Week 78: 4 – 10 Jul 2012:

Wed 4: naartjies 380g, Golden Delicious apples 320g, Pink Lady apples 300g, Packham pears 120g, tomatoes 180g, Romanita (cocktail) tomatoes 400g, dates 138g, carrots 120g, avocados 290g, Brazils 25g, pecans 20g, coconut 40g. (8.50 am: 12°C/54°F/75%, storm overnight with rain and wind, cleared up during day, Lorna and Adrian arrived at 11.30 and we drove Chapman's Peak, Red Hill, city streets, etc while we played Hangman verbally (I lost 7 lives then adjourned so I could think overnight. Got stuck with - E - - E - after losing lives with S, I, D, L, R, T, Y although I had an extra clue: it had to do with religion, something that Adrian believed in but Lorna and I did not. Only thought of the answer at 11 pm)

Thu 5: naartjies 350g, Gala apples 160g, Pink Lady apples 230g, Packham pears 360g, Romanita tomatoes 600g, dates 60g, carrots 200g, avocados 440g, Brazils 25g, pecans 30g, coconut 30g. (9 am: 9°C/48°F/75%, no clouds, calm.) Took lift to Cavendish, spoke to Sabir Sheikh, walked home in sun and cold S wind, spoke to tree fellers on the way.

Fri 6: naartjies 200g, Gala apples 160g, Pink Lady apples 270g, Packham pears 180g, pineapple 600g, Romanita tomatoes 350g, dates 60g, carrots 100g, avocados 150g, pecans 80g, coconut 40g. (9 am: 13°C/55°F/75%, windy S, sunny with cloud. Wind turned to a strong, icy N. . Rain started at 3 pm, went on till next morning ...

Sat 7: naartjies 60g, Pink Lady apples 750g, pineapple 600g, Romanita tomatoes 300g, dates 40g, carrots 100g, avocados 280g, coconut 30g. (9 am: 13°C/55°F/75%,.. rain just stopped now. Blue sky somewhere. What next? I managed to get a walk to the military base etc with some sun before it started raining again at 4 pm....

Sun 8: naartjies 120g, Pink Lady apples 750g, pineapple 500g, Romanita tomatoes 150g, dates 80g, avocados 260g, Brazils 32g, coconut 30g.... and rained without stop till 2 pm today, when I got up to eat pineapple, avocado and dates... having eaten apples, cocktail tomatoes and dates for breakfast in bed...(estimated: 15°C/59°F/80% max today. Back to bed at 4 pm!

Mon 9: naartjies 120g, Golden Delicious apples 85g, Pink Lady apples 450g, pineapple 600g, papinos 380g, tomatoes 470g, Romanita tomatoes 100g, dates 30g, avocados 260g, Brazils 22g, coconut 100g. (10.30 am: 15°C/58°F/85%). Light showers. Variable north winds. Got out of warm bed at 10 for a nice hot shower. Must brave the elements to buy apples! I'm rather surprised that I've eaten 4 pineapples in the last 4 days, without any suffering! Don't know if it's the pineapples which are better, or whether it's me! The rain stopped for my walk, restarted at 3 pm.

Tue 10: Golden Delicious apples 245g, Pink Lady apples 100g, pineapple 620g, tomatoes 1270g, dates 50g, carrots 200g, avocados 350g, Brazils 32g, almonds 30g. (11 am: 15°C/59°F/74%). Starting to drizzle. Then rain stopped for the day, but no sun.

Week 79: 11 – 17 Jul 2012:

Wed 11: naartjies 670g, Golden Delicious apples 420g, Pink Lady apples 320g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 500g, tomatoes 1210g, dates 10g, dried figs 125g, avocados 320g, Brazils 18g, almonds 30g. (9.20 am: 15°C/58°F/75%, cloudy) walked back from Access Park with dried figs.

Thu 12: Pink Lady apples 580g, tomatoes 530g, dates 120g, carrots 360g, avocados 610g, Brazils 26g, almonds 25g. (9.10 am: 11°C/52°F/76%, no clouds. After walking up the hill, it clouded over and soon started raining. Max today 12°)

Fri 13: naartjies 440g, Pink Lady apples 600g, tomatoes 180g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 100g, dates 25g, dried figs 80g, carrots 120g, avocados 315g, Brazils 18g, almonds 15g. (9.30 am: 10°C/50°F/73%, cloudy) Walked to Access Park without umbrella. Strong icy wind chilled me. Coming back, I detoured to Wynberg sellers where I bought avos and apples. And where the rain started. In accord with his promise, having guaranteed no rain, David came to pick me up and take me home.

