Letter to an overweight omni friend

April 19, 2011

 ( 22 Mar 2011) 

So I intend to offer you some of my ideas. How much faith you put in any of them remains entirely your responsibility, I don't mind if you reject them all.

I must, to be open and honest with you, after my 40 years of experience, think it is naive and unrealistic to make choices or decisions on "SCIENTIFIC" grounds: involving considerations of the measured amounts of certain constituents, such as B12, EFA's, fat, protein, calcium, vitamin D or whatever.

A B.SC. myself, I remember starting out on those lines myself. I practically knew all the constituents of all the foods off by heart. Eventually I came to realise that scientific "knowledge" or understanding about nutritional processes didn't amount to a row of beans.

Why? Because there are far, far too many unknown processes going on in nutrition. Especially concerning the role played by various bacteria, whose presence or absence is not known, nor their very identity, in the absorption and synthesis of protein, B12 etc etc.

But you do speak of intuition too. That is a better way to go; try to learn to trust your intuition and your instincts, to hear what your body is telling you.

I have even suggested on my site that it is perhaps wrong for an omni to go to a LFRV forum for help. That may be true in your case. I think there is a general consensus on these forums that meat is BY FAR THE WORST thing you can eat. The accumulation of toxins in the tissues is by far the greatest with meat.

What happens to the meat eater is that he puts on fat. Why? The fat serves as a place where the body can shunt the toxins to. That relieves the concentration of toxicity in the blood, so that all the organs requiring blood are relieved of toxic income to some extent. The remedy is to go on putting on more and more fat, till you weigh a ton, to creat space to stuff the toxins into.

I really think that, as long as you go on eating meat in even small amounts, it makes almost no difference what else you eat. So all considerations of what ELSE you eat are just a waste of time, unless they help you towards the ONE vital step for you, at this stage: to become a vegetarian.

Concentrate on becoming a vegetarian, nothing else. See how long you can remain one. Then see again. And again. Until you manage 3 years at least, in some cases even 5 to 10 years might be better, BEFORE YOU EVEN CONSIDER WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP in diet that you should take.


More thoughts on Transition

April 13, 2011

A couple of posts I made on last week in response to newstance are worth collecting here I think:

Dear Maia,
It's so good to hear that my efforts are appreciated, isn't it wonderful how we can be inspired just by hearing about the things others are doing. I just happened to be thinking this morning about Anne, Jeff and Frey. Anne out there in front, having reached prodigious levels of purity through a long road of pure diet and fasts, is a real beacon to me. Jeff also, a...

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March 12, 2011

At 75, I have been trying to be a fruitarian for the last 40 years. I am still trying. During nine years, 1974 to 1983, I was able to maintain a 100% strict raw vegan diet - but not for longer.

My most recent attempt started two months ago today, and is still going strong: I am doing 100% strict LFRV, based mostly on fruit, with little in the way of greens so far.
I have accumulated a lot of experience over the years, both of my own efforts and those of others, so maybe I have some useful id...

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My Diet Books in the Seventies

March 11, 2011

Diet Books

After 40 years of being a would-be fruitarian, what are the diet books that remain in my memory?
Reading Morris Krok's "Fruit the Food and Medicine for Man" was probably the most influential event in my life. This occurred in January, 1971, when the planets Mars and Jupiter  happened to meet at a point within one tenth of a degree of my natal Mars! While at the same moment Neptune was less than one degree away. This was on the 25th. Exactly 4 days after my first steps on this path ...

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What I've learnt?

March 7, 2011

2. What I've learnt?

Some possibly but probably not facts:

1. Symbiotic bacteria can provide protein and unknown and ununderstood ingredients - as nothing much is known about the range of such bacteria, all of our 'knowledge' about diet is pretty much cocked up.
A New Guinea study called humans 'walking beanstalks' (excreted more protein than they ate).

2. I've seen some people doing a change to fruit with staggering ease, and others who could not even give up meat and fish without becoming...

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