Week 86: 29 Aug – 4 Sep 2012:

Wed 29: apples 370g, bananas 400g, minneola 100g, avocado 140g, almonds & cashews 60g. (11.15 am: 16°C/61°F/72%, clouds starting to clear up now. Been dry fasting for 20 hours, so decided to continue a bit longer. Walked down to sellers where I bought some nice ripe apples and some avocados. A couple of hours later, breakfasted on 3 smallish apples. Stopped eating at 3.30 pm for the day again, same as yesterday. Some terrible pains in my head and cheek overnite, just a bit worse than the night before. Might be better if I ate nothing at all, but the prospect of some hours of pain doesn't scare me too much.

Thu 30: naartjies 50g, apples 980g, Packham pear 110g, papino 820g, bananas 530g, avocados 300g, almonds & cashews 45g, coconut 100g. (9 am: 15°C/60°F/71%, half cloudy. Cleared up to full sunshine in afternoon. Another painful night – after eating till 3 pm, the pain starts about 4 hours later. At 8 pm I'd had enough, so I had a supper 8 to 10 pm, which definitely relieved the pain somewhat. So I thought I'd start a water fast from 10 pm.

Fri 31: Packham pears 550g, bananas 700g, dried figs 14g, avocados 300g, almonds 20g. (6 am: back to NW storm winds. 7 am: the rain starts in too and continues lashing down most of the day.) By 2 pm (a mere 16 hours of dry fast), I feel the idea of a water fast is absurd and my diet alone must be good enough – it's the best I'm prepared to do. - And that best turned out to be enough. At 2 next morning the swelling on gum broke and I sucked out and spat out a lot of pus/etc. I knew the worst was over. Slept the next 3 hours, woke at 5 am feeling vastly better. Gum right down, and I could open my jaws wide. Swelling on cheek still as large, and 5 days later that swelling will still not be right down, but it's no problem relatively.

Sat 1: apples 470g, Packham pears 530g, bananas 450g, avocados 150g, almonds & cashews 70g, coconut 80g. (9 am: 15°C/60°F/71%, last shower a few hours ago, now looks set for a sunny day with S wind.) No more rain, but a lot of clouds today.

Sun 2: apples 700g, Packham pears 150g, papino 1060g, tomatoes 410g, avocados 210g, almonds & cashews 40g, coconut 70g. (8.30 am: 11°C/52°F/75%, perfect.) Nice walk 10am to 12, up to top of military base then down to station where I bought tomatoes and an avo. Sat in sun with Arnold Bennett's Lord Raingo. Opened gate for Caroline, a visitor for Lauren.


Mon 3: Packham pears 800g, papino 300g, bananas 200g, tomatoes 800g, dried figs 14g, almonds & cashews 30g, fermented coconut 240g. (9 am: 13°C/56°F/72%. Dry, windy, cloudy, cold.) The cloud became thin and the sun warm enough to sit in with a towel as scarf for my neck – plus three jerseys.

Tue 4: naartjies 140g, minneolas 150g, apples 600g, Packham pears 600g, papino 550g, bananas 580g, tomatoes 290g, dried figs 28g, avocados 510g, Brazils 50g, fermented coconut 100g. (9 am: 13°C/56°F/72%, perfect day.) Sun rising earlier these days. - already in the sun at back by 10 am – sat there so long that I got no walk at all today! Ate more instead...

Week 87: 5 – 11 Sep 2012:

Wed 5: naartjies 140g, minneolas 400g, apples 300g, Packham pears 180g, papino 570g, bananas 510g, tomatoes 240g, dates 9g, avocados 160g, Brazils 50g, unfermented coconut 150g. (9.10 am: 15°C/59°F/75%, perfect.)

Thu 6: strawberries 250g, apples 600g, Packham pears 220g, papino 660g, bananas 310g, tomatoes 320g, avocados 510g, Brazils 37g, coconut 100g. (9.10 am: 18°C/64°F/75%, perfect.) Max today 20°C/68°F/67%.