Sat 14: naartjies 150g, Pink Lady apples 680g, pineapples 550g, tomatoes 120g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 270g, dates 12g, dried figs 45g, carrots 190g, avocados 325g, Brazils 7g, cashews 40g. (11 am: 13°C/55°F/75%, strong S wind, dry, cloudy) Put on plastic mac to stop the wind, to get down to the Main Rd fruit seller. Had my umbrella too just in case! Eating in bed, day and night, these last few cold days. Even wearing socks and jerseys in bed! (I am quite innocent of pyjamas)

Sun 15: naartjies 400g, Pink Lady apples 580g, pineapples 550g, tomatoes 100g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 500g, dried figs 155g, avocados 325g, Brazils 50g, cashews 100g. (9 am: 11°C/53°F/80%, very calm, slight drizzle)

Mon 16: naartjies 300g, Pink Lady apples 320g, pineapple 540g, papino 550g, tomatoes 280g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 380g, dried figs 95g, carrots 170g, avocados 465g, almonds 60g. (10 am: 13°C/55°F/83%, very cloudy) 1. Went shopping as usual. 2. Took lift to Cavendish (Claremont) where I bought 8 Arnold Bennett novels for R96, then carried them home in my rucksack up the nice and steep Herschel Rd.

Tue 17: naartjies 550g, Pink Lady apples 660g, Packham pears 230g, pineapple 540g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 250g, dried figs 45g, carrots 220g, avocados 520g, almonds and cashews 70g. (9.45 am: 13°C/56°F/79%, perfect!) Got a lot of sunshine today. Yet temperature never went above 16°C.

Week 80: 18 – 24 Jul 2012:

Wed 18: naartjies 600g, Golden Delicious apples 420g, Pink Lady apples 340g, Packham pears 340g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 500g, dried figs 60g, avocados 360g, almonds and cashews 50g, coconut 20g. (9.45 am: 11°C/53°F/74%, sunny with some streaky cloud.) - walk with Si in Groote Schuur grounds 11 – 2.

Thu 19: naartjies 360g, apples 710g, Packham pears 170g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 500g, dates 64g, dried figs 16g, avocados 155g, almonds and cashews 20g. (10.15 am: 17°C/62°F/59% - sunny, berg windish...) 2 pm: 20°C/68°F/58%; winds getting stronger, very strong overnite...

Fri 20: naartjies 470g, apples 730g, Packham pears 170g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 150g, dates 64g, avocados 390g, almonds and cashews 100g, coconut 80g. (11.20 am: 16°C/61°F/79%: first shower at 9 am; from 10 am on, continuous, fairly heavy rain. Doesn't look as if I'll get a walk today. Reading in bed mostly: Allan Massie's King David, and still also the epic Judaism of Kuhn.

Sat 21: naartjies 330g, apples 1100g, tomatoes 160g, dates 32g, dried figs 34g, avocados 185g, almonds and cashews 80g. (11.20 am: 15°C/58°F/80%, raining most of the time.) Couldn't go another day without walk – had to brave the elements in a raincoat with umbrella. Coming back home up the hill against a strong wind, luckily the heavy rain held off till after I got back.

In contrast to last winter, where I was not so enthralled with the apples and was eating more pears, this winter it is the other way around. I am amazed at how delicious I am finding the apples this year.

Sun 22: naartjies 500g, apples 680g, pineapple 500g, tomatoes 470g, dates 32g, dried figs 100g, avocados 310g, almonds and cashews 70g, coconut 30g. (10 am: 11°C/52°F/78%, clearing with showers) Max 13°C. Walked to Spar and Access Park in vain search for “scarce” Brazils. Sun along Main read going there, but none coming back.

