Week 97:  14 – 20 Nov 2012:

Wed 14:  apricots 390g,  nectarines 510g,  granadilla 100g,  bananas 380g,  tomatoes 450g, Mazafati dates 50g,   chard 170g,   avocados 310g,  Brazils 15g,  coconut 80g. (8.45 am: 20°C/68°F/76%, perfect day)

Thu 15:  apples 170g,  apricots 370g,  cantaloupe 1250g,  nectarines 150g,  granadilla 120g,  bananas 180g, tomatoes 80g, Mazafati dates 50g,   chard 150g,   avocados 300g,  Brazils 25g,  coconut 70g. (9.30 am: 22°C/72°F/77%, cloudy)

Fri 16:  apricots 250g,  cantaloupe 1250g,  nectarines 200g,  watermelon 1730g,  granadilla 130g,  bananas 500g,  Mazafati dates 50g,   chard 50g,   avocados 310g,  walnuts 70g,  coconut 30g. (7.00 am: 19°C/66°F/75%, a perfect morning)

Sat 17:  apricots 200g,  cantaloupe 1000g,  nectarines 520g,  watermelon 1400g,  bananas 500g, tomatoes 320g, Mazafati dates 50g,   chard 50g,   avocados 250g,  walnuts 30g,  coconut 10g. (7.00 am: 21°C/70°F/70%, cloudy, calm, cool)

Sun 18:  apricots 290g,  cantaloupe 1250g,  nectarines 260g,  watermelon 1110g,  bananas 520g, Mazafati dates 50g,   chard 90g,   avocados 250g,  Brazils 25g,  coconut 100g. (7.50 am: 19°C/66°F/74%, perfect, calm)

Mon 19:  apricots 120g,  nectarines 450g,  watermelon 1630g,  bananas 460g, Mazafati dates 50g,   chard 300g,   avocados 250g,  Brazils 25g,  coconut 110g. (6.40 am: 21°C/70°F/74%, perfect, calm)

Tue 20:  cantaloupe 1360g,  nectarines 70g,  watermelon 1500g,  bananas 330g, Mazafati dates 50g,   chard 80g,   avocados 350g,  Brazils 25g, . (11.30 am: 22°C/72°F/78%, walked to Access Park in slight drizzle)

Week 98:  21 – 27 Nov 2012:

Wed 21:  cantaloupe 1450g,  watermelon 1450g,  bananas 430g,  Mazafati dates 50g,     avocados 150g,  Brazils 25g,  coconut 150g. (6.40 am: 20°C/67°F/67%, cloudy with little sun, clouds drfting over from SE)

Thu 22:  cantaloupe 1250g,   watermelon 1760g,  bananas 500g,  Mazafati dates 50g,    avocados 150g,  Brazils 25g,  coconut 150g. (6.40 am: 20°C/67°F/67%,  sunny with cold southeaster)

Fri 23:   cantaloupe 1750g,   watermelon 1600g,  bananas 500g,  Mazafati dates 50g,  chard 120g,   avocados 150g,  Brazils 25g. (6.40 am: 20°C/67°F/67%, clouds drifting over from the north, clearing later). Wrote my program ‘cracpingus’.

Sat 24:  cantaloupe 1520g,  apricots 280g,  tomatoes 800g,  bananas 450g,  Mazafati dates 50g,  chard 160g,  Brazils 25g,  coconut 100g. (6.40 am: 18°C/64°F/70%, much rain overnight, still strong northwester but sunny with some clouds coming over) - Luckily I took my plastic mac on my walk, it got rainblasted by the wind when a squall overtook the sun.

Sun 25:  cantaloupe 1400g,  apricots 150g,  tomatoes 440g,  watermelon 1200g,  bananas 750g,  Mazafati dates 75g,  chard 130g,   Brazils 20g,  coconut 100g. (11.10 am: 17°C/63°F/68%, dry but cold and cloudy with little sun.)
Mon 26:  cantaloupes 2700g,  watermelon 1700g,  bananas 1130g,  Mazafati dates 125g,  chard 70g,   Brazils 30g,  coconut 80g. (6.40 am: 18°C/64°F/70%, another typically cold spring day.

