Week 92:  10 – 16 Oct 2012:

Wed 10:  apples 450g,  strawberries 300g, naartjies 400g,  bananas 920g, tomatoes 730g,  Mazafati dates 100g,  carrots 100g,  peas 150g,  avocados 170g, Brazils 25g. (11.40 am: 17°C/63°F/68%,  sunny afternoon.

Thu 11:   apples 1030g,  naartjies 200g,  bananas 800g,  Mazafati dates 100g,  carrots 100g,  avocados 300g, Brazils 18g. (8.40 am: 15°C/59°F/74%, clear sky, calm)

Fri 12:   apples 800g,  naartjies 180g,  papino 650g,  bananas 320g, tomatoes 200g, Mazafati dates 50g,  carrots 100g,  avocados 300g, Brazils 7g. (8.40 am: 15°C/59°F/74%, clear sky, calm)

Sat 13:   apples 620g,  naartjies 250g,  papino 1000g,  bananas 960g,  Mazafati dates 50g,  avocados 300g, Brazils 7g. (8.50 am: 18°C/65°F/72%, SE wind with sun and clouds.)

Sun 14:   apples 580g,  naartjies 60g,  papino 850g,  bananas 330g, tomatoes 520g, Mazafati dates 100g,  avocados 150g,  Brazils 32g. (10.50 am: 20°C/69°F/70%, clear skies with little wind)

Mon 15:   apples 550g,  Packham pears 280g,  naartjies 240g,  minneolas 150g,  bananas 910g, tomatoes 600g, Mazafati dates 100g,  avocados 150g,  Brazils 25g. (8 am: 18°C/64°F/75%, “black southeaster”, i.e. overcast with strong wind)

Tue 16:   TR apples 320g,  Packham pears 270g,  minneolas 150g,  bananas 470g, strawberries 300g,  tomatoes 600g, Mazafati dates 50g,  lettuce 200g,  avocados 300g, Brazils 25g. (8.15 am: 18°C/64°F/78%,  calm with little cloud)

Week 93:  17 – 23 Oct 2012:

Wed 17:   apples 300g,  Packham pears 590g,  minneolas 450g,  bananas 440g, tomatoes 370g, Mazafati dates 25g,   avocados 310g, Brazils 25g. (8.25 am: 20°C/68°F/77%, black southeaster.)

Thu 18:   apples 500g,  Packham pears 160g,  minneolas 150g,  papino 650g,  bananas 550g, tomatoes 450g, Mazafati dates 25g,   avocados 320g, Brazils 31g. (10.30 am: 20°C/68°F/76%, overcast but pleasantly mild)

Fri 19:   apples 315g,  papino 650g,  bananas 770g, tomatoes 130g, Mazafati dates 50g,   Brazils 31g. (9 am: 15°C/60°F/73%, raining but now the sun is also shining through). The rain continued the whole day, no walk)

Sat 20:   apples 480g,  minneolas 410g,  papino 600g,  bananas 410g, tomatoes 220g, Mazafati dates 50g,   avocados 170g. (8.10 am: 15°C/59°F/75%, cloudy partly, but true southeaster should bring sunnier weather). I am getting very involved with playing games on the internet: 6 games of Scrabble, 7 of Crack-the-Code, plus reversi and backgammon and castello... all simultaneously, you only have to play one turn per day of each. Makes a change from my more passive winter literary ingestion)

Sun 21:   apples 370g,  Packham pears 160g,  minneolas 204g,  papino 700g,  bananas 440g, tomatoes 780g, Mazafati dates 50g,  chard 50g,  avocados 170g, Brazils 34g. (11.40 am: 18°C/64°F/76%, black southeaster with a few drops in the air). No sun today.

Mon 22:   apples 130g,  Packham pears 170g,  minneolas 204g,  papino 780g,  bananas 520g, tomatoes 170g, Mazafati dates 550g,  chard 50g, carrots 150g  avocados 170g, Brazils 26g. (8.30 am: 18°C/64°F/76%, black southeaster with little sun)

Tue 23:   apples 260g,  Packham pears 680g,  minneolas 204g,  papino 600g,  bananas 1000g, tomatoes 180g, Mazafati dates 50g,  chard 50g, carrots 150g  avocados 340g, ABC(almonds, Brazils,cashews) 70g. (8.30 am: 18°C/64°F/70%, southeaster with no clouds)

Week 94:  24 – 30 Oct 2012:

Wed 24:   apples 760g,  Packham pears 510g,  naartjies 140g,  minneolas 230g,  strawberries 400g,  bananas 400g, tomatoes 120g, Mazafati dates 50g,  chard 100g, carrots 150g  avocados 170g, ABC nuts (almonds, Brazils, cashews) 37g. (8.30 am: 19°C/66°F/71%, nice spring day!)

Thu 25:   apples 750g,  Packham pears 340g,  naartjies 360g,  minneolas 230g,  bananas 360g, tomatoes 80g, Mazafati dates 50g,  chard 100g, carrots 150g  avocados 340g, ABC nuts 55g. (8.30 am: 19°C/66°F/71%, nice spring day!)

Fri 26:   apples 740g,  naartjies 210g,  minneolas 230g,  papino 0g,  bananas 530g, Mazafati dates 50g,  chard 100g,  avocados 180g, ABC nuts 37g, coconut 100g. (9.15 am: 20°C/67°F/76%,  drizzling) At 11, walked to Access Park to get some coconuts. Drizzle stopped, but still nice and cloudy, cool.

