2. What I've learnt?

Some possibly but probably not facts:

1. Symbiotic bacteria can provide protein and unknown and ununderstood ingredients - as nothing much is known about the range of such bacteria, all of our 'knowledge' about diet is pretty much cocked up.
A New Guinea study called humans 'walking beanstalks' (excreted more protein than they ate).

2. I've seen some people doing a change to fruit with staggering ease, and others who could not even give up meat and fish without becoming horrifyingly emaciated, like 60 lb sort of thing. So: generalising about people is the last thing I'd do.

3. Starting in 1971, trying to do too much as fruitarian, every winter for 3 years my weight nosedived so I went on cottage cheese to regain weight. From 1974  - 1983 I was 100% raw, 100% vegan. This also I think was a premature effort on my part. My weight went down to 109 lb and stayed there for 7 years. Too little: I weighed about 165 lb as young omni.

I think maybe I should have just given up meat and fish, and stayed like that for say 5 years! Before working on either vegan or cereal-less for say another 3 years...

Basically I've been a cooked vegan for the 12 months of 2010, and my present campaign (January 12, 2011 - ) really means just cutting out 400 g 100% rye bread per day, and a daily 400g can of curried potatoes, beans and peas.

I'm just getting to the stage now where I am pleased with my stools, their cleanness, unstickiness and mobility. Accompanied by some mucus discharge as I sweep out the cooked bread debris. Who was it said "Bread is the staff of death" ? - I forget.

After the 9 years raw, I still craved bread and cheese, but meat and fish were uneatable, sickening, revolting. No compassion in this, I promise you. I'd simply become a real vegetarian, i.e. motivated by endogenous tastes rather than ideas. What I had NOT become was a real raw vegan.

After many years, this new campaign has been surprising in some respects. But for up-to-date details, see page "2011" on this site.

I suppose my thinking is dominated by Adolf Just's idea "Return to Nature!" Ovid had the same idea.