Tue 27:  cantaloupe 1340g,  tomatoes 160g,  watermelon 1440g,  pineapple 470g,  bananas 520g,  Mazafati dates 75g,   avocados 310g,  Brazils 25g. (12.30 pm: 24°C/75°F/67%, a heavenly, warm day)

 Week 99:  28 Nov - 4 Dec 2012

Wed 28:  cantaloupe 1500g,  apricots 270g,  watermelon 1580g,  bananas 750g,  Mazafati dates 75g,   avocados 620g,  Brazils 25g. (8 am: 21°C/70°F/74%, clear, windy)

Thu 29:  cantaloupe 1770g,  apricots 100g,  papino 660g,  watermelon 1370g,  bananas 550g,  Mazafati dates 70g,  avocado 300g,  Brazils 40g. (7.50 am: 20°C/68°F/73%, very cloudy whole day, high clouds not moving, but SE gale at ground level.) My latest discovery: RF Delderfield. A lot of maturity and understanding here! Always a balance of objectivity, cynicism and idealism.

Fri 30:  cantaloupes 3000g,  apricots 50g,  tomatoes 350g,  watermelon 1680g,  bananas 700g,  Mazafati dates 90g,   avocados 400g,  Brazils 40g. (11.15 am: 22°C/72°F/68%, typical SE gale, very gusty)

Sat 1:  cantaloupe 1550g,  apricots 50g,  tomatoes 280g,  watermelon 1500g,  bananas 730g,  Mazafati dates 90g,  chard 270g,  avocados 200g,  Brazils 20g. (7.50 am: 21°C/70°F/73%, pure sun, wind less, but by no means windless.)

Sun 2:  cantaloupe 1400g,  watermelon 980g,  bananas 800g,  Mazafati dates 90g,  chard 300g,  avocados 360g,  Brazils 15g. (11 am: 24°C/76°F/71%, pure sun, windy from north.)

Mon 3:  cantaloupe 1440g,  watermelon 950g,  bananas 600g,  Mazafati dates 90g,  chard 140g,  lettuce 180g,  avocados 500g,  Brazils 30g. (9.30 am: 22°C/72°F/74%, cloudy but clearing now - later clouded over again).  Northwester.

Tue 4:  cantaloupe 1150g,  apricots 380g,  tomatoes 560g,  watermelon 1680g,   bananas 630g,  Mazafati dates 50g,  chard 130g,  lettuce 60g,  avocados 320g,  Brazils 25g. (8.15 am: 21°C/70°F/72%, cloudy, northwester)

Week 100:  5 - 11 Dec 2012

Wed 5:  cantaloupe 1260g,  apricots 400g,  tomatoes 200g,  watermelon 1630g,   bananas 750g,  Mazafati dates 140g,  chard 230g,  lettuce 20g,  avocados 180g,  Brazils 15g. (8 am: 20°C/68°F/72%, typically sunny with SE wind)

Thu 6:  cantaloupe 1250g,  apricots 470g,  tomatoes 280g,  watermelon 1380g,  bananas 820g,  Mazafati dates 90g,  chard 200g,   avocados 380g,  Brazils 25g. (8 am: 22°C/72°F/73%, sunny)

Fri 7:  cantaloupe 1250g,  apricots 270g,  tomatoes 110g,  watermelon 970g,  bananas 800g,  Mazafati dates 90g,  chard 140g,   avocados 190g,  Brazils 45g. (11.45 am: 24°C/74°F/77% : rained earlier, after that sunny and cloudy by turns.)

Sat 8:  cantaloupe 1540g,  apricots 360g,  tomatoes 110g,  watermelon 950g,   bananas 400g,  Mazafati dates 90g,   avocados 100g,  Brazils 25g. (8 am: 20°C/68°F/72%)

Sun 9:  cantaloupe 1200g,  apricots 500g,  watermelon 860g,  bananas 700g,  Mazafati dates 90g,  chard 140g,   avocados 200g,  Brazils 13g. (2.45 pm: 25°C/77°F/72%, sunny with nice cool breeze)

Mon 10:   cantaloupe 1200g,  apricots 400g,  mangos 590g,  watermelon 1750g,  grapes 400g,  bananas 400g,  Mazafati dates 70g,  chard 160g,   avocados 310g,  Brazils 12g. (8.30 am: 22°C/72°F/76%, SE breeze, sunny) First grapes of the season - quality terrible. Same goes for the mangos.

Tue 11:  cantaloupe 1100g,  apricots 820g,  nectarines 570g,  watermelon 1220g,  grapes 300g,  bananas 400g,  Mazafati dates 50g,  chard 140g,   Brazils 20g. (9.30 am: 22°C/72°F/74%, breezy, sunny)


Week 101:  12 - 18 Dec 2012

Wed 12:  cantaloupe 1470g,  apricots 200g,  mangos 860g,   watermelon 1420g,  grapes 570g,  bananas 200g,  Mazafati dates 100g,  chard 100g,   Brazils 35g. (9 am: 24°C/73°F/74%, hot sun)

