24th March:
Here are the photos I took this morning on my walk down to the shops.

Walking down Cavan Rd, my usual route (there are two others to the shops), I saw this lone canna over the wall of a fairly wild garden. I hastily snapped the photo while the dogs were rushing at me, then beat it quickly. 

The entrance to Maynardville Park in Church Street, Wynberg.

This is where I take my thongs off - nice smooth bricks for walking barefoot on. 

End of the bricks - now I head across the grass straight for the middle of this pic.

The pond soon appears on my left. The resting couple add a touch of life to the scene, so I included them.

They noticed what I was doing, so I stopped to chat with them for a while.

Continuing along the pond...

Now choosing a more shady route...

...Past some birds...

After crossing the park, I emerge onto the street again - some more nice bricks to walk on, though the tarmac sidewalk here is quite smooth enough for bare feet, whereas the ones near home are not.

Shoppers converging on South Africa's premier supermarket - Pick-n-Pay.

A shopper enters at the portal.

One of the many sidewalk sellers I buy my fruit from.
His father runs a similar stall a few blocks away, set further from the Main Rd, adjacent to a parking area.