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December Pics

Posted by gurthbruins on Saturday, December 17, 2011,

2011/12/08 10:44 AM - Jessie kipping


2011/12/16 12.01 PM - Watermelon cubed, ready for eating with fork while reading.
This one was much better than it looks, crisp yet not hard, with ample sweetness and flavour.

2011/12/17 9:56 AM - The moon, nearing last quarter, seen above Cavan Rd.


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Posted 2011/12/05

Posted by gurthbruins on Monday, December 5, 2011,

  Side walk flowers in Sea View Rd, Wynberg - 2011/11/02 11:44 AM

2011/11/14 12:53 PM : Outside my door

2011/11/18 9:57 AM : In back garden

2011/11/30 9:15 AM : In back garden again

2011/12/03 4:05 PM : View from my room: the red bougainvillea is home to about 5 chameleons, the lavender at right foreground is home to a small one.

2011/12/04 11:11 AM : Cantaloupe just before eating: known in these parts as Spanspek.


2011/12/04 11:14 AM : Spanspek above, now cut in half. It was superb, 1220 grams...

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