My diet has been 100% raw vegan since 12 Jan, 2011. No supplements used.

Week 112:  27 Feb - 5 Mar 2013

Wed 27:  cantaloupe 1340g,   grapes 1350g,  mangos 500g,  tomatoes 530g. (9.30 am: 24°C/76°F/76%, perfect)

Thu 28:  cantaloupe 1200g,   grapes 1320g,  mangos 300g,  tomatoes 320g. (9.20 am: rain last night, now 23°C/73°F/71%, clouds from the south will take over for a few hours before the sun takes the upper hand as usual these days.)

Fri 1:  cantaloupe 1170g,   grapes 1350g,  mangos 450g,  tomatoes 670g. (9.20 am: 22°C/71°F/71%, perfect)

Sat 2:  cantaloupes 2400g,   grapes 1900g,  mango 150g,  papino 0g,  tomatoes 230g. (8.10 am: 23°C/73°F/76%, perfect).
 Note: the mangoes eaten for the last week have been “peach” mangoes - small, yellow, soft, sweet - a special sweetness - by no means stringless, these strings are to be reckoned a plus as their sweetness goes on just as strong to the last satisfying drop of flavour, when one thinks the work on the strings has been well worth the trouble.

Sun 3:  cantaloupe 1400g,   grapes 1020g,  tomatoes 500g, Mazafati dates 45g, chard 150g, Brazils 25g. (11.20 am: 26°C/79°F/70%, perfect, a warmer March day!)

Mon 4:  cantaloupe 1500g,   watermelon 2030g,  grapes 620g,  mango 510g,  tomatoes 420g,. (11 am: 27°C/79°F/75%, perfect, but hot)

Tue 5:   watermelon 1000g,  grapes 1760,  mango 510g,  tomatoes 230g,  chard 130g. (9 am: 25°C/78°F/75%, perfect)

Week 113:  6 - 12 Mar 2013

Wed 6:  cantaloupe 1050g,  grapes 1400g,  mango 510g,  tomatoes 500g, chard 70g. (9 am: 24°C/76°F/75%, perfect with North breeze.

Thu 7:  cantaloupe 950g,  grapes 1390g,  mango 510g,  bananas 280g, tomatoes 380g, Mazafati dates 20g. (9 am: 23°C/75°F/76%, turned out to be a day of changing cloud patterns and breezes, with little sun)

Fri 8:   cantaloupe 1280g,  grapes 830g,  banana 140g, tomatoes 280g. (8.20 am: 22°C/72°F/80%. It’s been raining quite steadily, but has stopped for the moment. Could clear up, or rain more.) - It didn’t clear up, and it did rain more. I got caught in the rain without umbrella or anything over my shirt, so it got a bit wet. Just a bit too wet for my liking, but I didn’t bother to take it off - too lazy.

Sat 9:  watermelon 950g,  grapes 620+900+880+980+880g,  mango 407g,  bananas 280g, tomatoes 500g,  Brazils 40g. (1.30 pm: 23°C/73°F/67%, windy, sunny)

Sun 10:  watermelon 820g,  grapes 2480g,  mango 407g,  tomatoes 570g, nuts (almonds, Brazils, cashews) 70g. (8 am: 21°C/70°F/72%, perfect). Eating these nuts destroyed my last front-tooth capability of eating nuts. From now on I shall have to use artificial teeth to eat nuts. Such artificial teeth, such as electric and other mechanical grinders, will not be allowed inside my mouth. For the moment, a simpler and quieter solution is use a pair of pliers, which crush almonds, cashews etc very easily and effectively. I don’t plan on eating large quantities of nuts anyway.
The molar remnants that I have still work for fruit and greens, for which they meet well enough, but not for nuts.

Mon 11:  cantaloupe 1360g,  watermelon 1100g,  grapes 1080g,  mangos 840g,  tomatoes 300g,  nuts 3g. (11 am: 25°C/78°F/67%, perfect but very hot in sun)

Tue 12:  watermelon 1050g,  grapes 1550g,  mangos 830g,  tomatoes 200g, Mazafati dates 50g, nuts 15g. (8.30 am: 23°C/73°F/75%, perfect)

Week 114:  13 - 19 Mar 2013

Wed 13:   grapes 1200g,  mangos 1500g,  tomatoes 800g, Mazafati date 10g,  avocados 300g, nuts 8g. (12.15 pm: 27°C/80°F/73%, perfect day)

Thu 14:  cantaloupe 1440g,  grapes 1280g,  tomatoes 530g, Mazafati dates 20g,  avocados 260g, nuts 7g. (8.10 am: 25°C/78°F/74%, perfect day)

Fri 15:  cantaloupe 1400g,  grapes 1350g,  tomatoes 440g, Mazafati dates 40g,  avocados 260g, nuts 20g. (8.30 am: 24°C/75°F/75%, cloudy, dark, calm. No rain yet today)

Sat 16:  cantaloupe 1200g,  grapes 1620g,  mango 400g,  tomatoes 500g, Mazafati dates 40g,  nuts 8g. (8.50 am: 24°C/75°F/80%, rain last night and early today, supposed to clear up now.)

