June / July 2013

June 19, 2013

Week 127:   13 - 19 Jun 2013

Wed 12:  naartjies 100g,  apples 870g,   Packham pears 450g,  bananas 420g,  cucumber 370g,  courgettes 144g,  carrots 200g,  Mazafati dates 38g, avocados 600g, nuts 40g, desiccated coconut 27g. (9 am: 10°C/51°F/76%, perfect)

Thu 13:  naartjies 100g,  apples 830g,   Packham pear 350g,  bananas 410g,  courgettes 192g,  potatoes 120g,  dried figs 13g, Mazafati dates 62g, avocados 600g, nuts 30g, coconut 27g. (9.50 am: 16°C/61°F/80%: rains returned last night, but of short, infrequent showers.)

Fri 14:  naartjies 400g,  apples 800+1450g,  bananas 320g,  tomatoes 300g,  cucumbers 670g,  courgettes 64g,  dried figs 37g, avocado 330g, nuts 20g, coconut 13g. (9.10 am: 16°C/61°F/77%: rains now heavier and more frequent)

Sat 15:  naartjies 370g,  apples 640g,   Packham pears 360g,  papino 920g,  bananas 200g,  tomatoes 210g,  cucumber 250g,  potatoes 120g,  dried figs 37g, Mazafati dates 25g,  avocados 300g, nuts 50g, coconut 27+550g. (9.30 am: 14°C/56°F/78%: SW drift, sky now clear)

Sun 16:  naartjies 250g,  apples 850g,   Packham pears 360g,  gooseberries 125g,  tomatoes 220g,  carrots 200g, potatoes 120g,  avocados 500g, nuts 30g, coconut 27g. (9 am: 14°C/57°F/80%: perfect, clear skies)

Mon 17:  naartjies 320g,  apples 500g,  Packham pear 320g,  bananas 250g,  courgettes 200g,  potatoes 155g,  dried figs 0g, Mazafati dates 25g, raisins 90g, avocado 190g, nuts 17g, coconut 13g. (8.40 am: 13°C/56°F/76%: perfect, clear skies)

Tue 18:  naartjies 580g,  apples 550g,   Packham pear 320g,  gooseberries 125g,  bananas 480g,  courgettes 250g,  carrots 200g, potatoes 155g,  Mazafati dates 525g, raisins 30g, avocado 280g, nuts 30g, coconut 27g. (9.15 am: 18°C/64°F/64%: berg wind, sun)


May 2013 - continued

May 15, 2013

Week 122:   8 - 14 May 2013

Wed 8:  grapes 1400g,  Golden Delicious apple 150g,  Packham pear 200g,  tomatoes 320g,  cucumber 280g, dates 12g, avocado 380g, nuts 30g. (8.40 am: 18°C/64°F/78%, cloudy and dark, no sun today. Showers early and late in the day)

Thu 9:  grapes 1330g,  gooseberries 125g,  Packham pear 200g,  tomatoes 700g,  cucumber 400g,  avocado 380g, nuts 30g. (8.40 am: 18°C/64°F/78%, looks promising, with S wind likely to be cold)

Fri 10:   grapes 1390g,  Golden Delicious appl...

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April - May 2013

April 17, 2013

Week 117:   3 - 9 Apr 2013

Wed 3:  cantaloupe 1250g,  grapes 650g,  Brown pears 440g,  cucumbers 450g,  avocados 650g, nuts 9g. (9.10 am: 20°C/69°F/74%, perfect). Power returns at noon.

Thu 4:   watermelon 750g,  grapes 1000g,  Golden Delicious apples 340g,  cucumbers 520g,  avocados 450g, Brazils 3g. (8.45 am: 18°C/64°F/75%, perfect. It soon warmed up to 22°)

Fri 5:  cantaloupe 1410g,  watermelon 880g,  grapes 1100g,  Golden Delicious apple 170g,  cucumber 230g,  marrow 200g,  nuts 17g. (8...

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Mar - April 2013

March 6, 2013
My diet has been 100% raw vegan since 12 Jan, 2011. No supplements used.

Week 112:  27 Feb - 5 Mar 2013

Wed 27:  cantaloupe 1340g,   grapes 1350g,  mangos 500g,  tomatoes 530g. (9.30 am: 24°C/76°F/76%, perfect)

Thu 28:  cantaloupe 1200g,   grapes 1320g,  mangos 300g,  tomatoes 320g. (9.20 am: rain last night, now 23°C/73°F/71%, clouds from the south will take over for a few hours before the sun takes the upper hand as usual these days.)

Fri 1:  cantaloupe 1170g,   grapes 1350g,  ma...
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Jan - Feb 2013

January 2, 2013
Week 104:  2 - 8 Jan 2013

Wed 2:  cantaloupe  1750g,  watermelon 680g,  grapes 940g,  mangos 870g,  tomatoes 680g. (8.10 am: 21°C/70°F/74%, perfect).

Thu 3:  cantaloupe  725g,  grapes 900g,  mangos 1580g,  tomatoes 1500g. (9.30 am: 23°C/73°F/74%, clearing after showers from the south earlier)

Fri 4:  cantaloupe  1000g,  grapes 1100g,  mangos 430g,  tomatoes 400g. (8.30 am: 22°C/72°F/70%. South wind, partially cloudy)

Sat 5:  cantaloupes  1920g,   grapes 850g,  mangos 860g,  tomatoes 12...
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