Mon 23: naartjies 550g, apples 600g, pineapple 500g, papino 520g, tomatoes 510g, dried figs 50g, carrots 100g, avocados 270g, almonds and cashews 40g, coconut 50g. (9.45 am: 10°C/51°F/76%, perfect) Nice walk to Access Park after hearing about scarcity of Brazils, which was why I could find none in Wynberg – heard price had doubled from R200 to R400 per Kilo – I remembered seeing a lot in Access Park a few weeks ago – and there I found plenty, at old price! So I bought half a Kilo, also 200g cashews as they were going for half the usual price. A sunny walk, and back home I sat in the sun again. Air very cold.

Tue 24: naartjies 70g, apples 440g, pineapple 400g, papino 450g, tomatoes 150g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 350g, dried figs 50g, raisins 60g, carrots 100g, potatoes 220g, avocados 920g, almonds and cashews 60g. (9.45 am: 12°C/54°F/76%, cloudy with some blue patches, North breeze makes it chilly. Finished Kung's monumental work Judaism today. 

Week 81: 25 – 31 Jul 2012:

Wed 25: naartjies 150g, apples 590g, Packham pears 220g, papinos 880g, tomatoes 230g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 250g, dried figs 50g, carrots 150g, potatoes 100g, avocados 500g, almonds and cashews 50g, coconut 100g. (8.30 am: 11°C/52°F/77%, sunny with thin cloud.) Walk with Si 2-4pm- Groot Constantia again. Perfect afternoon! After a substantial walk, we sat warming ourselves in the sunshine.

Thu 26: naartjies 150g, minneolas 290g, apples 910g, Packham pears 190g, papino 1150g, tomatoes 400g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 200g, dried figs 34g, avocados 390g, almonds and cashews 70g, coconut 20g. (11 am: 15°C/58°F/80%. Had some sun on the lawn 12 to 2 pm. Then the clouds became too obstructive. The rain started at 4.30 pm.

Fri 27: apples 750g, Packham pears 240g, tomatoes 400g, Romanita cocktail tomatoes 200g, dried figs 34g, carrots 100g, avocados 470g, almonds and cashews 100g. (10 am: 15°C/59°F/78%. Nice, partly sunny day.)

Walked to Cavendish Cafda bookshop but saw nothing to buy there. Definitely looking for all the sun I could get along the road; that was the main reason I opted for such a long, pointless walk, apart from the fact that the road was beloved; I was missing it.

Sat 28: minneolas 250g, apples 1260g, Packham pears 240g, tomatoes 880g, dried figs 17g, carrots 200g, potatoes 110g, avocados 530g, nuts ABC(almond,Brazil,cashew) 90g. (10 am: 13°C/56°F/73%: no clouds!) At present I seem to need more time for eating. (I'm eating more.) I was pretty full by 3 pm, so I went to bed. Sat up in bed 11 pm to 3 am eating and reading. Down again till next morning.

Sun 29: naartjies 250g, minneolas 570g, apples 1080g, bananas 930g, tomatoes 520g, dates 60g, dried figs 16g, potatoes 110g, avocados 560g, nuts ABC 65g. (9 am: 12°C/54°F/72%: looks perfect, calm so predicted to rise to 21°C). Again, full by 3 pm, to bed till 11 pm, meal in bed, sleep till sun-up. (Splitting the day into two days, again.) Today, saw Annette and her two daughters (6 and 7) who were here. Chloe in green top.

Mon 30: naartjies 200g, apples 460g, bananas 420g, tomatoes 560g, dates 23g, dried figs 30g, carrots 100g, potatoes 110g, avocados 520g, nuts BC 115g. (9 am: 11°C/52°F/75%: perfect, calm) Max 13° today, but got enough sun on the lawn.

Tue 31: naartjies 100g, apples 680g, Packham pears 230g, bananas 290g, tomatoes 270g, dried figs 50g, avocados 370g, nuts BC 105g. (9 am: 14°C/57°F/74%: started raining at 5 am, now dry but with clouds scurrying across the sky – threatening showers.

Week 82: 1 – 7 Aug 2012:

Wed 1: naartjies 100g, minneolas 400g, apples 820g, Packham pears 690g, tomatoes 420g, dried figs 67g, cashews 80g. (10 am: 12°C/54°F/71%: a light shower earlier, but looks clear now for the rest of the day, with a cold SE breeze.) - 14° max today. Reading PK Dick's Radio Free Albemuth.

