2012/04/01 03:50PM Sitting in the front garden, I see these new plants towering against the sun.

2012/04/22 12:56 PM - Flowers along Alexandra Rd, Wynberg 

2012/04/22 12:57 PM - Flowers along Alexandra Rd, Wynberg  

2012/05/27 Sunday 10:39 AM :  A day of sunshine after days of bad weather: I took a 2-hour walk into the 
 Military Base, Wynberg, where I took this pic, and the next looking in the opposite direction from the same spot.  


2012/05/27 Sunday 10:40 AM . See remarks under previous pic.

2012/05/28 Monday 1:46 PM - Another perfect day, another nice walk in the sun: a view in Maynardville Park, Wynberg.
The next pic taken 2 minutes later.