Fri 7: Packham pears 600g, papino 750g, tomatoes 900g, dates 26g, avocados 320g, Brazils 37g, coconut 100g. (9.10 am: 18°C/64°F/75%, perfect: a really wonderful day.) Didn't need shopping, so walked up through Wynberg Park instead. Went to see the marvellous blossoms David had sampled, but my camera failed to do their colour justice. Finished the rather sad Lord Raingo, and felt like rereading once again, the story of Negley Farson's “Beachcombing in BC” from his autobiographical “The Way of a Transgressor”.

Sat 8: apples 870g, Packham pears 500g, bananas 310g, tomatoes 770g, avocados 250g, Brazils 25g, coconut 130g. (9.20 am: 18°C/64°F/74%, perfect.) But soon it clouded over, partially, and the sun played hide-and-seek with me for some hours – later it cleared up properly.

Sun 9: apples 1090g, bananas 220g, tomatoes 470g, English spinach 70g, avocados 730g, Brazils 25g, coconut 220g. (9.30 am: 16°C/61°F/79% : back to NW storm with heavy showers.) Was dry enough in afternoon. Walked down to P&P where I bought a cracked coconut with water in it, carrots and English spinach.

Mon 10: apples 370g, papino 350g, bananas 100g, tomatoes 450g, English spinach 70g, carrots 220g, avocados 370g, Brazils 25g, coconut 100g. (10.30 am: 16°C/62°F/72%; NW wind, half cloudy.) No sunbathing today. I had some raw grated carrot for the first time in 32 days – it tasted as sweet as honey! After that, so did some apple!

Tue 11: apples 750g, bananas 400g, tomatoes 1000g, English spinach 100g, carrots 220g, avocados 450g, Brazils 25g, coconut 100g. (8.30 am: 14°C/57°F/77%, perfect !)

- Exactly 20 months of 100% raw vegan diet completed today!

Week 88: 12 – 18 Sep 2012:

Wed 12: apples 760g, pineapple 420g, bananas 300g, tomatoes 720g, English spinach 60g, carrots 120g, avocados 310g, Brazils 25g, coconut 100g. (8.50 am: 16°C/61°F/77%, perfect !) No jerseys needed for my walk today.. clouded over later, rain predicted.

Thu 13: apples 620g, strawberries 800g, tomatoes 1100g, dates 22g, carrots 110g, avocados 320g, Brazils 13g, almonds & cashews 40g. (8.50 am: 16°C/62°F/79%, cloudy, a bit of rain on and now off..) Walked to Access Park where I got a 800g packet of nice, firm, red strawberries – no trouble in finishing them all in one sitting while reading Bennett's Leonora on my computer ( http://s3.amazonaws.com/manybooks_pdf_new/bennetta13721372313723-8?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAITZP2AAM27ZGISNQ&Expires=1347181874&Signature=KX5VEnGfN05IaluIqCBSDLOCNVY%3D )

Fri 14: apples 830g, Packham pears 270g, papino 600g, bananas 100g, tomatoes 800g, carrots 110g, avocados 160g, coconut 150g. (9.40 am: 18°C/64°F/70% : fine and sunny.)

Sat 15: apples 170g, Packham pears 250g, papino 830g, mushrooms 250g, tomatoes 1150g, dates 22g, carrots 220g, avocados 190g, almonds & cashews 50g, coconut 150g. (8.10 am: 15°C/59°F/75%: perfect, 28°C predicted today!) Shocked by local P&P's fancy price of R40 for 800g strawberries, I decided to walk to Access Park again, where I get better stuff for R25 per 800g. Set off early, at 9 am, to try to beat the threatened heat of 28°C. But it was still too cold for no jerseys, so I had to take one. By the time I got to Access Park I had to take it off. Bought two 800g packets of s/berries, also 250g button mushrooms. First time I've bought mushrooms for years – 10, 20, 30? ,couldn't say. Got home at 11.20 after detouring to Wynberg station and Ephraim's on way back to get tomatoes and papinos and apples. Max temp only 23° in fact.

Sun 16: apples 400g, Packham pears 220g, strawberries 800g, papino 1230g, tomatoes 670g, carrots 110g, avocados 120g, Brazils 13g, coconut 200g. (8.10 am: 17°C/62°F/72%: perfect, 33°C predicted today; so maybe we can expect 25°...) About a week ago I ate some cep mushrooms in Wynberg Park. No ill effects at all. Today I revisited the same patch of mushrooms. They appeared very dried by the sun. But they looked okay, except for some parts inhabited by millipedes, which I discarded. Delicious!