Thu 2: naartjies 250g, minneolas 330g, apples 450g, gooseberries 120g, bananas 340g, tomatoes 450g, dates 17g, avocados 270g, Brazils 25g, 1 young coconut. (11.30 am: 14°C/57°F/69%. Felt like a longer walk again, so went to Access Park with the idea of getting coconut. Found “young coconuts” there: got one, the first in my life! The “water” much better and thicker than “old coconut” water; the inside disappointing, rubbery, meagre.

Fri 3: naartjies 100g, apples 430g, Packham pears 225g, bananas 340g, cherry tomatoes 430g, dates 22g, carrots 250g, avocados 300g, nuts BC 40g, coconut 110g. (10.30 am: 12°C/54°F/80%: cloudy, NW wind, rain not forecast for today. Not pleasant for walking (nasty wind), but I got in a one-hour walk up to the top of Herschel Walk, down Oak Rd to the Post Office then home. Definitely no sun today.

Sat 4: apples 1270g, Packham pears 225g, bananas 200g, cherry tomatoes 430g, dates 17g, carrots 140g, avocados 540g, cashews 0g. (10.30 am: 12°C/54°F/80%: max today 15/59/74. took two chairs onto lawn for some sunshine: one for the cat. When the sun set behind the trees, at 3.30 pm, I went to bed.

Yes, this second winter has been tougher than the first, because of the harsher weather. I've had to give ground: these days wearing clothes in bed, eating at all hours of day and night, eating more overts... and carrots... frowned upon in some circles... I've even had to doubt whether I'll be able to sustain 100% raw indefinitely. For the time being, my momentum carries me on.

I've stopped eating the nasturtium leaves, finding them too strong – and stopped walking barefoot, ground too cold.

Sun 5: naartjies 370g, apples 520g, Packham pears 225g, tomatoes 250g, dates 11g, avocados 430g, cashews 100g. (10.30 am: 14°C/57°F/81%: showers overnight, sun starting to come out now, seems calm.) Walked after the sun again, but after some good minutes on the school fields, it mostly eluded me – until 2.30 pm, when I got in a good hour on the front lawn. This time Jessie remained on her chair on the porch, disdaining the chair I had brought out for her with mine: so David picked her up and plonked her on the chair next to mine. I said, “No way she'll stay there,” but I was wrong: she stayed the full hour. Talk about a spoiled cat!

Although the two big chameleons disappeared from the bougainvillea weeks ago, we can still expect to see 3 or 4 there every day – including some babies.

Mon 6: naartjies 180g, minneolas 240g, apples 860g, Packham pears 225g, bananas 200g, tomatoes 380g, dates 22g, avocados 540g, nuts BC 105g, coconut 20g. (10.30 am: 12°C/54°F/70%: showers overnight, southwester blowing, temperature not expected to rise today. The whole country is in a cold spell. ) - Rainstorms, one of which I was caught in, but only my feet and flipflops got wet (and my umbrella.)

Tue 7: minneolas 230g, apples 530g, bananas 200g, tomatoes 520g, dates 55g, carrots 140g, avocados 320g, cashews 50g, coconut 60g. (10.30 am: 12°C/54°F/70%: drier today, rose to 15° later, got some hours of sun again today. 

Week 83: 8 – 14 Aug 2012:

Wed 8: naartjies 450g, apples 600g, brown pears 420g, bananas 100g, tomatoes 330g, carrots 110g, English spinach 150g, avocados 640g, cashews 150g, coconut 40g. (9.10 am: 14°C/58°F/78%: dry, will clear today, rise to 16°) Walked to Gabriel Rd for a change today: the only place I can get English spinach, so I bought a packet. Ate half of it.

Thu 9: naartjies 180g, minneolas 150g, apples 380g, brown pears 1050g, bananas 550g, tomatoes 580g, dates 27g, carrots 110g, English spinach 150g, avocados 240g, Brazils 25g, cashews 70g, coconut 40g. (10 am: 13°C/55°F/76%: half cloudy, little wind.) By 2 pm I had already had as much sun as I could take! Reading JC Smuts's life, by his son of same name. A most astounding person !!!

