calm, not a cloud in the sky... 13°C/55°F/75%. - a bit warmer this morning, the lower humidity is also nice, 18° forecast today, so I am looking forward to more sun than yesterday.

Thu 14: naartjies 240g, brown pears 320g, Packham pears 510g, tomatoes 500g, dates 60g, avocados 530g, Brazils 25g, coconut 100g. (9.10 am: sun shining, calm, not a cloud in the sky... 11°C/53°F/76%. - another nice day.

Fri 15: naartjies 330g, Golden Delicious apples 330g, Pink Lady apples 520g, Packham pears 510g, tomatoes 200g, dates 52g, avocados 470g, Brazils 25g, coconut 120g. (9.10 am: sun shining, calm, not a cloud in the sky... 11°C/53°F/76%.)

Sat 16: naartjies 280g, Pink Lady apples 240g, Packham pears 260g, papino 920g, tomatoes 390g, dates 40g, avocados 480g, mixed nuts (ABC=almonds Brazils cashews) 130g, coconut 30g. (8.30 am: sun shining, not a cloud in the sky... 14°C/57°F/80%. And warmed up to 19° later.

Sun 17:
 Golden Delicious apples 110g, Pink Lady apples 650g, Packham pears 260g, tomatoes 520g,dates 64gcarrots 100g, avocados 250g, mixed nuts (ABC=almonds Brazils cashews) 130g, coconut 60g. (9.30 am: 13°C/56°F/77%, cloudy. Cold north wind today, with very little sunshine

Mon 18: naartjies 600g, Golden Delicious apples 160g, Pink Lady apples 700g, tomatoes 340g, dates 64g, carrots 100g, avocados 790g, mixed nuts (ABC=almonds Brazils cashews) 25g, coconut 30g. (9.15 am: 14°C/57°F/81%, cloudy. A shower at 4.44 am.) Jennifer and I had some fun with geometry in the sun on the front lawn. She was trying to draw 5, 6, 7 and 8-pointed stars with a protractor made on the spot with a pair of scissors, folding a 90° corner to get 45°, halving that to get 22°, halving that to get 11°, halving that to get another 6°, adding 45+6 to get 51.3, and so on. We made some hilarious mistakes and ended up with stars that didn't want to join up. The 7-pointed stars were insisting on having 10 points, until we found our mistake. Lauren and Jennifer also had a bit of a chat there.


Tue 19: naartjies 370g, Golden Delicious apples 340g, Pink Lady apples 430g, Packham pears 240g, papino 320g, tomatoes 300g, dates 56g,carrots 100g, avocados 630g, mixed nuts (ABC=almonds Brazils cashews) 15g, coconut 30g. (9.30 am: 12°C/54°F/78%, back to perfect weather, calm and sunny) – But somehow, even sitting in the sun, it was not easy to get nice and hot. Either the sun is getting weak, or the cold wind was too effective, or the air was full of sun-block.


Week 76: 20 – 26 Jun 2012:

Wed 20: naartjies 780g, Golden Delicious apples 260g, Packham pears 480g, tomatoes 120g, dates 52g, avocados 480g, mixed nuts (ACM=almonds cashews macadamians) 60g. (9.30 am: 13°C/55°F/81%, sunny with cold wind)

Thu 21: naartjies 130g, Golden Delicious apples 120g, Pink Lady apples 170g, brown pears 670g, pineapple 600g, bananas 190g, tomatoes 260g, dates 52g, avocados 390g, mixed nuts (ABCM=almonds Brazils cashews macadamians) 82g. (9.15 am: 13°C/55°F/77%, cloudy with less wind. No sun today at all, so I took another very pleasant 70 minute walk at 3.30 pm, up through the school grounds and on to Claremont Monmouth Rd. Very dark for daylight.)

Fri 22: naartjies 120g, Golden Delicious apples 200g, Pink Lady apples 150g, brown pears 300g, bananas 80g, tomatoes 270g, dates 60g, carrots 200g, avocados 570g, Brazils 25g. (9.15 am: 14°C/58°F/82%, showers earlier, more threatened later.) - no sun today, and no afternoon walk; the rain set in again at 3 pm. For a while anyway. After two days without carrots, they went down very well, both during and after.

Sat 23: naartjies 450g, Golden Delicious apples 150g, Pink Lady apples 150g, bananas 170g, tomatoes 330g, dates 64g, carrots 300g, avocados 470g, Brazils 25g. (9 am: 15°C/59°F/82%. Heavy cloud. This weather, heavy cloud with little rain and wind, is unusual in Cape Town at any season.)

Sun 24: naartjies 390g, Golden Delicious apples 350g, Pink Lady apples 320g, brown pears 160g, tomatoes 120g, dates 150g, avocados 620g, Brazils 25g. (10.45 am: 15°C/58°F/83%: raining. Rained whole day: not tempted to go for a walk. Only got out of bed 10 am.)