Thu 13:  cantaloupe 1860g,  apricots 820g,  nectarines 890g,  watermelon 880g,  grapes 430g,  bananas 200g,  tomatoes 340g,  Mazafati dates 50g,   Brazils 20g. (3.30 pm: 27°C/81°F/70%, SE breeze, sunny)

Fri 14:  cantaloupe 1300g,  apricots 510g,  nectarines 70g,  watermelon 1410g,  grapes 490g,  tomatoes 280g, Mazafati dates 40g,   Brazils 15g. (9 am: 25°C/77°F/74%, perfect)

Sat 15:  cantaloupe 1200g,  apricots 650g,  nectarines 180g,  watermelon 930g,  grapes 1140g,  tomatoes 550g,  Brazils 50g. (8.45 am: 25°C/77°F/75%, thin cloud, pleasant)

Sun 16:  cantaloupe 1910g,  apricots 420g,  nectarines 170g,  watermelon 960g,  grapes 830g,  tomatoes 130g,  Brazils 17g. (8.10 am: 24°C/75°F/75%, perfect)

Mon 17:  cantaloupe 1200g,  apricots 1100g,  watermelon 800g,  grapes 700g,  tomatoes 710g,  Brazils 42g. (8.40 am: 24°C/76°F/75%, perfect with south wind, slightly cooler than the usual southeaster)

Tue 18:  cantaloupe 1120g,  apricots 230g,  watermelon 1430g,  grapes 740g,  tomatoes 400g,  chard 120g,  avocado 290g,  Brazils 23g. (10 am: 25°C/77°F/70%, perfect, calm, feels hot! so I got in my shopping walk early, 8.20 am - 10 am)

Week 102:  19 - 25 Dec 2012

Wed 19:  cantaloupe 1500g,  apricots 280g,  watermelon 2250g,  grapes 500g,  tomatoes 230g, chard 100g, Brazils 33g. (7.15 am: 25°C/76°F/75%, cloud from the south kept the day cool for most of it)

Thu 20:   apricots 400g,  watermelon 2070g,  grapes 760g,  mangos 480g,  tomatoes 870g, chard 100g, Brazils 25g. (9 am: 25°C/77°F/74%, perfect)

Fri 21:  cantaloupe 850g,  apricots 35g,  watermelon 1040g,  grapes 1000g,  mangos 660g,  tomatoes 200g, chard 100g, Brazils 14g. (8 am: 25°C/77°F/74%, perfect). I was home by 9.30 am from my shopping walk, to beat the heat. And then the temperature soared to 38°C=99°F by 12.30 pm. It looked well set to reach 40°C as it usually peaks at about 2-3 pm, but in fact by 2 pm a breeze had sprung up and knocked it right down to 32°C.

Sat 22:  cantaloupes 2450g,  apricots 35g,  watermelon 820g,  grapes 470g,  mangos 830g,  tomatoes 600g, avocado 200g,  Brazils 18g. (9.20 am: 25°C/77°F/72%, perfect)

Sun 23:  cantaloupes 2380g,  grapes 730g,  mangos 350g,  tomatoes 350g, Brazils 25g. (9.30 am: 25°C/77°F/73%, perfect)

Mon 24:  cantaloupe 3350g,  grapes 870g,  mangos 940g,  tomatoes 550g, Brazils 33g. (8.30 am: 25°C/76°F/80%, drizzling so I decided to take advantage of the coolness by taking a long walk to Access Park). As I set out the drizzle stopped so I didn’t have to open my umbrella - could have left it at home but I wasn’t to know that.

I’m reading “Wall of Days” by Alastair Bruce.  What I mainly look for in a novel is the inspiration of the writer’s underlying character and philosophy. The theme in this book (which Lauren says is not a “woman’s book”), is rather grim and sad, about loss, hardship and remorse, but the writing is so simple, limpid and calm as to show underlying wisdom. I was stunned by the quality of this prose. In a way it reminds me of Thomas Mann’s “Holy Sinner”, only that had a much happier outcome. Don’t read this book if you want cheering up.

Tue 25:  watermelon 4000g,  mangos 360g,  tomatoes 100g, raw salad 250g, Brazils 18g. (8.30 am: 25°C/76°F/75%, perfect) - Eating the whole watermelon didn’t leave room for much else... Roger visited and made us some delicious salad from mixed sprouts, avocado, lemon juice, a bit of tomato and mushroom... he’s a 100% vegan of about 40 years standing, the strictest dieter I’ve ever come across. Very few people can be so consistent - most astound by their inconsistency. Here’s a remark I made to Lauren today that had us both rolling on the carpet: “Not everybody is functioning on all levels” and another: “He can’t write a novel with people in it” - a very creative day for me. :D