Fri 10: naartjies 170g, minneolas 150g, apples 670g, brown pears 120g, bananas 330g, tomatoes 320g, dates 33g, avocados 460g, Brazils 25g, cashews 30g, coconut 40g. (9 am: 12°C/54°F/78%, clouds scurrying across the blue sky from the NW, but the rain, promised yesterday already, has still not materialised.

Later: it soon did! And housebound me till 2 pm, when I got to the station and back without needing to open my umbrella (not that it would have been much use in the gale). Soon after, the rains and storms really set in...

Sat 11: naartjies 360g, apples 550g, brown pears 290g, tomatoes 380g, dates 33g, avocados 350g, Brazils 25g, cashews 100g, coconut 90g. (8.45 am: 12°C/54°F/78%, the rains and storms continue at record frenzy, with even some thunder thrown in!!! I'm enjoying it... But never got out today!

Sun 12: naartjies 500g, minneolas 150g, apples 750g, brown pears 160g, bananas 220g, tomatoes 570g, dates 40g, avocados 350g, almonds 20g, coconut 50g. (9.45 am: 12°C/54°F/78%, got a lift to Access Park at 11, walked home from there, David took my heavy bag with 3 coconuts, 5 large avocados, 1500g cocktail tomatoes, 800g cashews and almonds, home by car. Cloudy, looked threatening but I had my umbrella, not much wind and the rain held off.

Mon 13: naartjies 280g, minneolas 150g, apples 610g, brown pears 270g, bananas 110g, tomatoes 640g, dates 57g, avocados 260g, almonds 80g, coconut 30g. (9.45 am: 12°C/54°F/75%, back to perfect, cloudless, calm weather! - yes, today was certainly “The brightest hour of unborn spring/ Through the winter wandering..”! Because tomorrow we'll be back to winter! Plumbers here today...

Tue 14: naartjies 280g, minneolas 150g, apples 600g, Packham pears 90g, tomatoes 110g, dates 40g, avocados 520g, Brazils 10g, cashews 120g, coconut 80g. (9.10 am: 13°C/55°F/78%, back to NW stormy weather...) No shopping today, not needed, managed one short walk only, conditions were really too bad...


Week 84: 15 – 21 Aug 2012:

Wed 15: naartjies 510g, minneolas 350g, apples 350g, Packham pears 90g, tomatoes 440g, dried figs 31g, avocados 520g, Brazils 14g, cashews 30g, coconut 25g. (9.20 am: 12°C/54°F/78%, storm continues.) Quite a lot of sun in the gale, got down to Ebrahim for fruit and back home again 11 to 12 noon. Wore plastic to keep the wind out. At ten to one the rains rejoined the wind. But my umbrella never got wet!

Thu 16: naartjies 280g, minneolas 350g, apples 380g, Packham pears 420g, tomatoes 420g, dried figs 63g, avocados 250g, Brazils 14g, cashews 60g, coconut 25g. (9.20 am: 12°C/54°F/80%, storm continues. But the last rain was over by 10. A maximum of 14° was reached. Got tomatoes at Piers Rd, avos other side of station.

Fri 17: naartjies 100g, minneolas 330g, apples 520g, Packham pears 320g, tomatoes 310g, dried figs 16g, avocados 250g, almonds 50g, Brazils 14g, cashews 60g, coconut 50g. (9.10 am: 11°C/52°F indoors: mostly blue sky and calm.) Managed to sit 3 hours in the sun (1 to 4), shows how cold the air was !

Sat 18: naartjies 70g, minneolas 320g, apples 1000g, Packham pears 330g, tomatoes 350g, dried figs 94g, avocados 250g, Brazils 14g, cashews 70g, coconut 100g. (9.30 am: 11°C/52°F/76%, perfect, no cloud, calm. 16° max expected.)

Nice walk to top of military base, sun all the way. Back home, sat in sun putting thick layer of GenChem under my thongs.

Sun 19: naartjies 240g, minneolas 400g, apples 160g, brown pears 350g, Packham pears 420g, tomatoes 200g, dried figs 86g, avocados 250g, almonds 30g, Brazils 14g, cashews 130g, coconut 40g. (11.45 am: 12°C/54°F/73%: NW wind, cloudy. Bought dried figs from Turkey and superglue. No sun today, no rain till 5 pm. Then rained most of the night.