Sat 27:  apples 160g,  Packham pears 500g,  naartjies 140g,  minneolas 230g,  bananas 380g, Mazafati dates 50g,  carrots 150g  avocados 230g, ABC nuts 50g, coconut 70g. (8.15 am: 17°C/62°F/72%, sunny)

Sun 28:  apples 300g,  Packham pears 1000g,  minneolas 400g,  peach 100g,  bananas 360g, Mazafati dates 50g,   avocados 230g, ABC nuts 48g, coconut 50g. (7.50 am: 19°C/66°F/74%, sunny)

Mon 29:   apples 500g,  Packham pears 170g,  naartjies 550g,  minneolas 130g,  papino 0g,  bananas 340g, tomatoes 350g, Mazafati dates 50g, spinach 100g,  avocados 230g, ABC nuts 63g. (8 am: 20°C/68°F/78%, overcast, sun later)

Tue 30:  apples 660g,  Packham pears 170g,  naartjies 50g,  minneolas 260g,  bananas 410g, tomatoes 150g, Mazafati dates 50g,  spinach 100g,   avocados 230g, ABC nuts 48g. (8 am: 20°C/67°F/70%, southeaster, sunny) Very strong wind today, but died down by late afternoon.

Week 95:  31 Oct – 6 Nov 2012:

Wed 31:  apples 350g,  naartjies 360g,  papino 830g,  bananas 400g, tomatoes 50g, Mazafati dates 50g,  spinach 70g,  carrots 100g  avocados 520g, ABC (almonds, Brazils, cashews) nuts 46g. (9 am: 20°C/68°F/68%, southeaster, sunny). I’m also eating about 200g loquats per day from our tree these days. Due to severe, sunless winter, the crop is 2 months late and very small, but of high quality, also very large fruits.

Thu 1:  apples 830g,  Packham pears 0g,  naartjies 290g,  bananas 450g, tomatoes 100g, Mazafati dates 50g,  spinach 30g,  carrots 200g  avocados 290g, ABC nuts 56g. (7.30 am: 20°C/67°F/672%, southeaster, sunny) Wind gentle and temp rose to 25°.

Fri 2:  apples 330g,  naartjies 730g,  bananas 650g, Mazafati dates 50g,   carrots 150g  avocados 290g, ABC nuts 23g, coconut 100g. (6.30 am: 20°C/68°F/72%, sunny, calm: hot day predicted) perfect, never became too hot.

Sat 3:   apples 250g,  naartjies 600g,  bananas 450g,  Mazafati dates 50g,  spinach 100g,    ABC nuts 13g, coconut 90g. (10 am: 20°C/68°F/74%, overcast but soon to clear)

Sun 4:  apples 510g,  naartjies 420g,  bananas 360g,  Mazafati dates 50g,  spinach 200g,  lettuce 60g,  carrots 150g  ABC nuts 38g, coconut 90g. (8.15 am: 20°C/68°F/73%, calm, sunny) Walked up to the fountain in Wynberg Park, but no sign of fish in it.

Mon 5:  apples 380g,  cantaloupe 840g,  naartjies 280g,  bananas 540g,  Mazafati dates 50g,  spinach 120g,  lettuce 50g,   avocados 300g, ABC nuts 37g. (8.30 am: 19°C/66°F/76%, calm, sunny with some cloud cover) Walked to Access Park where I got first cantaloupes of season, coconuts and one avocado.

Tue 6:  apples 350g,  Packham pears 240g,  naartjies 300g,  strawberries 350g,  bananas 250g,  spinach 80g,   avocados 150g, ABC nuts 37g, coconut 50g. (10.40 am: 23°C/73°F/71%, calm, sunny) Very busy with Crack-the-Code these days... at http://www.yourturnmyturn.com .  A wonderful mathematical exercise for an old man! Or even a young one... up to a point.

Week 96:  7 – 13 Nov 2012:

Wed 7:   apples 280g,  cantaloupe 730g,  Packham pears 350g,  naartjies 200g,  strawberries 350g,  bananas 200g, tomatoes 630g,  carrots 150g  avocados 240g,  nuts 45g, coconut 100g. (10.40 am: 20°C/68°F/74%, another fine day)

Thu 8:   apples 400g,  Packham pears 220g,  naartjies 350g,  strawberries 380g,  papino 760g,  bananas 100g, tomatoes 150g,  lettuce 50g,  chard 160g,   avocados 200g,  Brazils 12g. (8.10 am: 20°C/68°F/72%, another fine day, warm enough, cool breeze)

Fri 9:   apples 320g,  Packham pears 360g,  naartjies 540g,  papino 550g,  bananas 200g, tomatoes 300g,  lettuce 50g,  chard 140g,   avocados 90g,  nuts 25g, coconut 150g. (7.30 am: 20°C/68°F/73%, perfect day as usual)

Sat 10:   apples 240g,  Packham pears 270g,  naartjies 450g,  papino 780g,  pineapple 730g,  bananas 100g, tomatoes 310g,  lettuce 25g,  chard 80g,   avocados 100g,  nuts 50g.  (8.15 am: 21°C/70°F/73%, perfect day as usual)

Sun 11:    apples 710g,  Packham pears 90g,  naartjies 730g,   bananas 200g, tomatoes 320g,  lettuce 25g,  chard 50g,   Brazils 18g,  coconut 120g. (8.15 am: 21°C/70°F/73%, perfect day as usual)

Mon 12:  apples 750g,  naartjies 520g,  strawberries 700g,  bananas 100g,  chard 40g,   Brazils 32g,  coconut 200g.  (7.40 am: 20°C/68°F/77%, a bit of drizzle, now a bit of sun...)

Tue 13:  apples 730g,  cantaloupe 1130g,  nectarines 440g,  strawberries 340g,  papino 0g,  bananas 370g,  Mazafati dates 50g,   chard 80g,   Brazils 30g,  coconut 230g. (7.40 am: 18°C/65°F/78%, perfect day) - It clouded over soon and this kept the day nice and cool for walking.