Sun 17:  cantaloupe 1460g,  grapes 1170g,  mango 420g,  tomatoes 500g, Mazafati dates 40g,  nuts 15g. (9.0 am: 22°C/72°F/77%, perfect after a foggy start.)

Mon 18:  watermelon 1600g,  grapes 1130g,  mango 390g,  tomatoes 320g, Mazafati dates 40g,  avocados 340g, nuts 11g. (8.50 am: 23°C/73°F/80%: drizzling while I did my washing, spundried it and hung it in the wendy house; then no more rain and it gradually became more and more sunny.

I’m still reading Delderfield’s many thousands of pages. He’s hard to beat for wisdom, maturity and balance between objectivity and emotion. Broke into it to read Bella Bathurst’s “The Lighthouse Stevensons”, an incredible yet true picture of human wickedness and tenacity in the face of it.

Tue 19:   watermelon 930g,  grapes 1500g,  mangos 780g,  tomatoes 360g, Mazafati dates 40g,  avocados 400g, nuts 8g. (8.50 am: 23°C/73°F/75%, perfect)

Week 115:  20 - 26 Mar 2013

Wed 20:   watermelon 1060g,  grapes 1560g,  tomatoes 620g, Mazafati dates 10g, nuts 11g. (8.40 am: 21°C/70°F/74%, perfect)

Thu 21:  cantaloupes 2100g,  watermelon 0g,  grapes 1020g,  tomatoes 430g, Mazafati dates 40g,  nuts 12g. (9.40 am: 23°C/74°F/76%, perfect)

Fri 22:   watermelon 980g,  grapes 1750g,  tomatoes 690g, Mazafati dates 30g, nuts 15g. (8.40 am: 23°C/74°F/78%, perfect)

Sat 23:   watermelon 1360g,  grapes 1250g,  tomatoes 450g, Mazafati dates 40g,  avocado 250g, nuts 16g. (8.30 am: 22°C/72°F/71%, a bit of rain last night but will clear this morning)

Sun 24:   watermelon 930g,  grapes 1250g,  tomatoes 530g, Mazafati dates 30g,  avocados 250g, nuts 15g. (9 am: 21°C/70°F/71%, sun with strong southeaster)

Mon 25:  cantaloupe 1250g,   grapes 960g,  tomatoes 320g,  avocados 520g, nuts 9g. (8.15 am: 20°C/69°F/72%, perfect)

Tue 26:  watermelon 850g,  grapes 1600g,  tomatoes 470g,  avocados 200g, nuts 12g. (9 am: 22°C/72°F/76%, perfect)

Week 116:  27  Mar - 2 Apr 2013

Wed 27:  cantaloupe 1050g,  watermelon 0g,  grapes 1000g,  mango 530g,  tomatoes 500g,  avocados 280g. (8.10 am: 21°C/71°F/77%, northwester, cloudy. It cleared up round midday)

Thu 28:  cantaloupe 1020g,  grapes 850g,  mango 530g,  bananas 310g, tomatoes 330g,  avocados 300g, nuts 10g. (10.30 am: 22°C/72°F/75%, northwester, cloudy. Cleared at about 11, but later it clouded over again and started raining softly but steadily for an hour or so.)

Fri 29:  cantaloupe 1030g,  grapes 1250g,  tomatoes 60g,  avocados 430g, nuts 10g. (8 am: 20°C/69°F/74%, cantaloupe 1250+1100+1030g,  watermelon 0g,  grapes 4x1000+250g,  mango 0g,  bananas 3x100+4x110g, tomatoes 720g, Mazafati dates 0g,  avocados 1x150+2x140g, Brazils 142g, A&C 66g. (8 am: 20°C/69°F/74%, black southeaster with a bit of sunshine later in the morning only).

Walked up the hill in military base. Many games of castello these days.  Read Kauffmann’s ‘Dark Room at Longwood’, an evocation of St Helena island and Napoleon.

Sat 30:  cantaloupe 1300g,  grapes 600g,  bananas 520g, tomatoes 200g,  avocados 310g, nuts 9g. (8.20 am: 20°C/68°F/77%, black southeaster with a bit of sunshine later in the morning only)

Sun 31:  cantaloupe 1100g,  grapes 1300g,  bananas 220g, tomatoes 100g,  avocados 460g, Brazils 132g, nuts 11g. (8.15 am: 20°C/68°F/78%, black southeaster with a bit of sunshine later in the morning only. Same as yesterday)

Mon 1:   watermelon 640g,  grapes 1330g,  tomatoes 130g,  cucumber 420g,   avocados 450g, nuts 12g. (8 am: 20°C/68°F/80%. It’s been raining for hours, with intermittent gale winds - ye olde Cape of Storms. The full moon of the Easter season almost invariably heralds the arrival of our first  rains after our dry summers.) Power outage starts 3 pm, will last 45 hours.

Tue 2:   watermelon 0g,  grapes 1340g,  Golden Delicious apples 4x170g,  Brown pears 440g,  tomatoes 130g, cucumbers 500g, ,  avocados 550g, nuts 9g. (1 pm: 22°C/72°F/74%, drier). No power today.