Week 122:   8 - 14 May 2013

Wed 8:  grapes 1400g,  Golden Delicious apple 150g,  Packham pear 200g,  tomatoes 320g,  cucumber 280g, dates 12g, avocado 380g, nuts 30g. (8.40 am: 18°C/64°F/78%, cloudy and dark, no sun today. Showers early and late in the day)

Thu 9:  grapes 1330g,  gooseberries 125g,  Packham pear 200g,  tomatoes 700g,  cucumber 400g,  avocado 380g, nuts 30g. (8.40 am: 18°C/64°F/78%, looks promising, with S wind likely to be cold)

Fri 10:   grapes 1390g,  Golden Delicious apples 320g,  Packham pear 200g,  tomatoes 180g,  cucumber 350g, dates 30g, nuts 40g. (8.40 am: 16°C/61°F/73%, clouds in the sky)

Sat 11:  grapes 1670g,  Golden Delicious apples 500g,   cucumber 450g, potato 120g, dates 20g, avocado 350g, nuts 42g. (8.45 am: 14°C/58°F/76%, looks perfect) - and was. The potato was raw of course!

Sun 12:  grapes 1140g,  Golden Delicious apples 490g,  Packham pear 200g,  cucumbers 700g, dates 40g, avocado 360g, nuts 42g. (8.35 am: 14°C/57°F/75%, looks perfect) - and was again.

Mon 13:  grapes 800g,  Golden Delicious apples 460g,  tomatoes 430g,  cucumber 350g,  carrots 200g,  dates 16g, avocados 520g, nuts 30g. (9.45 am: 16°C/62°F/74%, perfect)

Tue 14:  pineapple 450g,  Golden Delicious apple 150g,  brown pears 500g,  tomatoes 660g,  cucumber 270g,  carrots 200g,  dates 40g, nuts 42g. (8.35 am: 14°C/57°F/75%, perfect)

Week 123:   15 - 21 May 2013

Wed 15:  Golden Delicious apples 450g,  brown pears 520g,  tomatoes 960g,  cucumbers 300g,  carrots 200g,  dates 40g, avocados 520g, nuts 46g. (8 am: 16°C/61°F/78%, overcast till midday, then a little sun)

Thu 16:   Golden Delicious apples 150g,  pineapple 400g,  brown pears 1040g,  pawpaw 700g,  tomatoes 480g,  dates 40g, avocados 580g, nuts 28g. (8.30 am: 16°C/61°F/77%, overcast)

Fri 17:  Golden Delicious apples 300g,  brown pear 540g,  papino 355g,  tomatoes 320g,  cucumber 220g,   dates 40g, avocado 370g, nuts 28g. (9 am: 16°C/61°F/78%, perfect, no cloud but a nippy breeze)

Sat 18:  Golden Delicious apples 300g,  brown pear 860g,  papino 350g,  tomatoes 80g,  cucumber 220g,  carrots 200g,  dates 20g, avocado 370g, nuts 23g. (9.30 am: 15°C/60°F/74%, perfect)

Sun 19:  naartjies 220g,  apples 850g,  pineapple 430g,  brown pear 340g,  papino 355g,   cucumbers 760g,   dates 20g, avocado 370g, nuts 33g. (8.30 am: 16°C/61°F/75%, perfect)

Mon 20:  naartjies 270g,  apples 120g,  pineapple 430g,  brown pears 710g,  papino 355g,  cucumbers 490g,  carrots 200g,  avocado 450g, nuts 37g. (8.10 am: 19°C/66°F/82%, perfect. That’s quite a bit warmer!)

Tue 21:  naartjies 110g,  apples 440g,  pineapple 380g,  brown pears 700g,  cucumber 220g,   dates 20g, avocados 660g, nuts 42g. (8.10 am: 18°C/64°F/76%, perfect)

Week 124:   22 - 28 May 2013

Wed 22:  naartjies 320g,  apples 180g,  pineapple 380g,  brown pears 1360g,  tomatoes 500g,   carrots 200g,  dates 20g, avocados 440g, nuts 45g. (8.30 am: 19°C/66°F/78%. Thunder and showers at 5 am, now half blue sky with scattered showers expected.)

Thu 23:  apples 440g,  pineapple 380g,  brown pear 180g,  tomatoes 500g,  cucumber 300g,  mushrooms(cep) 50g,  dates 8g, avocados 360g, nuts 24g. (9.30 am: 18°C/64°F/75%. Perfect)

(Mushrooms picked in Wynberg Park)

Fri 24:  naartjies 70g,  apples 660g,  tomatoes 400g,  cucumber 300g,  carrots 200g, mushrooms 100g ,  dates 24g, avocado 380g, nuts 30g. (9 am: 17°C/63°F/77%, dry, cloudy). By 1.30pm the sun was strong enough to warm one a bit, I got in an hour of it.

Sat 25:  naartjies 330g,  apples 230g,  pineapple 620g,  papino 1400g,  bananas 140g,  tomatoes 220g,  mushrooms 50g ,  dried figs 39g, avocado 400g, nuts 28g. (9 am: 16°C/61°F/78%, dry, cloudy). At 9.15 am David and I walked up to Wynberg Park to see if there were still any cep mushrooms there. To my surprise we came upon hundreds of them, far more than I ever saw in my life. We took a very modest helping home. Both of us think these had better be eaten in strict moderation if at all. They make me feel a bit queasy, David said they made him see flashes of light when he blinked. The sun: same timetable as yesterday.