Temp did in fact reach 27°C today, just over 80°F. A very pleasant afternoon sitting in the shade at the back under the plum blossoms with La.

Mon 17: apples 900g, Packham pears 200g, tomatoes 650g, carrots 110g, avocados 330g, Brazils 13g, almonds & cashews 70g, coconut 210g. (8 am: 19°C/66°F/75%: sunny through clouds.) Max 21°C.

Tue 18: apples 680g, papino 700g, gooseberries 150g, tomatoes 550g, carrots 150g, avocados 400g, Brazils 13g, almonds & cashews 30g, coconut 250g. (9.30 am: 18°C/64°F/77%: showers.) With Shirley, La and Da to Pinelands... La will try to find Ethel Mannin's Proud Heaven for me.


Week 89: 19 – 25 Sep 2012:

Wed 19: apples 930g, Packham pears 670g, papino 650g, pineapple 720g, tomatoes 400g, avocados 600g, Brazils 13g, almonds & cashews 50g. (8.50 am: 17°C/62°F/73%: sun, clouds.) Visited Si 4 pm to after B&B at 6 – 6.30. Met a nice stray cat at her place.

Thu 20: apples 750g, Packham pears 330g, tomatoes 200g, button mushrooms 250g, carrots 90g, avocados 420g, Brazils 3g, almonds & cashews 40g, coconut 100g. (9.50 am: 18°C/64°F/74%: sunny and windy) Walked to Access Park to look for unbutton mushrooms, but found only the button.

Fri 21: apples 570g, Packham pears 330g, pineapple 550g, strawberries 700g, tomatoes 100g, carrots 90g, avocados 350g, Brazils 13g, almonds & cashews 40g, coconut 100g. (1.10 pm: 16°C/61°F/78% , raining non-stop since midnight). Breakfast in bed 9-10.30 with book, then back to sleep till noon. Then got up. “Worked” till 3, then a most delightful walk 3-4 up through school grounds, taking off my thongs over the grassy fields, up Primrose Ave to the spiral pedestrian bridge, along freeway to Torquay Rd, then back home along Torquay Rd and through the school again.

Sat 22: apples 330g, bananas 310g, tomatoes 500g, mushrooms 150g, avocados 200g, coconut 100g. (8.30 pm: 13°C/56°F/78%, looks perfect but rain forecast! Walked up to the park to see if any more mushrooms – none. Then down to the station to get tomatoes, avos and bananas.

Sun 23: apples 570g, bananas 130g, tomatoes 630g, mushrooms 130g, carrots 80g, avocados 380g, Brazils 3g, almonds 110g, coconut 100g. (9.30 am: 15°C/58°F/80%, drizzling whole day – went nowhere.

Mon 24:  apples 880g, pears 230g, naartjies 90g, strawberries 250g, tomatoes 620g, mushrooms 120g, Mazafati dates 40g, carrots 80g, avocados 500g, Brazils 25g. (9.30 am: 16°C/61°F/80%: drying out now after earlier drizzle) A holiday. No sunbathing possible today.

Tue 25:  apples 690g,  pears 180g,  naartjies 100g,  minneolas 320g,  bananas 430g,  tomatoes 180g, Mazafati dates 60g, carrots 100g, avocados 390g, Brazils 25g, coconut 140g. (8 am: 15°C/59°F/77%: perfect!) - max 20 ° today, stayed perfect the whole day! Walked up to Wynberg Park where I gathered 5 cep mushrooms - rather wet they were, so I put them out in the sun to dry out.

Week 90: 26 Sep – 2 Oct 2012:

Wed 26:  apples 890g,  pears 100g,  naartjies 100g,  bananas 370g,  tomatoes 1080g, Mazafati dates 13g, avocados 450g, Brazils 25g, coconut 130g. (9.15 am: 18°C/64°F/76%, overcast). No sun today. Watched Fay Weldon’s Upstairs Downstairs 2-5 pm.

