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Update 30 May 2012

May 30, 2012

2012/04/01 03:50PM Sitting in the front garden, I see these new plants towering against the sun.

2012/04/22 12:56 PM - Flowers along Alexandra Rd, Wynberg 

2012/04/22 12:57 PM - Flowers along Alexandra Rd, Wynberg  

2012/05/27 Sunday 10:39 AM :  A day of sunshine after days of bad weather: I took a 2-hour walk into the 
 Military Base, Wynberg, where I took this pic, and the next looking in the opposite direction from the same spot.  


2012/05/27 Sunday 10:40 AM . See remarks under previous pic.

2012/05/28 Monday 1:46 PM - Another perfect day, another nice walk in the sun: a view in Maynardville Park, Wynberg.
The next pic taken 2 minutes later.


March Pics

March 24, 2012
24th March:
Here are the photos I took this morning on my walk down to the shops.

Walking down Cavan Rd, my usual route (there are two others to the shops), I saw this lone canna over the wall of a fairly wild garden. I hastily snapped the photo while the dogs were rushing at me, then beat it quickly. 

The entrance to Maynardville Park in Church Street, Wynberg.

This is where I take my thongs off - nice smooth bricks for walking barefoot on. 

End of the bricks - now I head across the grass straigh...
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December Pics

December 17, 2011

2011/12/08 10:44 AM - Jessie kipping


2011/12/16 12.01 PM - Watermelon cubed, ready for eating with fork while reading.
This one was much better than it looks, crisp yet not hard, with ample sweetness and flavour.

2011/12/17 9:56 AM - The moon, nearing last quarter, seen above Cavan Rd.


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Posted 2011/12/05

December 5, 2011

  Side walk flowers in Sea View Rd, Wynberg - 2011/11/02 11:44 AM

2011/11/14 12:53 PM : Outside my door

2011/11/18 9:57 AM : In back garden

2011/11/30 9:15 AM : In back garden again

2011/12/03 4:05 PM : View from my room: the red bougainvillea is home to about 5 chameleons, the lavender at right foreground is home to a small one.

2011/12/04 11:11 AM : Cantaloupe just before eating: known in these parts as Spanspek.


2011/12/04 11:14 AM : Spanspek above, now cut in half. It was superb, 1220 grams...

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Latest Photos 2011/11/01

November 2, 2011
2011/10/29 11:52 AM - Hibiscus seen from sidewalk in Wynberg

2011/11/01 9:43 AM - Sidewalk poppies seen on the way home from Gabriel Rd, Plumstead

 2011/11/01  9:45 AM - Poppy

2011/11/01  10:43 AM  - an hour later, nearly home, I see these flowers along Alexandra Rd. 
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Latest Photos 2011/10/28

October 28, 2011

Sweet peas along Cavan Rd - 2011/10/25

- Cropped.

2011/10/25 06:22 AM - View of clouds from inside my room.

2011/10/26 11:45 AM  -  Clouds over P&P, Wynberg

 2011/10/28 06:00 AM  -  Clouds from my room

 - Cropped

2011/20/28 01:16 PM  -  Along Alexandra Rd - nasturtiums!

 2011/10/28 01:19 PM  -  Along Alexandra Rd : blue flowers


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