Mon 25: naartjies 140g, Golden Delicious apples 100g, Pink Lady apples 380g, Packham pears 400g, bananas 170g, tomatoes 650g, dates 100g, carrots 260g, avocados 440g, Brazils 50. (9.15 am: 14°C/57°F/82%: cloudy and threatening, ground still wet. → No rain today, got an hour of sun in the garden 1.30 – 2.30 pm)

Tue 26: naartjies 200g, Golden Delicious apples 360g, Pink Lady apples 540g, brown pear 120g, tomatoes 200g, dates 50g, carrots 240g, avocados 270g, Brazils 25g. (9.15 am: 14°C/58°F/74%: NW gale. Showers overnight. Rain whole day: no walk. Lorna and Adrian visited! From England! (hadn't seen Lorna, or heard from her, one of my best friends ever, for 39 years!)( she's an Aquarian. Aquarians, like Capricorns, improve with age) 

Week 77: 27 Jun – 3 Jul 2012:

Wed 27: naartjies 90g, Golden Delicious apples 180g, Packham pears 480g, tomatoes 420g, dates 150g, carrots 160g, avocados 400g, Brazils 25g. (9 am: 13°C/55°F/78%: the rain now seems to be over! Better weather forecast for the rest of this week!) Banker stood me up; Lorn and Adrian picked me up for 4-hour drive around Peninsula; incredible thoughts.

Thu 28: Golden Delicious apples 540g, Pink Lady apples 200g, Packham pears 100g, tomatoes 280g, dates 80g, carrots 160g, avocados 700g, Brazils 25g. (9 am: 10°C/50°F/76%: the lowest I've seen in 4 years here. But sunny and calm: 17° forecast for today max.

I've been going through weeks of hectic psychological changes, but it hasn't affected my diet at all. Suddenly feeling more sociable than for years. So I just phoned up an old friend, who lives 20 minutes walk away, that I haven't seen for 3 years: we parted on bad terms. We spent about 3 hours together today, sitting in the sun in her back garden then taking her dog for a walk in the Green Belt a couple of miles away. As if we had never disagreed. Amazing!

Fri 29: naartjies 170g, 1 orange, 1 Starking apple, Golden Delicious apples 150g, Pink Lady apples 200g, Packham pears 450g, pineapple 600g, tomatoes 250g, dates 90g, carrots 160g, avocados 300g, Brazils 25g. (9.20 am: 14°C/56°F/83% and back to “Cape of Storms” weather: NW winds and rain.) Lorn and Adrian took me to the farm (45 Km away) where I met – Hannes! Bad weather all day, not good for walking, of which I got none.

Sat 30: naartjies 140g, Pink Lady apples 300g, Packham pears 250g, tomatoes 620g, dates 140g, avocados 330g, Brazils 25g. (1.15 pm: 15°C/59°F/83% : rain seems to have stopped after rain up to 11 am). Went with Lauren and David to Rondebosch at 10.30, at 11.40 I decided to walk back home – a lovely 80-min walk, mostly uphill, via Wynberg Mall where I got some fruit. Very enjoyable in the cool, cloudy weather.

Sun 1: Pink Lady apples 680g, Packham pears 450g, tomatoes 900g, carrots 200g, avocados 470g, Brazils 22g. (9.15 am: 14°C/57°F/80%, dry, half cloudy.)

Walked up and down Seymour Rd to get some sun and exercise 10.30 – 11 am, waiting for Lorn and Adrian to arrive – they then took me for another 3 -hr drive so we could chat.

Mon 2: naartjies 640g, Golden Delicious apples 270g, Pink Lady apples 310g, Packham pears 160g, pineapple 500g, tomatoes 920g, dates 126g, carrots 220g, avocados 280g, Brazils 25g. (10.50 am: 15°C/59°F/80%, lay in till 10 because it was wet with no sun – then a bit of sun came out so so did I – now it seems to be clearing up.

It turned out a very good day for me. I walked down to the town and came back with a good load of fruit and books. Later, at 2.30, it looked solidly overcast and I felt like a long walk. I headed north along Monmouth Ave for over an hour. It became a bit sunnier and improved as I went along. Very pretty surrounds, with almost no traffic along the road. In front of me loomed the awesome spectacle of Table Mountain with dramatic clouds framing it... I thought how much this mountain inspired me, what an inestimable privilege it was to be able to live here.

Tue 3: naartjies 770g, Golden Delicious apples 320g, Pink Lady apples 380g, Packham pears 540g, tomatoes 380g, dates 110g, carrots 220g, avocados 290g, Brazils 25g, coconut 50g. (8.50 am: 12°C/54°F/75%, clear sky, calm) Nice walk with Annette today: same area as I went yesterday.

My detox progress: my nagging cough has disappeared, also the velcro-like nightly accumulation of stuff on the palate and gums. Instead I have what looks like an unhealing sore on my neck, and also a fortnight of arthritis which now seems to be clearing. This shows how detox proceeds from one area to another. There is also still a discharge of mucus from the nose.