Thu 27:   apples 700g,  pears 90g,  naartjies 100g,  bananas 100g, gooseberries 150g, tomatoes 680g, Mazafati dates 100g, peas 210g,  avocados 520g, Brazils 13g, coconut 50g. (8.30 am: 16°C/61°F/73%, dry, overcast with some blue patches. (Very much rain last night).   Bought frozen peas and gooseberries at P&P. This afternoon: watched more UD, an arrow-stricken kitchen-maid hanged herself. Tonight: much rain, bad cough and cold, no voice next morning.

Fri 28:   apples 170g,  pears 70g,  naartjies 180g,  minneolas 200g,  bananas 400g, tomatoes 300g,  carrots 160g,  peas 210g,  avocados 200g, Brazils 13g. (1 pm: 16°C/61°F/71%) Intermittent sun outside wendy house. Steady sun from 2-3, when I took my cold to bed, getting up at six for my soap only. No walk today.

Sat 29:   apples 330g,  pears 60g,  naartjies 120g,  minneolas 230g,  bananas 300g, gooseberries 150g, tomatoes 150g, Mazafati dates 100g,  carrots 1000g,  peas 350g,  avocados 350g, Brazils 40g. (9.10 am: 14°C/57°F/75%: overcast with two light showers already. No rain after. Got in a good 90-minute walk to load up with fruit and veg. No sun.

Sun 30:   apples 720g,  naartjies 160g,  bananas 200g, tomatoes 620g, Mazafati dates 67g,  carrots 160g,  peas 350g,  avocados 250g, Brazils 25g. (9 am: 16°C/61°F/75%: fairly sunny.) No walk today, just enjoyed the sun. Mashed 3 bananas with 100g fresh Mazafati dates for a very rich dessert. Delicious!

Mon 1:   apples 700g,  papino 400g,  naartjies 80g,  bananas 900g, Mazafati dates 100g,  carrots 200g,  peas 300g,  avocados 300g,  Brazils 25g. (8.15 am: 16°C/61°F/78%: sunny.

Tue 2:   apples 1000g,  bananas 420g,  Mazafati dates 100g,  carrots 200g,  peas 580g,  avocados 450g, Brazils 25g. (8.15 am: 16°C/61°F/78%: sunny.

Week 91:  3 – 9 Oct 2012:

Wed 3:   apples 500g,  papino 370g,  minneolas 150g,  bananas 220g, tomatoes 240g,  dates 50g,   peas 240g,  avocados 170g, Brazils 0g. (9.20 am: 17°C/63°F/76%, drizzling) No sun today, but happy to walk in the drizzle.

Thu 4:   apples 520g,  papino 870g,  bananas 910g, tomatoes 240g,  dates 100g,  peas 180g,  avocados 150g, Brazils 25g. (8 am: 15°C/60°F/75%, sunny with clouds) - soon Clouded over, no sun today.

Fri 5:   apples 830g,  papino 750g,  bananas 450g,  dates 100g,  carrots 120g,  peas 120g,  avocados 320g, Brazils 25g. (7.20 am: 12°C/54°F/74% : looks perfect, so got up with the sun.)

Sat 6:   apples 550g,  bananas 600g, tomatoes 500g,  dates 100g,  carrots 100g,  peas 250g,  avocados 200g. (8.30 am: 14°C/58°F/77% : the unseasonal weather continues: instead of the normal spring southeasters with fine weather, we are having still the winter pattern of northwesters bringing cloud and rain. Very little sun today.

Sun 7:   apples 380g,  strawberries 250g,  bananas 800g, tomatoes 250g,  Mazafati dates 100g,  dates 40g,  avocados 200g, Brazils 25g. (8.20 am: 14°C/58°F/78% : showers overnight, now sunny with clouds from the northwest, and, higher up, southwest. A very wintry day: no sitting in the sun.

Mon 8:   apples 520g,  naartjies 280g,  papino 820g,  bananas 710g, tomatoes 460g,  Mazafati dates 100g,   peas 280g,  avocados 200g, Brazils 25g. (11.15 am: 18°C/64°F/68%. a proper spring day: cold southeaster with plenty of sun.)

Tue 9:   apples 520g,  naartjies 320g,  bananas 730g, tomatoes 200g,  Mazafati dates 100g,  carrots 80g,  peas 200g,  avocados 350g, Brazils 25g. (9 am: 17°C/63°F/76%, windy, mostly clouds with short bursts of sunlight). No more sun after that.