Jessie takes a snooze on my bed. 

Fermented coconut. The surface white flesh is very tasty, quite soft and may easily be scraped off with a spoon. 

This and the next two, taken in Wynberg Park, 16 Oct 2011. 






View from Wetton Bridge, near Wynberg station 

 A little sidewalk garden along the Main Road, Plumstead - 20 Oct 2011

... Taking a step closer ... 

Zeroing in on the escoltias ... a poppy intrudes on the left ...

Proud James Ford, gardener responsible for this jewel-like patch.

 That's Muizenberg mountain seen due south. 

King Kong, seen on the bougainvillea  24th Oct 2011.

Don't miss his tail, coiled around the branch.


Now he's turned around, so we can see the pattern on his left side. 

These two photos may be useful for identification one day. 

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