Mon 20: naartjies 410g, apples 500g, brown pears 170g, Packham pears 330g, tomatoes 400g, dried figs 13g, avocados 500g, almonds 10g, Brazils 14g, cashews 100g, coconut 80g. (9.30am: 12°C/54°F/80%. Cloudy, not raining but still wet.) Went shopping in my thongs. The walking made my feet warm, but froze my hands – the sun was too much obstructed by clouds today to be of any use, its rays never had enough force.

Tue 21: naartjies 350g, apples 440g, brown pears 170g, Packham pears 240g, bananas 210g, tomatoes 700g, dried figs 67g, raw potato 140g, avocados 300g, almonds 10g, Brazils 14g, cashews 80g, coconut 0g. (9.30am: 12°C/54°F/68%. Half the sky seems to be clear. There is a nippy NW wind. No sitting in the sun today possible: the best place for eating and reading is in bed


Week 85: 22 – 28 Aug 2012: 

Wed 22: naartjies 400g, apples 650g, tomatoes 450g, dried figs 45g, avocados 550g, Brazils 37g, coconut 270g. (9.15 am: 14°C/57°F/78%: wind now from South. Sunny but path still wet. It clouded over completely and started to drizzle, so I stayed in bed today and went nowhere.

Thu 23: naartjies 650g, minneolas 250g, apples 500g, bananas 106g, dried figs 70g, English spinach 150g, avocados 550g, Brazils 38g. (9.10 am: 13°C/55°F/75%, path dry and sun shining so planning a long walk to Access Park and Wynberg fruitsellers. - Actually walked the other way instead, going to Gabriel Rd P&P where all I bought was English spinach – no decent dates or coconut. Got enough sun outside, so went to bed at 3 pm: then Jennifer wanted to come round so I got up again and we took her tiny white dog into the schoolgrounds. The dog managed to get lost while we were in the pub, then we sat outside in the sun till 5 pm, which was a full hour after the sun had set at home 5 minutes walk down the road. The atmosphere outside the pub was heavenly, with a rugby practice going on on the field, beyond which a glorious view of the mountain. Back home, we watched 2 soapies and played scrabble with La and Da.

Fri 24: naartjies 760g, minneolas 450g, apples 430g, papaya 680g, bananas 210g, dates 0g, English spinach 100g, avocados 480g, Brazils 25g. (9.15 am: 14°C/57°F/76%, perfect.) At about 2 pm, sitting in the sun, I thought it warm enough to take my shirt off for 20 minutes.

Sat 25: naartjies 400g, minneolas 300g, apples 850g, bananas 110g, dates 0g, English spinach 50g, dried figs 85g, avocados 450g, Brazils 50g. (A day of fierce storms. Wasn't tempted to get up at all: read and ate in bed.)

Sun 26: naartjies 120g, minneolas 250g, apples 560g, Galia melon 960g, gooseberries 130g, dried figs 42g, avocados 240g, Brazils 25g, almonds & cashews 120g. (9 am: 15°C/58°F/76%: storms over, cloudy, plan nice long walk to Access Park. - A little bit of drizzle along the walk. Enjoyed a fast walk. No sun today.

Mon 27: naartjies 200g, minneolas 970g, apples 490g, bananas 360g, dried figs 13g, avocados 320g, almonds & cashews 20g, coconut 60g. (11.40 am: 16°C/61°F/73%: dry, sun and clouds, wind SW.) It cleared up only now, so off to a late walk. Back to read in the sun, while David and his friends admired all our baby chameleons doing a similar sunbathing on the still naked bougainvillea twigs. A regular nursery of chameleons gorging themselves on the insects attracted by the chunks of pineapple peel that David drapes among the twigs.

Tue 28: bananas 960g, papino 820g, naartjies 230g, minneolas 160g, apples 170g, dried figs 14g, avocados 150g, Brazils 28g, almonds & cashews 20g, coconut 50g. (8.50 am: 15°C/59°F/75%, perfect.) Too many acid fruits (citrus) have caused detox in shape of swollen gum and face (toxic material accumulation) which may form an abcess or may just go down – we'll see which. I've been through this sort of thing before. So I started today with a mono meal of 8 bananas followed later by a papino, and ate less acid fruit thereafter. Then I went shopping and bought another 36 bananas.