Sun 26:  apples 750g,  bananas 420g,  tomatoes 240g,  cucumber 300g,  dried figs 65g, raisins 60g, avocado 380g, nuts 40g. (9.30 am: 18°C/64°F/82%, no sun, heavy rainfall last night, more forecast for today). Actually the day was quite dry, except for a few drops in the air.

Mon 27:  naartjies 80g,  apples 1050g,  bananas 280g,  tomatoes 300g, raisins 60g, avocados 420g, nuts 80g. (9.30 am: 18°C/64°F/82%, rained last night again,)

Tue 28:  naartjies 160g,  apples 170g,  pineapple 580g,  bananas 740g,  tomatoes 120g,  cucumbers 600g,  carrots 200g, mushrooms 50g ,  dried figs 39g, raisins 60g, avocados 420g, nuts 75g. (9.30 am: 17°C/63°F/81%, raining with no sign of clearing. By 2.30 pm it had dried out a bit and I got in my walk without needing to open my umbrella)

Week 125:   29 May - 5 Jun 2013

Wed 29:  naartjies 400g,  apples 1000g,  bananas 375g,  tomatoes 60g,  carrots 150g,  dried figs 59g, raisins 60g, avocados 520g, nuts 60g. (9.20 am: 15°C/60°F/78%, dry, cloudy from the NW)

Thu 30:  naartjies 180g,  apples 780g,  bananas 500g,  tomatoes 120g,   carrots 200g, mushrooms 50g ,  dried figs 78g, Mazafati dates 50g, raisins 70g, avocados 400g, nuts 30g. (9.10 am: 17°C/63°F/83%, pouring down, as it was most of last night.)

Fri 31:  naartjies 230g,  apples 430g,  brown pears 690g,  bananas 660g,  Mazafati dates 75g, raisins 50g, avocados 600g, nuts 30g. (9.10 am: 15°C/60°F/81%, calm and dry, half sunny with clouds drifting over from the NW - a wet weekend is predicted)

Sat 1:  naartjies 100g,  apples 540g,  brown pear 230g,  bananas 900g,  cucumber 300g,  Mazafati dates 50g,  avocado 300g, nuts 34g. (10 am: 15°C/59°F/78%. The rain started at 5 am, still dripping after heavy downpour. For the next 24 hours, it rains and blows heavily for more than half of every hour, and thunders more than I have ever heard in one day in Cape Town. The wettest day ever that I can remember. I went nowhere.

Sun 2:  naartjies 100g,  apples 500g,  bananas 600g,  carrots 200g,  dried figs 72g, Mazafati dates 50g, nuts 45g. (11 am: the storm is still going full strength, only the thunder seems to have abated).- Another day of rain 24 hours mostly.

Mon 3:  naartjies 100g,  apples 400g,  bananas 960g,  cucumber 330g,  courgettes 280g,  dried figs 48g, Mazafati dates 50g, avocados 330g, nuts 37g. (11 am: 13°C/55°F/78%: this is our usual winter minimum daytime temperature) - showers today, but managed to sit for half an hour in a sunny spell, at 11.30 am.

Tue 4:  naartjies 100g,  apples 650g,  bananas 480g,  tomatoes 330g,  courgettes 120g,  Mazafati dates 25g, avocados 270g, nuts 26g. (9.30 am: 13°C/56°F/83%, showers again, a bit of sun in between)

Week 126:   6 - 12 Jun 2013

Wed 5:   apples 610g,  bananas 480g,  tomatoes 70g,   carrots 200g,  Mazafati dates 50g, avocados 500g, nuts 24g. (9.30 am: 13°C/55°F/81%, breeze now south, looks mostly sunny - later some sun lost because of clouds)

Thu 6:   apples 1350g,  bananas 480g,  tomatoes 350g,  carrots 200g,  dried figs 48g, Mazafati dates 50g, avocados 320g, nuts 48g. (9.30 am: 13°C/56°F/79%, perfect day)

Fri 7:   apples 870g,  bananas 450g,  tomatoes 500g,  cucumber 330g,  dried figs 48g, Mazafati dates 50g,  avocados 430g, nuts 34g. (9 am: 13°C/56°F/78%, skies mostly clear)

Sat 8:  apples 660g,  bananas 560g,  papinos 530g,  tomatoes 250g,  dried figs 36g, avocados 330g, nuts 24g. (10.20 am: 15°C/60°F/82%, rainy weather has returned)

Sun 9:  apples 820g,   bananas 600g,  papinos 700g,  tomatoes 700g,  avocados 340g, nuts 51g. (8.40 am: 12°C/54°F/75%, perfect but cold still!)

Mon 10:  apples 320g,   Packham pears 400g,  papinos 760g,  tomatoes 300g,  courgettes 144g,  dried figs 126g,  avocados 340g. (9 am: 10°C/51°F/76%, perfect, that is, calm and cloudless)

Tue 11:  apples 600g,   Packham pears 256g,  bananas 110g,  papinos 780g,  cucumber 330g,    dried figs 50g, avocados 340g, nuts 32g. (10.20 am: 15°C/59°F/62%, the great drop in humidity making for a very warm, sunny day, I feel a great lightening of the burden of damp cold...)